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  2. WATCHOUT Technical Notes - 2015

    John, it was due to the web redesign we did of dataton.com. I have now made a redirect, so the link is working again! Best regards, David
  3. New forum sign-in procedure

    Hi, Callum! when you enter the WATCHOUT FORUM, to the right of the heading you have a "following" button. I can see that you are subscribed to receive notifications from the entire forum (which is why you get the emails), but I cannot remove you from the list. You have to do that yourself. Best regards, David
  4. No Show Active

    Can you define a bit clearer how you are doing this to see this error? If you create a show in the production part of WATCHOUT (called WATCHMAKER.exe) you define the screens and with those the names and ip addresses of your display system. In this window you see a little button named "Test connection". When you press it, the field to the left should become green. If not, it indicates that your network blocks at least UDP traffic. If it shows green you can online and then the display computer should load your show and once it is transferred it should show the content which is under your ruler in WATCHMAKER at that point.
  5. No Show Active

    When we going online in whatchout then show this error "No Show Active" Pls Help and give me solution
  6. WATCHOUT operator in Morocco

    Hi Guy, Many thanks for your interest! However, in this particular case we are looking for someone based in Morocco, with local contacts and knowledge, in order to build a long term collaboration. Best Regards, Angelica
  7. License Key Server Not Found

    Good to know I'm not the only one that thinks that. As an added thing I forgot to mention, remoting into the display computer and going back to full screen was a quick fix that my technician mentioned doing, which to my mind points even more to network issues and not USB. Our next show after we've implemented these fixes is tomorrow, so fingers crossed we don't see it again.
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  9. WATCHOUT Technical Notes - 2015

    I'm trying to download the tweaks list from: WATCHOUT Display & Production computer Tweaking list Windows 7 Tweaking list: Windows_7_Tweaking_list_2.1.pdf And it's giving me this error: Sorry, there is a problem The page you are trying to access is not available for your account. Error code: 2C171/1 In fact, I can't download any PDF from this thread. Is this perhaps due to the forum update? We are having problems with our display machine and I need this tweaks list ASAP..
  10. Windows Tweaks - Win7 & Win10

    Completely agree with you. I have had the same problems as you. I will not return to Win10 on my display computer until we have that list. Many wasted hours of work for a compatibility failure. A greeting!!
  11. Camera capture card, 50hz.

    I used to have BM cards, but ever so often, they were unstabile. Couldn't find the reason, and no support from BM. I changed to Datapath capture cards, and they are super stabile. They are used in a TV studio, in a 24/7 News station, so they are really used to the max. I recommend a daily restart of the system. Only experienced one or two issues, during the last 2 years. I think that system stability comes before anything else. Just my 10 cents. Best regards Christian
  12. Camera capture card, 50hz.

    I guess datapath is the way to go then, we currently use blackmagic cards, and I can also testify that those arent the best with drivers.
  13. Camera capture card, 50hz.

    Datapath capture cards usually have no problems in capturing 50fps. We have used several cards and have the visionAV-SDI in our rental systems. Also usable are the cards from Magewell or Blackmagic. We have sold some Magewell cards but do not use those in our own systems. We used Blackmagic cards in the past but stopped due to the rather flaky drivers. Datapath has the best support for WATCHOUT. They even have their own WATCHOUT system in the UK for testing.
  14. WATCHOUT operator in Morocco

    i'm not based in morocco, but will take a flight if needed. i do many projects in europe. Guy
  15. New forum sign-in procedure

    Hello, I'm not sure what this forum upgrade was but essentially since your post, I am now receiving Emails every time a new post is made on the watchout forum. I have gone into my account settings to turn these notifications off, but the emails seem to continue to come through. I suspect I'm doing something wrong, but I wasn't sure if you could shed some light on this.
  16. Camera capture card, 50hz.

    Hey, so now that I got my 50hz display problem out of the way, a new problem appeared, the capture cards I have doesnt support 50hz, this is a huge problem as we want that for our cameras. I got some cards I´m wondering if will work. Card one : https://www.multicom.no/business/datapath-1-chan-hd-1/cat-p/c/p8575554 Card two : https://www.multicom.no/business/datapath-visionlc-sdi-capture-card/cat-p/c/p9509109 Card three : https://www.multicom.no/business/datapath-2-channel-3g-sdi-capture/cat-p/c/p8575558 If anyone has any others, in the same pricerange, please let me know, if these do not work.
  17. 50hz on 4 displays, one computer.

    So this fixed my problem flawlessly, didnt even start to think about adaptors when buying the machines, just set them up with what the GPU´s came with, turn out those are dual link dvi, passive. Thank you again Zack.
  18. WATCHOUT operator in Morocco

    Hi, One of our partners is looking for an experienced WATCHOUT user/operator based in Morocco. If you fit this description and want to know more, give us a shout! Email: [email protected] Thanks!
  19. License Key Server Not Found

    Network would be my first guess also.
  20. Disappearing Cues on Time Line

    Thanks, I don't have access to the file today but will send late tomorrow. John
  21. Disappearing Cues on Time Line

    Hi, John! Can you email [email protected] with as much details you can (server type, os, WATCHOUT version, etc. and preferably a link where we can download the show with problems)? Best regards, David / Dataton Customer Support
  22. License Key Server Not Found

    We're running a show with 3 display computers driving a total of 10 TVs. We've now had a couple instances that in the middle of the show we get 2 errors pop up in the Messages window. One reads License Key Server Not Found and quickly followed with a Display computer: Disappeared. Any advice as to what might be causing those issues? My current thought is that we might have a network error with a potentially loose connection which I am currently changing out. Other people are thinking that the USB key and/or USB port on the computer could be going bad. Would a poor network connection explain the License Key Server dropping out error, or is the most likely culprit really something to do with the license key?
  23. Disappearing Cues on Time Line

    During tech rehearsals apparently our student programmer entered a time something like 5:65 (five minutes 65 seconds) and after that, the cues in that section of the show became unstable. Cues were disappearing, etc. I didn't believe it until I saw it and while the designer reverted to a previously saved version of the show I took the malfunctioning show file to our backup machine sestup, where I shot this video: https://photos.app.goo.gl/YEwN1268nM5Ccgxt2 Here, you can see some of the behavior. As I jump around the timeline using left and right keys, it's skipping over some cues and landing on points on the timeline where there are no cues, etc. We reconstructed the show from a previous backup so we're OK now, but any ideas on what happened here? Thanks! John
  24. Direct URL Images in 6.2

    Thanks all for your input. Glad we found the bug and good to know it is being sorted out.
  25. Help with Windows 10 Watchout

    Hi! I am glad that you have solved your problems and are running now. And I am also not happy to see how much time you have spent getting it done. We have a lot of users successfully running windows 10 and we are about to release our own server running windows 10 - the challenge with Windows 10 is that it has required both from us and others to invest a LOT of time and resources on it to make it bullet proof. And we are NOT ever going to recommend any kind of hardware to build media servers - as the pace that new components keep coming to market is so high, that any kind of recommendation would not be valid more than a mere 15 minutes... AND, we have our own pre-built WATCHOUT servers that would be our recommendation. But there are lots of people in this forum who wants to share their experiences with different components. Have a great weekend.
  26. Network Error with Watchout

    Hi! First obvious culprit to check is the firewall. Try to disable it and see how it works. Best regards, David
  27. Hi! There are two WATCHOUT groups on Facebook, that is usable: https://www.facebook.com/groups/746866825374405/ https://www.facebook.com/groups/pawanvishwakarma/ None are official, but we are there - watching a answering things when needed.
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