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  2. Direct URL Images in 6.2

    Thanks all for your input. Glad we found the bug and good to know it is being sorted out.
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  4. Help with Windows 10 Watchout

    Hi! I am glad that you have solved your problems and are running now. And I am also not happy to see how much time you have spent getting it done. We have a lot of users successfully running windows 10 and we are about to release our own server running windows 10 - the challenge with Windows 10 is that it has required both from us and others to invest a LOT of time and resources on it to make it bullet proof. And we are NOT ever going to recommend any kind of hardware to build media servers - as the pace that new components keep coming to market is so high, that any kind of recommendation would not be valid more than a mere 15 minutes... AND, we have our own pre-built WATCHOUT servers that would be our recommendation. But there are lots of people in this forum who wants to share their experiences with different components. Have a great weekend.
  5. Network Error with Watchout

    Hi! First obvious culprit to check is the firewall. Try to disable it and see how it works. Best regards, David
  6. Hi! There are two WATCHOUT groups on Facebook, that is usable: https://www.facebook.com/groups/746866825374405/ https://www.facebook.com/groups/pawanvishwakarma/ None are official, but we are there - watching a answering things when needed.
  7. Network Error with Watchout

    Hi, I am new to Watchout. I tried running watchout production on Lenovo Thinkpad W520, but i am getting error message, it takes time to transfer files on display computer and after that getting some network error. same project is runs well on Lenovo 80ES without any problem. Both have watchout 6.2.1 with latest windows 10 Update.
  8. Artnet to m2go

    Hi there, if that would be the case it’s hardly a Watchout issue, is it? I suppose artnet is artnet... and since you’ve used it successfully in the past your network is set at 2.x.x.x and subnet ? Please remember that where one device starts counting its universes at 1, others start at 0. So you might want to try changing the universe.
  9. Hello all, Currently, we are upgrading many of our equipment from 1080p60 to 4K. But it seems that this step is very costy in terms of cost of equipment and processing power, specially if we wanted to run our shows at 60Hz. However, most of the media we run are 24-30 fps. And it seems to me that we have much wider range of options if we upgraded our system to 4k30 Hz instead of 4k60 Hz. I would assume that 4k30 Hz requires half processing power and datarate of 4k60 Hz . My question is, what are the risks and things to consider if we wanted to run every project on 30 Hz/fps? From hardware, software and show operation point of view? Thanks in advanced!
  10. Artnet to m2go

    Hi, I'm kind of new here, but I haven't seen this covered... I'm trying to send artnet from WO to m2go or M-pc with no success so far.. I've checked via artnetorminator that I do send and receive ( M-pc) and I do But no response from M-pc I've done this before but with grandMA Is it possible this board won't receive from WO?
  11. There's a facebook group?? How do I find that?
  12. Saw this in the Facebook Forum before seeing it here. Use a generic input in a live tween For example create a WATCHOUT generic input Volume and use its default range ( 1 ). Hook your WATCHNET slider to the generic input. Then the formula is simply Volume Set a startup / default value from WATCHNET using the WATCHNET script command Set Input
  13. Direct URL Images in 6.2

    I can confirm: if the show is programmed with 6.1.6 first it will still work with 6.2.1. You can't add or change an URL though.
  14. Windows Tweaks - Win7 & Win10

    I abandoned Windows 10 and was able to force Windows 7 onto the rigs. It worked first time and has not failed yet. I did not have to force EDID, remote access works, everything. No Windows 10 until they release a tweak list, I say.
  15. Windows Tweaks - Win7 & Win10

    Hi still no news for a win 10 tweaking list ? i feel a little unsecure with my win 10 watchout tuning ,not sure of what i'm doing. i wasn't with win 7 :))) a very big show is approaching for me... Tak !
  16. I'm doing a museum install and I have a very simple timeline with 6 videos and one audio track, The museum would like to control certain functions with a cell phone through WATCHNET software and one piece of media in particular they would like to control is the volume of the only audio file being played. I know I need a give the audio tween a formula, but I'm not sure what is a formula for controlling the volume. I also need to create a slider on the WATCHNET computer to connect the volume. I have been reading the documentation and I cant find anything solid to help me with wording on a parameter for volume. Can you help me please?
  17. Help with Windows 10 Watchout

    That's the last time I believe the system requirements listed for motherboards and processors. Thanks to Screenshaper and Thomas Leong I attempted the install. It worked, after about 4 hours of hammering at the USB 3.0 driver issue, then it finally installed. I have a working machine that I can clone tomorrow and do a full test of all three. The machine running Windows 7 works with remote access, connected and displayed first time, and generally ran as expected. I don't think Dataton should claim Windows 10 compatibility until they release a tweak list. I wasted 80 hours of load-in, tech and previews trying to get Watchout on Windows 10 to work effectively and it never did. If anything LTSB fell over faster and never came back.
  18. Help with Windows 10 Watchout

    Well, I'll pull one of the machines and give it a shot. Windows 10 is such a pile of garbage.
  19. AJA IO 4K Compatibility

    Hi All I have an event overseas which I would like to run Watchout on, using a high-spec 'gamer' laptop as my Display PC, I am looking at purchasing an AJA IO 4K to provide me with 2 or 3 HD-SDI inputs via a Thunderbolt 2/USB-C connection. Has anyone tried this? Does the AJA IO work with Watchout or am I setting myself up to fail? Any feedback would be greatly appreciated! Thanks in advance Rich
  20. Direct URL Images in 6.2

    This is not a deliberate change. It is a recently discovered bug that was introduced in 6.2 when we added the possibility to presplit still images. My guess is that an older show imported into 6.2 should work, but I have not tested it. The bug is fixed and will be included in an upcoming bug fix release of Watchout. /Erik
  21. Direct URL Images in 6.2

    Just curious, what happens if you open a show made in an older version that already contains cues with URL links?
  22. Direct URL Images in 6.2

    Vollmers, I can't really share a script since I can't create one in 6.2 with links to external URL's for images, that's the problem. 6.2 won't let you add an external URL to an image served by an external web via the Add Image Proxy method. Could you try to add a URL via the Add Image Proxy method and let me know if it works for you? Try it in version 6.1.6 and then in 6.2 you'll see what I mean. I could use the Dynamic image server but it is too slow and won't support the number of images I need to deal with.
  23. Direct URL Images in 6.2

    zackboyd Using the Dynamic image server would be an option but it is too slow and unreliable once you ask it to serve more that 10 - 20 images at once. In 6.1.6 I can pull in 180 images in around 6-8 seconds from an external web server hosted on the local network (small image about 500px square each). The DIS would just choke on this.
  24. Success in Watchout 3D on Complex Multi Projector Curves

    Hi, It would be interesting to know more details, what part in the workflow failed? Was it the importing of 3d-objects into WATCHOUT, or the management of how 2d media is mapped onto the 3d objects? Or (most likely) was it the calibration of the projectors using the calibration points, or the soft edge management of overlapping projectors?
  25. Panasonic Shutter Control Using PJLink

    Your "trick", cowboyclint, likely avoids WATCHOUT closing the connection after a period of inactivity, thereby also avoiding any issues related to having to re-do the handshake. So it makes sense. Mike
  26. Direct URL Images in 6.2

    Could you share the script? I haven't experienced any issues during the update, and I'm using a lot of proxy material.
  27. Help with Windows 10 Watchout

    Are you sure about that? We have successfully installed win7 on that motherboard.
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