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  1. Benoit

    NewTek NDI with Alpha

    @DavidPatrick, and the Dynamic Image Server? Since 6.2 it's suppose to work well with videos...
  2. Benoit

    NewTek NDI with Alpha

    Hi DavidPatrick, Just a stupid question and I’m curious: Watchout is a media player and it's totally designed to play video, so why do you want to use an other software to play video and stream it to Watchout? I had tested the streaming from VLC in NDI but just for geek testing purpose. I don’t see why you could need it... Best, Benoit
  3. Benoit

    gotoControlCue to Aux timeline

    Hi PierreLuc, I use TCP habitually but it should be the same in UDP: gotoControlCue "Cue2" false "Timeline 1" gotoControlCue "Cue1" false "Timeline 1" Best, Benoit
  4. Benoit

    Numerous Runtime error

    Hi Pierre Luc, These kind of errors often come from the network. Can you describe your network set up please? Do you have other system running on the same network? Kind regards, Benoît
  5. Benoit

    Scaling Virtual Displays - Low Quality

    Hello Pierre Luc, If you open the specification window of your virtual display, did you check "Media preview : High quality"? Best regards, Benoit
  6. Benoit

    Setting expressions to be timed

    Hello Mindopera, Why do you pause the main timeline? You can set a 10mn live cue in the main timeline and in the aux timeline triggered by the udp message you set a control cue that jump the main timeline at the end of the 10mn live cue. Benoit
  7. Benoit


    Hi Raphael, Unfortunately no, it will not work. There is a limit of 6 displays per GPU (it seems to be a Windows limit, not sure why…). So if you plug 2 of your MST hub on your GPU, you will be only able to activate 6 displays. An other option is to use video processor to split one video output. For example the Datapath FX4. There are 2 down side of this: - First it’s much more expensive than a MST hub - Then it will limit the warping feature of Watchout Best, Benoit
  8. Benoit

    sync and refresh problem watchpax 2

    Hello all, We discuss together with Jean Luc and it appears the show cache was corrupted. After deleting the show folder on the Watchpax and the Cache folder on the producer everything works fine. Hope it will help someone. Best, Benoit
  9. Hi MisterK, That’s a big list ! It seems most of your issues are related to performance or stability of the server. May I suggest you should look to Watchmax or your local premium partner server (you’re based in France, no? It would be a pleasure to show you projects where we have [email protected] per server with lots of video playing…) To answer some of your questions: - SpeedStep is supposed to be disabled on most CPU except for Xeon W, I don’t think your CPU is a Xeon W (https://www.intel.com/content/www/us/en/products/processors/xeon/w-processors.html) - HAP is definitively the best choice for encoding, yes you can lose a bit of time when encoding or uploading but it works so better. The time you spend in preparation is generally saved later… - If you start the explorer on the display server, yes you need to restart the server. But why do you need to start explorer? - Miro (correct me I I’m wrong) talked about ECC but it’s for system RAM and not GPU (GPU is another story). I don’t think you have ECC RAM on your computer. The ECC memory modules are server grade and the issues you are facing are not related to that I think. - Watchout 6.2.2 is still working with Windows 7 x64, if you’re not confident with Windows 10, stay to windows 7! Feel free to call me if you want to discuss. Best, Benoit
  10. Hi Mister K, There is a know bug in the nVidia drivers, are you up to date? See release note : In Windows 10, Nvidia graphics cards could produce flickering image in a multi-display setup. This issue is resolved in Nvidia Quadro drivers 385.77 and Nvidia Geforce drivers 388.00, or later. Best, Benoit
  11. Benoit

    Bad image with magewell dual hdmi

    Hi, Is it a USB model or a PCIe one? BR, Benoit
  12. Benoit

    HAP,New Codecs and more...

    Hello, To share my personal experience, FFMPEG is nice because it adds some options not available with Adobe. But if something is not correct (like a missing or bad image in an image suite), FFMPEG will just raise a warning in red and give you a file, you can think the video is ok but an image is missing and you could see it when playing back in Watchout. So be careful and read the logs. Concerning the encoding time, my thinking is your resolution is about 4 times 4K, why should it be quicker than 4 times encoding a 4K video or 16 times encoding and HD video? Does it takes you a lot more time than 16 x [email protected] in MPEG2? Best, Benoit
  13. Benoit

    Rotate geometric window

    Hi Matkeane, Did you try to rotate your producer laptop? It works fine for me... Benoit
  14. Benoit

    Rotate geometric window

    Hello Alvaro, Did you check the field Rotation in the General tab of a display? Is it what you need? Benoit
  15. Benoit

    Interaction Name 6.1.1

    Hello Vollmers, What tool do you plan to use? What do you want to do? Because interactive name need an addon to watchout to work... Best, Benoit