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  1. Hi I have Mapped to 3 cars from a certain South Korean Manufacturer using 3d. It was a steep learning curve but entirely doable. 3 projectors per car. three to mapp to the floor of each instalation and 2 for Upstage of each car. I have a very large mapping project coming up using 3D mapping on a large set piece for a large Canadian Tele-com company. We are also building a stock of scenic pieces and #D objects for future use. All this to say that 3d is very much alive for our purposes Ben Chaisson Lead Watchout Engineer FMAV
  2. WATCHOUT 6.2 Bugs

    Hello Just upgraded to 6.2.1 from 6.2.0 I am running a few simple tests. I have found that Watchout is not seeing the audio embeded on a HAP file that i used with the previous version fine I realise the work around is to split off a seperate wav file but I am curious why its not working. I had the opposite problem in 6.2.0 where Watchout did not read or recognize audio on a pro res file Now the pro res audio is playing but the Hap is not. I re encoded the pro res to Hap through adobe media encoder and the quicktime HAP codec. Cheers Ben Watchout tech FMAV
  3. Social media applications

    Hello All Often times my company is hired to present large LED walls for large activations. We use Watchout to drive the wall. Our clients then will have a social media aggregate that can be customizable. These Social media apps are essentially web pages that could be built to the pixel size of the wall. Can I bring in a webpage as a media item if I take Watchout on to the internet? Is the Network video media item only for Streams? Cheers B
  4. midi controler

    Hi Many USB midi devices have both the usb and 5 pin din connector so you can run the main via usb and the back up via midi using another USB to midi device. In our case we use an APC20 connected to the main via usb and on the back up we have an M audio uno conneted to the backup and then the midi out port of the APC is connected to the midi in of the uno. Cheers Ben
  5. Hello I am having trouble getting 4 MP4 video files to sync on a very large LED wall. The files are built at 50 fps because some of the content in side the content is european. We have Show Sage Built watch rack computers with the s400 sync card installed and working. All 4 files are coming off 1 machine with 4 heads. We are Emulating a 1920 by 1200 EDID at 50 hz. Watchout is connected to a Light ware 8X8 DVI router than fed DVI to 4 Image pros2 then fed to the LED Brain We have tried setting watchout to 75 fps and also custom at 50fps with no luck. I feel it is the H264 codec but would like to confirm or deny this. We have asked the agency to send us Pro res files to compare. Would HAP be a better choice? B Chaisson Playground Studios
  6. Change Tween Track on Multiple Cues at Once

    Hi I have often felt there is a need for a "deep clip board" in WO. The ability to store things that i often recall in regards to tweens. This position tween, this opacity tween, these colour or tint parameters. Its fine to copy one thing from one piece of media to another or even several but sometimes a show requires different but similar programming for various pieces of content. Can you copy tween info to a simple text file and then simply recall it? Is there something within WO that could achieve this?
  7. Changing media from off site

    Hi I have a client that wants to map a car and change the content on the car on a daily or hourly basis. They dont want to do this onsite. I was wondering if my idea seems feasible. I want to put the content in a dropbox. Have the Production computer on auto update and auto refresh. Pull the content in from dropbox folder Have them make changes on at their office and they keep the file names the same Or is there another VNC option i should investigate? Cheers Ben Chaisson FMAV
  8. Bugs

    Hi To Be Clear I'm editing Geometric points in the display dialogue I don't understand why 0 should fire the main timeline in that box as the spacebar does not. I'll also add that when i attempt to add media using the add media drop down menu it crashes watchout severely. I have solved my long caching problem by replacing my Production computer. Live update crashes 1 of my display computers rendering that function useless Ben
  9. Bugs

    Hi We are installed in a theatre using Version 6 for the first time. We are very familiar with 5. We are wondering if these are software bugs or our particular set up issues. Issue 1: When programming in the display info boxes if i Type 0 in a point to reset changes the numeric keyboard triggers the main timeline. This is as you can imagine extremely frustrating. Issue 2 : Some new media takes hours to cache when adding to the main timeline . Simple PSD files of less than 100MB will not care or seemingly stall upon cacheing. What could be wrong? Ben Chaisson
  10. 3D objects and global origin

    Hi This is more of a question of technique rather than a technical issue. I am working on a set that has a large scrim Downstage and a large multi projector blended cyc upstage. We are using version 6 We are bringing in 3D objects as part of the show. These objects are intended to grow and shrink. Does the global origin that is placed in preferences affect 3D objects. In other words would a 3D chair appear differently on one surface than on the other depending on where the 3D global origin is placed in the stage window? If so woul I have to place my downstage display overtop of my upstage displays and then use tiers in the stage window Any thoughts would be appreciated Ben Chaisson