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  3. Mike Fahl

    Network HTTP Video not playing in 6.2.2

    Well, the network video media item in WO is supposed to handle both RTSP (proper streaming) and plain HTTP file access. The point with the HTTP video file access is that one can update a video file on a web server, and then have WO pick it up "dynamically", without someone having to edit and push a new show. Such arrangements can streamline content management when the client wants to be able to update some content on a more regular basis. It works fine for still images (using an Image Proxy that points to an image URL). It's supposed to also work for video (since 6.2.1 if I recall correctly), but that part seems broken in 6.2.2. I never got around to using it in 6.2.1, so I donät know if it worked there. Mike – http://pixilab.se/
  4. Xicomen

    WATCHOUT 6.2.2 released

    Hi! Thank you for this! My audio signal is strong and the timecode tester instantly recognises the signal. I tried disabling all the audio inputs except the one for the timecode but the bug remains. I believe is software because it only takes a recheck timecode on the Watchout for the timecode to work. Cheers!
  5. Hi all, I've been developing a small application to externally control Watchout's aux timelines and to provide a few extra features that I've needed on recent shows. It controls the production machine only and runs on windows. It's a rather simple app.. Here are it's primary functions - retrieves all your aux timelines and populates a listbox automatically grabs the duration of each up to a control cue titled "!end". ( you place that in each timeline wherever you want the countdown to end) displays that duration for each provides a countdown timer for the task that's currently running. Basic playback controls - play, stop, go to 20, go to 10, ect It's mainly a personal project, but I think it could contribute to the community so I'm releasing the beta for free. If anyone is interested in testing it out, here's a link to the page - http://timsfranklin.com/taskmanager/ Feel free to offer feature requests. Thanks, Tim
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  7. Srikanth

    Network HTTP Video not playing in 6.2.2

    hi mike, i have never used network video but i want to give a try.. is this the right way to do it? - https://www.howtogeek.com/118075/how-to-stream-videos-and-music-over-the-network-using-vlc/
  8. I tried playing video from a HTTP server using a Network Video media item. The video appears on the production PC, but never plays (just shows first frame as a still image). On display PC it doesn't appear at all (not even as a still). Has anyone else managed to make this work in 6.2.2, or is it just broken? The video I'm trying to play is a 3840x720 H.264 MP4 file that plays fine in WATCHOUT if used as a regular media file, so the file is known to be good. Mike
  9. basvantuijl

    3rd Party UDP control issues with Watchout 6.2.2

    Hi, Ok, I think I may have managed to work some of the issues out (i had to introduce a lot of delays to the commands). One of the display servers was still failing to play content correctly. I discovered that if I disable the audio output, it worked fine. As soon as I re-enable it, it locked up and wouldn't play the content correctly. I've tried updating the audio drivers but I can't get the video content to play back smoothly (when the audio output is enabled) and I can't seem to get any audio out of the machine at all. Could someone please confirm how I can get the audio to work properly? I'm just using the standard Realtek onboard audio (only require stereo audio). The audio is embedded in one of the videos playing on that server. worked fine before in 6.1.6 but I understand Watchout have made changes to the way audio works? I couldn't find any documentation on it though. Thanks, Bas
  10. jfk

    Windows 10 Tweaking Guide

    It is intended for WATCHOUT Display PCs. "...build WATCHOUT media servers ..." It is perfectly suitable for WATCHOUT Production PCs as well. As for the WATCHOUT Production PC, my 2¢ Depends on how it is used. If you plan to run the Production PC during live performance playback, then yes, I would recommend you build your Production PC to the Display PC standard. If you plan to produce and then deliver playback in cluster mode (Production PC removed), then no, Windows 10 Pro will work well enough for WATCHOUT Production PC content assembly, editing and rehearsal.
  11. plandergan

    Windows 10 Tweaking Guide

    Is this just for Display PC's or for Production PCs too?
  12. adrian

    ndi windows pc

    hi , my issues was resolved . i was sending a ndi feed from a windows machine to watchout producton machine . the input would only go live if i clicked on the windows sendin machine mouse pad or necxt on powerpoint . my mac would always be on . removed all firewalls and put networking on dhcp for the windows machine .
  13. Alex Ramos

