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  2. Jeff Miller

    Windows 10, 10Core, W9100 issues

    Thank you for posting @piccinaezio It is nice to know I am not alone. I am currently still working with 2018 Q4 drivers. It works, but I am severely limited as to what I can do in the show if I want it to be stable (run for 24 hours reliably). I ran a show on 2 of my display computers with Nvidia P5000 and P6000 cards for 36 hours clean. I put the same show on the AMD WX9100 computers and it crashed one of the display computers after running 15.5 hours. No logs, no dumps, no indication of why. All the screens on that computer show "no signal" although the computer still seems to be on. Nothing will bring them back. I have to power button off and start it again. That said, I did make a show that is playing 2 mp4 movies on each of 2 machines with WX9100 cards, each driving 6 HD screens and it ran for over 24 hours, so I know it is possible. So now I am stuck in a cycle of making one small addition to the show and trying to run it for 24 hours to find out if it is stable. Basically just trial and error. I was unable to get the WX9100 to playback HAP movies. (Nvidia display computers do it fine -- same show on the WX9100 would not). Do you have any special settings on the HAP?
  3. jfk

    Videos not playing properly

    This is an error in configuring your production computer. ]The display computer is NOT playing at all, video or otherwise. Multiple network ports are active and the UDP traffic is going out the wrong port (transport commands are UDP, file transfer etc are TCP, so the TCP activities get through regardless. Either turn off all network ports except the WATCHOUT port or re-order the network ports properly. This has been covered in the forum multiple times before, next time search first.
  4. piccinaezio

    Windows 10, 10Core, W9100 issues

    Hi all, Our display configuration is the following: Windows 10 Enterprise 1809 (Tweaked as of Dataton guide) Asus WS X299 Sage i9 7900X 32 GB of ram NVMe Samsung 970 Pro AMD Pro WX9100 DataPath VisionRGB-E2S BlackMagic DeckLink 8K Pro BlackMagic DeckLink Quad 2 Motu 828-MK3 Midi Controller APC40-MKII After a week of testing we established that: Using Windows 10 Enterprise LTSB 1607 Watchout Display shows the same error as @Jeff Miller (both with AMD 2017 Q4.1 and AMD 2018 Q4 drivers). We installed Windows 10 Enterprise 1809 and AMD 2017 Q4.1 drivers and it kinda worked but with 4 parallel live input all of them was lagging and freezing (also pre-recorded videos) We finally tried installing Windows 10 Enterprise 1809 and AMD 2018 Q4 drivers, it now works without quirks, WatchPoint now starts immediately and it doesn't freeze anymore (6 outputs [email protected], 4 SDI live input FullHD and 1 DVI live input 1080p, 1 NDI Input [email protected], 2 UHD Videos playing, HAP and H264). We noticed performance boost setting these options in bios: - Hyper-Threading: OFF - C-States, P-States, Intel SpeedShift/SpeedStep: OFF
  5. Last week
  6. Rahul Gauri

    Videos not playing properly

    Hi,I am trying to play a small video of 1 min i have tried mp4,mov and avi format but sometimes when i Press the spacebar on my timeline my video pauses on my display but it keeps on continue to play on stage window. and please also advice good format for playing my video of 1080p .
  7. Dear All, today I'm chat with my content supplier and we decide to split a content to 8 segment and every segment long 3-5 min and plan to use 2 server for led screen, that mean it's use 4 layer for uhd file per server, my content suplier ask me it's can add more layer for Hap alpha file or not, any suggestion please Thank you so much
  8. Lorenzo

    midi controler

    Hi All, i use a Behringer x-touch combinated with wocube that permit to store values e moving the motorized slider. Very cool This is the midi controller This is the wocube system
  9. Good question. Ultimately the limitation is the display machine, but no, the production machine is not checking with the displays when it accepts the movie. In fact, the production machine may have lower limits than the display machine, and it might choke on the a HAP file the display machines could play. If this occurs, you would have to use a movie proxy to get around that. One option with a proxy is to tell the production machine not to try and play the movie and not to open it in any way, instead, you have to tell production the resolution and duration and production will present a generic icon for the movie in the stage and then pass the movie file to display for it to deal with.
  10. @jfk, @Erik - Thanks for that info about the HAP limits. Is the limit imposed by the GPU in the production machine, or is Watchout checking with connected players what their GPU limits are? Just curious, as I often run shows with production laptops which are much less powerful than the player machines - does that mean I might hit the import limit for HAP on production even though a player machine would be capable of playing back the file?
  11. I just tested with a 14000x2000 Hap movie, and that works just fine, but 12000x12000 does not work. My best guess is still that you hit some kind of limit in the GPU. /Erik
  12. It is possible to play Hap files in very high resolutions in Watchout. I just encoded an 10000x10000 Hap (30 fps) and it plays ok. 12000x12000 will not work on the computer I am using, so my best guess is that I reached the capabilities of the graphics board. While there is no hard limit in Watchout for Hap resolutions, you will sooner or later hit the wall of what the GPU is able to handle. /Erik
  13. Hi Kai, The total pixel count of the LEDs is 47.7m, which is less than the total of 6x UHD channels 49.7m. If the content preparation/file spliting can fully utilize this, then you would only need one 6-channel server WX9100 for the LED wall. The other 5 video projectors do not require frame-sync as the LED wall, you can replace your WX9100 with a Watchpax 4 and a Watchpax 20 to feed the 5 projectors. This will help to reduce your hardware costs.
  14. Dear WATCHOUT users! DATATON.COM is now up and running again after the upgrade. If you notice any strange behaviour or problems, email webmaster at dataton.com. This is to inform you that the dataton.com website will be down business hours Thursday this week (January 17th) for planned upgrades. We strive to keep the downtime to a minimum. This will only affect dataton.com, so you will still be able to access the Dataton forum. Any questions? Email me ([email protected]) or post here. Best regards, David
  15. Hi All, I will plan to split file then I will waiting update from Dataton from above system , and my last plan it's use 4 server for led screen but need to down a spec of server because it's over budget, 1728 x 1728 px/output and use 4 output / server ,
  16. Jeff Miller

