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  1. Hi all, Not to resurect an old thread but I seem to be having a similar issue with some of my display machines as well! The computers only have 2 items in the startup folder, codemeter and a shortcut to watchpoint.exe (with some parameters such as a showfile directory) Recently when I start the computers the watchpoint software appears to start but then shortly after minimizes to the tray. There are then 2 sets of Watchout icons on the task-bar. We fix this by closing the applications and then re-launching it from the start-up folder. When I am on-site next I am planning to check if there's anything in the run shell:startup section that is un-needed. Just wanted to see if anyone had encountered this recently with the latest release. Cheers
  2. callum

    MSC Cues in Both Main and Aux Timelines?

    Hi All, Have a very similar question to this and I thought I'd resurrect an old forum thread (in addition to contacting support) We have a theatre show where I want every cue on the main timeline to be externally triggered from MSC but I also want some additional cues to be triggered on aux. timelines (i.e. a close-shutter command). Does the Main-timeline have a cue-list ID of some sort (and can this be changed?) as it appears in ETC world everything comes with a Cue-List number. So if I map cue lists to aux. timelines it ultimately doesn't map to the main timeline (as the main show cue-lists in ETC world, still has a list number (of 1).
  3. Interesting. I certainly aim to run my system with all my displays configured correctly but on this show I've got 16 outputs spread across 4 computers and didn't noticed one have an incorrect frame-rate on one of the outputs in windows. It would be useful if the software was able to generate a more helpful error message (like "Verify displays configured in Windows OS match display settings in Watchout") but Ultimately I'm guessing Watchout itself isn't getting a very helpful error message from the VNC system to identify what's gone wrong. None the less I thought I'd share my observations with the forum to let a future-me save a bit of stress not being able to get their remote access up and running.
  4. Hi All, Just thought I'd share a bit of a helpful finding (as I couldn't find any info before) re. connecting to display PCs via the in-built remote access. I was unable to connect to my display PC and was getting the error "Can't establish remote access connection" If the external displays on your display machine are at a different resolution/frequency to your Watchout show-file (I know this isn't great practice, I just hadn't noticed apart from this remote access issues!). Watchout just changes the external display settings to match the show-file when you take it online. When you remotely connect it looks like the exiting from full-screen causes the system to go back to the OS-resolutions, not the Watchout resolutions/frequencies. The fix for this is to make sure all your displays are running the same settings as they do in the workspace. I'm not really expecting any sort of tips/input here but I though I'd better share it given someone in the future may run into this problem. Cheers Cal!
  5. callum

    Getting out of a loop at the end of loop

    I'm going to resurrect a fairly old thread to say Matkean's really got a strong point here. Looping (also probably considered vamping) is a fairly commonly requested feature now, being apple to set the loop in and out point on a clip would be useful. That way if you have the clip on the timeline and the pause marker on the timeline lines up with the loop point, the clip would keep looping on that section. I have a theatre show coming up that won't have a video operator on crew (the system will run as a cluster taking MSC without an production PC) and some of these convoluted suggestions of DMX loopback just really don't give me confidence that they're going to reliably work show after show for months on end.
  6. callum

    Stage view preset

    Oh very exciting! I haven't seen this before! (I can see this turning out to be a really bad idea) but is there a way to switch between layouts from the timeline? It would be nifty if it changed stage views between acts as I only use certain displays for certain acts.
  7. callum

    Stage view preset

    Hi All, Bit of an interesting question. Does anyone know if Watchout supports some sort of stage view presets? My show has several surfaces which are placed far apart from each other on the stage (it's a long story as to why!) and as a result in my show I have my stage window zoomed quite far out (using control-shift-D) for most of the show only certain screens are active (i.e. very rarely are all screens showing content) I'd love to have in my file, a set of 'stage presets' i.e. one view zoomed on screen A, another view zoomed on screen B. and build into my timeline a bunch of points where the view changes. Does anyone have any experience with doing something like this (/is this even possible?) Would love to hear your thoughts! Cal
  8. callum

    Art-net problems on backup machine

    I second David's thanks! This is a very interesting software 'feature' to know about. I would have always thought that for art net to be valid it must output channels 1 to 512
  9. callum

    Numerous Runtime error

    Hi Pierre I have only seen it on this specific show file, interestingly enough this would be a fairly old show file. It was given to me as part of a theatre tour; so I don't actually know who created it when! What I find most interesting is some items on my timeline may be 'cursed' as I call them, but if I add the item again elsewhere on the timeline, the new but duplicate item will be okay. In my old software development days I would see something like this as some sort of overflow where a wrongly placed character thinks the receiving application thinks the 'message' ended (i.e. by seeing an ' apostrophe it thinks the message is over) and then gets confused about all the subsequent data which is still coming in!
  10. callum

    Numerous Runtime error

    Oh man. I get this error as well! specifically when the system is running in live-update mode and only when editing the properties of certain timeline objects, some images/videos and others cause this bug by me changing a single property of the clip! It always gives you the impression that the severity of the error is high, but simply taking the show off-line and online restores operation. However the bug remains for those clips! Very strange. Interestingly if you read the sequence of messages (specifically the command it appears to not recognise) it almost looks like normal Watchout data is being sent to the Display and some part of the message is wrong causing the whole transfer of info to fall apart! Would be very interesting to know if anyone at Dataton has seen this, as it's always interested me. But as I use this particular show file only ocasionaly in a theatre production, it isn't frustrating enough to contact them directly! 😂 My network setup is essentially 1 prod, 2 displays, 2 projectors, some blackmagic switching gear and that's it. No more than about 10 items in total!
  11. callum

    Feature requests? - POST here

    I fully support this. Working as the Watchout programmer on theatre shows, I feel like half my job on rehearsals and plotting is just acting as a manual 'tracking console' to move Watchout back when a previous LX cue is run! I imagine there'd be some serious complexities to this but tracking is a pretty fundamental concept in theatre lighting.
  12. Hi all from Australia, I just had a question similar to the attached post below from 2013 but this is a bit outdated now. We're doing a bit of work in musical theatre where the Watchout system is run without operator supervision it just takes MIDI inputs, if there's an issue the LX operator will use a BlackMagic Videohub control panel to switch the projectors to the backup system via a matrix. We'd love to find a panel with a similar form factor to the Blackmagic Videohub panel which can can be programmed to send TCP/IP strings to various systems, i.e. PJLink to the projectors, Telnet to the Watchout displays, Telnet to various video routing gear. Does anyone have any experience with equipment like this, I have looked at building something with a Raspberry pi but I just don't have enough faith in something like that for pro musical theatre where this would be essentially a very show-critical piece of equipment. Thanks in advanced everyone!
  13. callum

    New forum sign-in procedure

    Hello, I'm not sure what this forum upgrade was but essentially since your post, I am now receiving Emails every time a new post is made on the watchout forum. I have gone into my account settings to turn these notifications off, but the emails seem to continue to come through. I suspect I'm doing something wrong, but I wasn't sure if you could shed some light on this.
  14. callum

    Management of cast members in Watchout

    Wow this is really interesting, I had no idea this was the case. Very useful to know as different cast members tend to deliver lines at different timings, so being able to have different control cues for them is very helpful.
  15. callum

    Management of cast members in Watchout

    Hi all, Just thought I'd give everyone a quick update on this project. Your advice all helped me greatly, I have all the different cast members set as different conditional layers in a composite clip. I've then developed a PHP control system that allows the operator to select the cast members performing for that show, the control system then sends the relevant telnet commands to different display systems to take the show-file online with the conditional value. All the best with your shows and hopefully my post is helpful to someone who has a project like this in the future!