    8K render method

    Not my design, not a designer. Not sure who, some one in the design department of Bein Sports. I only speak machine language.
  14. Earlier
  15. Morgan Wong

    Does Watchout 6 support Nvidia NVS810?

    answer is 4! because Watchout only support 1 gpu.
  16. kai

    Feature requests? - POST here

    Hi, My feature request, 1.OSC protocol I would like to use use delicode ni-mate to made a interactive with WO and I can use X-OSC from x-io.co.uk or I-CubeX from infusionsysyems via wireless control 2.TUIO protocol it's perfect to use with CCV 1.5 and it's open source http://ccv.nuigroup.com/#home Please take into consideration. Best wishes KAI
  17. kai

    Watchout Display Color problem

    HI, a main problem it's from "nvidia 3d stereoscopic" in nvidia control panel after disable , it's working fine with Watchout, before I find and fix a problem I will try to test other mapping software it's no problem then I try to clean and format windows and install WO 6.2.2 it's same problem with display, then try to search about nvidia display problem I see some forum taking about "nvidia 3d stereoscopic" I will try to check and after disable WO 6.2.2 it's working fine. my display card it's Quadro P2000 run on Win 10 LTSB, next week I will try to test with firepro wx4100. KAI
  18. jfk

    Watchout Display Color problem

    Please share with the group what the problem was and how it was solved.
  19. jfk

    ndi windows pc

    When you say "ndi feed to watchout" do you mean to WATCHOUT Display, WATCHOUT Production, or both? When you say " click mouse or push any key on keyboard" is that on your WATCHOUT Display computer, WATCHOUT Production computer or somewhere else? Please describe the software - hardware - connections in your NDI feed?
  20. adrian

    ndi windows pc

    Hi , my ndi feed to watchout remains black till i click mouse or push any key on keyboard .this is only with a pc ,my macs on ndi work every time.
  21. DanM

    Autostart.txt and -NoLogo flag together

    thanks jfk, i will test it that way.
  22. Dear All, Anyone has tried Nvidia NVS810 with 8 miniDP port? Does Watchout 6 support? Can output all 8 channels or just 6 channels? Regards, Lawrence
  23. Shane Stevenson

    MULTICHANNEL - WATCHPAX 4 + Behringer Fca610

    Hi David, Is there any update on this new image (for the Watchpax 2 with ASIO Support Drivers for Behringer) ? Shane
  24. kai

    Watchout Display Color problem

    Hi, Thank you so much for help, I find a problem and fix it, any way I'm new user for WO and I try to learning by my self first and then I'm plan to training WO Certified user in next 2-3 month. Kai, Phuket Thailand
  25. paolino

    Watchout Display Color problem

    Hi Kai, Try to check if the color space is the same on 2 output ( should be RGB and not YUV ). I'm seeing the image and probably you don't have the correct colorspace. Eventually think to use edid emulator to fix it
  26. If it's a piece of media that I know is in a bunch of timelines and comps I just use notepad to sort it out. Copy all aux timelines and paste data into notepad. search the filename Once you find the file just scroll up/page up to the closest timeline to retrieve the name Filename Timeline name
  27. This just plays into media/cue organization. I don't often find a reason to have a piece of media in the same show twice...... Timecoded shows would be the exception but then we're only doing this in the main timeline for that instance.
  28. lightengine

    HAP Codec with AfterCodecs - Poor results

    Hi Christian, Looks like it's time to brush up on what Adobe are up to with their latest updates... 🙂
  29. lightengine

    HAP Codec with AfterCodecs - Poor results

    Hi Alex, I now believe that 'AfterCodecs' plug-in uses ffmpeg as it's back end encoder which is interesting. Have you ever had the chance to test the difference in quality compared to HAP renders direct from After Effects or Media Encoder? That's where we are seeing an issue.
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