    Windows 10, 10Core, W9100 issues

    UPDATE: We upgraded graphics cards to the AMD FirePro WX9100. We were running a show on 2 computers. After a period of time ranging from 4 hours to 12 hours, one of the display computers freezes in playback for ~33 seconds and then all signal is lost on all 6 screens. The computer is still on, but does not respond to anything and there is no way to get video signal back. Had to use power button to shut off. Because of this I went back to 2017q4.1 drivers as suggested above. I am currently running long term test on this. However, with Watchout 6.3.1 and these AMD 2017 Q4.1 drivers I can not get WATCHPOINT.exe to run properly. It shows logo, shows the taskbar, goes black, shows the logo in an endless loop. I can get WP.exe to run and see the logo with info on display IP and name. With both computers running WP.exe I am running the show and it seems to be performing correctly. I don't know yet it if it will prove stable. I am back to the original question: Why will WP.exe run, but not WATCHPOINT.exe? Does anyone have any advice as to what I could look into or try? Thanks.
  17. mindopera

    WO license key crashes OS and can’t be recovered

    It does seem like a video driver issue. I plugged the card into an older computer that had been working for years and got the same failure. Ill try the older driver and see if it stabilizes. Thanks
  18. If a customer is encountering a maximum HAP resolution, it is most likely a GPU limitation. i.e. the GPU has buffers that probably max out at 8K. 8K is not a limitation imposed by WATCHOUT, and there are customers who have successfully encoded HAP videos where the width has significantly exceeded 8K, but I can not recall the GPU they were using. With HAP encoding and assuming the GPU buffer can handle the final size, it is best to split them up into Display server sized movies. If all of your movies will play out from multiple outputs on a single server, then I see no need to pre-split HAP movies. Although keep in mind the HAP 'chunks' encoding setting is important to success with movies larger than HD60p.
  19. The maximum resolution at which a HAP video file can be imported into Watchout is currently 8000x8000px. I don't know whether that is a software limitation, or whether it is limited by the GPU. Either way, HAP media at higher resolutions must be split into pieces for playback. In general, the graphics company will deliver content at full resolution and quality (i.e. uncompressed, if feasible, or using lossless compression) which might, for example, be a ProRes video file or an image sequence (which makes partial content updates/corrections easier). The file size and data rate will usually make this unsuitable for playback. However, the next step is to use this as your master for slicing up and compressing the content, using a codec more suitable for playback in Watchout - HAP, MPEG2, h264, etc, depending on circumstances. The delivery format may also depend on your physical proximity to the graphics company - lossless codecs are more suitable for delivery on a hard-drive. If files are being sent over the internet, you may want to compromise with some form of compression to speed up transfer times, or use image sequences which can be transferred image-by-image rather than as one huge file.
  20. Erik Rönnqvist

    HAP proxies and chunks

    As few chunks as possible while still getting smooth playback is the general rule. There is never any point in using more chunks than there are cores in the CPU. Chunking adds a slight overhead in the form of less compression, but the difference is very small. If a movie needs 4 chunks for smooth playback, and you decide to pre split it into 4 presplit movies, I would try with no chunking (=1 chunk) for the individual presplits. /Erik
  21. Josef Swanberg

    Watchout 3d module with 2x4k projector problems

    I suspect the video won't play smoothly, but if it does, then you know there is nothing wrong with the video, an the problem is somewhere else. All the other steps, such as the 3d model, virtual display, warping and blending, add a certain amount to the work load of the processor. Try removing them one by one to see which one is causing the problem. But as I see it it's highly unlikely they are the source of the problem. If it doesn't play smoothly, then you know the video is too heavy, and you know you need to do something about that. Maybe switch to a less heavy codec, such as H.264?
  22. Hi Hugo, I've just sent you an email about this. Best regards, Rainer
  23. Hi David. Did you update the AMD driver? The symptom you describe is known with the latest AMD drivers. i.e. There are issues with 2018 drivers from AMD where the driver would cause a blue screen when starting windows. The driver from 2017 Q4.1 should correct this
  24. Hi there, on this weeks tradeshow “Living Kitchen” in Cologne, Germany (Kölner Messe), I’m looking for a local AV-tech to do servicing if required. The tradeshow is from 14-20 Jan. Please send you PM to [email protected] Thanks in advance!
  25. I am building a new WO server and I keep running into the same problem. I’ve installed windows 7 Pro on a modern computer. I load all the drivers, go through all tweaks just like I’ve done many many times before. I open WO and it seems to work. I turn the machine on and off multiple times with no issue. If I put the WO license key in a USB 3 port and start WATCHPOINT, it works. if I shut the computer down while the license key is still in the USB port the computer gets stuck the next time it opens at the windows start screen and refuses to boot up. Nothing I do will get it to fully start so I have to start from scratch and reload the OS every time. The one driver that is missing during the install is the PCI controller driver. I’m using the most recent chipset drivers supplied by ASUS. Have you ever heard of this? Have you heard of any fixes for this? ASUS WS X299 Sage/10G 32 gb ram intel i9 7900x Samsung 860 Ssd for OS Samsung 860 Ssd for WO files Radeon WX9100
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