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  1. Management of cast members in Watchout

    Wow this is really interesting, I had no idea this was the case. Very useful to know as different cast members tend to deliver lines at different timings, so being able to have different control cues for them is very helpful.
  2. Management of cast members in Watchout

    Hi all, Just thought I'd give everyone a quick update on this project. Your advice all helped me greatly, I have all the different cast members set as different conditional layers in a composite clip. I've then developed a PHP control system that allows the operator to select the cast members performing for that show, the control system then sends the relevant telnet commands to different display systems to take the show-file online with the conditional value. All the best with your shows and hopefully my post is helpful to someone who has a project like this in the future!
  3. Hi All, apologies for the delay. I just wanted to let everyone know following JFK's reply and talks with the Australian vendor we essentially put it down to some other devices on the network causing too much traffic and moved them off to a totally seperate network. This appears to have resolved this issue. I also changed some of the programming to put a bit more breathing room between play & pause cues to reduce the impact of it overrunning if it were to ever happen again.
  4. Thanks jfk. That’s the current running theory as I saw in the manual they sync via LAN (in show mode there’s no production PC active). We have some KVMs in the network for controlling other gear and they generate a lot of UDP activity (albeit on a different IP subnet). We are going to move these ‘noisy’ broadcast based devices to a different physical network so all we have in the network is the display PCs
  5. Hi all. Currently installing a Watchout system for projection in a musical, the system consists of 2 display PCs for redundancy and they are controlled via MSC. I've had 2-3 times now, the display PCs 'run past' the pause marker by about .5 seconds and then jump back to the pause marker. This then causes the free-running video that was active to freeze (which can be rather jaring when the video is of a cast member delivering dialogue). Has anyone seen anything like this before, and if so... what was your solution to prevent this? The computers have external presonus firestudio pro audio interfaces, not sure if that's relevant given that some software takes clock sync off the audio device. Thanks all!
  6. Management of cast members in Watchout

    Hi guys, Some awesome ideas! I have done a bit more reading about conditional timelines and it looks very exciting! Especially being able to set conditions across the cluster without the need for a production computer. This will be very good as I can have a composite item with all the actors in it for that segment, and you just set the condition at the start of the show of which actor you want to see! I will play around with these options and report back so others know what works/doesn't work! I'm also noticing a theme of 'testing' you say! I will certainly be doing that!
  7. Hi all, I am preparing to commence programming Watchout for projection in an upcoming musical, this system is going to be triggered by MIDI from the LX console. For this show, we have performers on-stage who will also appear in content we project; for each of the 4 characters we have multiple video clip versions to show each performer (e.g. Recording of the clip with each performer /understudy that plays the role). I am interested to know if anyone else has any experience with managing shows which require clips to be swapped out (preferably without a production computer), if this can be triggered via MIDI/Artnet/DMX that would be advantageous. Our current ideas are: - Have each actor on their own layer (containing a composite) which we set to active/standby depending on who is performing. We want to avoid this as there will be approximately 16 actors in total, so it would become extremely messy. - Have a single layer and have the operator swap out which composite is sitting in the layer depending on who is performing. - Have a auxilary timeline for each actor (will require associated content to also be in each timeline) and trigger those timelines separately from normal main timeline playback. These are just a few options I've come up with so far but I thought I'd throw it out there to see if anyone had experience with this kind of task. Open to any and all suggestions.
  8. WATCHOUT 5.5.1 now available

    I haven't worked with windows software for a while now (I live off a macbook) to upgrade from 5.5 to 5.5.1 do I just run the newer installer or do I need to delete 5.5 first. Excuse my windows naivety.
  9. nop error?

    This post was really useful! I was trying to work out why my personal mac would cause nop errors on the system but the main production computer would be fine. So happy to know what that error meant.
  10. Intro to timecode

    Looking at all this I think I'm also going to look into MSC as QLab can produce both and considering I am stopping and starting I can'y do things like pre-roll the timecode so MSC may be more suitable. I guess I'll play around with both control models.
  11. Intro to timecode

    Thanks Mike, I'll be having a bit of a play around with the system for testing in a month or so. Just thought I'd get my head around all of this before I had access to the hardware and dongles. When you say it 'coasts' how long does it coast for? are we talking frames or seconds? does it jump back to the last frame it 'heard' or will it stay where it finished coasting?
  12. Intro to timecode

    Hi, I've been volentold (a hybrid of volunteering and betting told) into a fairly large amateur production this year and have decided to go with Watchout as I am comfortable/ experienced with the programming style and there are a few other constraints relating to what software is available. We are running a system that needs to output to a total of 5 projectors (some doing blends, some doing their own screen/ surface) I just have a few quick questions that I would love some help with. For this show we are going to be using timecode for certain elements of control as lighting want to have some items in time with the music (Note: Certain parts of the show, not all of it). I wanted to go with timecode as I've experienced a few issues with the production software crashing during some major shows (this is almost certainly not a watch out fault simply our computers - don't worry about this bit as the watchpoint slave software has been 100% rock solid for a few hundred hours of playback time) I haven't used timecode in this situation before so I thought I'd explain my idea and then you can point out any issues that I might need to look at. As only certain elements of the show will be sending timecode from the pit/ stage manager I thought I would pre-program the whole watch out timeline and take the show control timecode into a Mac running QLab. The Mac will be playing and pausing a single timecode file which feeds to the watch out system. The mac can then be triggered to play and pause the timecode audio output from either an external timecode input (eg. the music) or from manual triggers (me pressing go) depending on the cue. This means that there is just a single timeline with timecode running on watch out and the system isn't having to be built around the timecode being sent by the band/ SM intermittently. My main question is: How do the watch out slaves handle timecode playing and pausing? I Understand that I feed timecode into one slave and the rest just keep up via the network, I just want to know how I handle "pausing" the timeline. During previous productions where I've used watch out I was using the production software with pause markers on a layer. I'm guessing that is not applicable when chasing timecode. Do I need to send a special "pause" command at the end of a stream of timecode or can I just stop outputting Timecode and watch out will pause on that frame. Any assistance would be really appreciated Cal
  13. Shutdown Script

    Thanks, I had a play around with WOL earlier but couldn't get it going, as we are in the middle of the season I'm going to be leaving BIOS settings alone until the run has finished in a few days (as the WOL setting is most likely off on the BIOS) The WOL isn't as important to me as I need to locally turn on the UPS' and power distribution anyway. Edit: Typing in a dark control room is tricky
  14. Shutdown Script

    Wow. I've learnt a lot in one post, I had no idea that you could shut all the computers down that way (which saves a lot of trouble) and I also didn't think about saving the show file to keep the MAC addresses (I had always wondered why I couldn't get WOL going). Thanks for your help!
  15. Shutdown Script

    Hi, I'm currently using watchout for a show (In the Sydney Opera House) and really like the system. My only question is about how the remote shutdown actually works under "Manage display computer". At the moment in my show I leave the stage window closed so at the end of the show I need to open the window and click each screen and shut down the computer (which sometimes is really fast or locks up the computer). I would like to know what sort of command this is sending out over the LAN as I would be interested in automating this into one (very dangerous) script that shuts down all computers and projectors when you run it (after you confirm that you want to shut down of course) Any input would be appreciated. Cal