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  1. orfischer

    Windows 10 Tweaking Guide

    Hi All, Wanted to confirm some of the steps on the guide: Using Windows 10 Enterprise 1607 LTSB - Step 5: "5. REMOVE WINDOWS COMPONENTS" - Confirming non of those can actually be removed from the LTSB, since it is not installed to begin with? Joining The question below - Step 12 "12 REGISTRY SETTINGS" - many of those registry files does not exist on some setups, can you please elaborate if those need to be added, and if so, how would we add them?
  2. orfischer

    4k Video Encoding for Stable Watchout Playback

    Thank you All for the insightful information. Some additional information that I would like to share with others seeing this thread: "There are four different Hap codecs to choose from: Hap offers the lowest data rates for playing back the most clips at a time, Hap Alpha is similar to Hap with support for transparency Hap Q and Hap Q Alpha offer improved image quality at a higher data rate" Hap Version 12 Download Link: https://github.com/vidvox/hap-qt-codec/releases
  3. orfischer

    4k Video Encoding for Stable Watchout Playback

    Thank you so much Keitht, this is what I was looking for. How would the command will be different if we wanted to export HAP, or HAP Q?
  4. Hi All, Looking for your advise regarding the recommended specifications to encode 4k videos for stable playback. From my understanding, the recommended software is ffmpeg, but couldn't find the recommended export specifications. Would also love to hear success stories with other encoding softwares. I have tried to export through ffmpeg to mpeg2 and mpeg4 - the funny part is that the video get stuck for a second about every 15 seconds of playback, but when we set the video to "loop" on Watchout 6.2.2/6.3 the video plays smoothly and we can achieve 4x 4k playback. Would appreciate if you (Dataton) publish recommended encoding sheet and guide to encoding 4k videos for Watchout, it looks like the last one published was back in 2015.
  5. orfischer

    New Display PC

    We have seen much better stability with server motherboards, rather then gaming boards.
  6. Hi All, looking for a or a local programmer in Vencouver. June 4-8 Please let me know if you know anyone.
  7. orfischer

    New Display PC

    It really depends what you are trying to do with the display computer. Additionally, what the other components looks like? you want to make sure all other components, like the mother board, memory, ssd drives, etc, are able to work as fast as the processor. Remember that your computer is as fast as your slowest component. That being said, I think it’s an overkill. You better invest your money on a good workstation motherboard, with at least 2x m.2 slots and m.2 drives, and good graphics card. we recently built a 2018 display computer with the i7-7820x, which has an x299 socket, and is a little faster than the recommended i7-5930k. This allowed us to use faster ddr4 memory, and use latest motherboards with 3x m.2 slots: 1 for operating system, and the other for Watchout on raid 0. FYI, it is a little challenging to setup operating system on m.2 drive - you’ll have to patch the m.2 drivers into windows installation disk, or otherwise clone a drive with windows on it with the m.2 drives. lastely, some of the newer components potential is not maximized when using windows 7 - you want to research if any of your components works well with windows 7, otherwise you will have to use windows 10, which everyone testified it is a nightmare to configure for a stable WO playback. I hope this helps.
  8. orfischer

    LED wall confidence monitor

    Does the led wall extends over more than 1 output?
  9. We caught what runs in this window. Process called ReadonSetting.exe - will investigate and inform with the solutions
  10. System specs: - Intel i7 5930k - asus x99-e ws/ usb 3.1 - AMD FirePro w9100 - Corsair HX1050 PSU - Corsair 4x4gb DDR4 2133mhz
  11. Hi All, Using windows 7 Pro 64bit SP1 - fresh install, and using windows update to update the windows with the latest updates. At some point (can't tell when) a mysterious window start to flash for a fraction of a second very randomly (maybe once an hour or half an hour). This happened before installing Watchout. We assemble WO machines pretty frequently and this never happened. Problem probably started after one of windows update installs, so we believe it relates to that, but can’t pinpoint what it is as the problems is completely random, so we can’t regenerate the issue. Important for us to post this here, because if the problem potentially happens because of windows update, everyone building a new machine will face this problem. 1. Tried to view all windows event log that happened at that exact time, but couldn't find anything. 2. I don't have Microsoft office installed - and already saw the solutions suggested with office updater - I don't see a folder like that on "services.msc" I got to capture this on camera: https://youtu.be/GOcFcKAm0UQ Any suggestions?
  12. orfischer

    Watchout with Video Matrix (Discussion)

    We are using Barco E2 to solve that problem. We feed main and backup feeds from separate display computer to the E2, and record several stil stores (logos usually) going to all displays in case anything crushes. Basically, main display goes to all screens. If main display computer fail, the E2 allows a seamless switch between the machines (main and backup) The problem is that display computer 1 and 2 share the same show, and a single component of the show may crush both machines. This is where the still store gets handy, you can just switch seamlessly to a logo or something similar on all screens, while fixing the problem. In the past year, only once (out of 30 shows) one of the machines crushed, we switched to stillstore on E2 while we solved the problem on Watchout and than went back live in about 30 seconds without affecting the show. The last resort for us in terms of backup, is to feed a stilstore on all secondary displays, and a MacBook Pro pre loaded with all the content to main display. THis way, if the problem persist, can can stil playback the content on the main screen. While We are not familiar with the Ascender family, we believe it serves the same purpose as the E2.
  13. Are you using active display port to hdmi adapters? Also, did you check the EDID in windows for those 3 monitors is set to 4k resolution? Doing 3 4k resolutions in Watchout is not as easy as 3 x HD outs. There are many variables that need to be taken into considerationX This being said, I'm not familiar with your specific graphic cards, but you certainly need to make sure the card support 4k, and you are using active DP to hdmi adapters (vs. passive).
  14. Step 11 is internal selection in Watchout. It is about the inout signal type, and not the input hardware.
  15. It worked for us for 2 datapath cards, I believe one was 2 DVI input card, and the ther was the sdi2 (2 SDI in), don't remember the models. The instructions posted is what solved the issue for us right away. We found it on another thread in this forum, that I couldt find to share with you. It initially seemed to me that you have an issue with driver compatability with WO (same as we had), so I thought it will be beneficial for you to try that. Jim from Show Sage may be able to assist you better that myself, because I don't have experience with the card you are using.