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  1. Bad image with magewell dual hdmi

    Hi, Is it a USB model or a PCIe one? BR, Benoit
  2. HAP,New Codecs and more...

    Hello, To share my personal experience, FFMPEG is nice because it adds some options not available with Adobe. But if something is not correct (like a missing or bad image in an image suite), FFMPEG will just raise a warning in red and give you a file, you can think the video is ok but an image is missing and you could see it when playing back in Watchout. So be careful and read the logs. Concerning the encoding time, my thinking is your resolution is about 4 times 4K, why should it be quicker than 4 times encoding a 4K video or 16 times encoding and HD video? Does it takes you a lot more time than 16 x [email protected] in MPEG2? Best, Benoit
  3. Rotate geometric window

    Hi Matkeane, Did you try to rotate your producer laptop? It works fine for me... Benoit
  4. Rotate geometric window

    Hello Alvaro, Did you check the field Rotation in the General tab of a display? Is it what you need? Benoit
  5. Hi Dimi, To complete the JFK answer, it could also be because some Artnet to DMX bridge remember the IP address that send the orders and when you change from producer to display you need to reboot the Artnet bridge… Benoit
  6. Hello, Are you sure to be on the right forum? Here it's Dataton, not Datapath... And by the way the Wall designer software works on my laptop with Windows 10. Best, Benoit

    It could be useful to look in the log if there is a message « unexpected display reconfiguration » indicating an issue with the display connection that can be solved with the EDID manager.
  8. Samsung TVs and MDC

    Hello Stiegzinator, The Samsung protocol is hard to find. It depends of your monitor ID and there is a checksum at the end. For monitor 1, try send to your monitor IP port 1515: power on : $AA$11$01$01$01$13 and power off: $AA$11$01$01$00$12 Samsung doc explicitly tell you to send the command for 3 times every 2 Seconds until ACK command. If there is no ACK within 3 times, It means failure. Good luck, Benoit
  9. Emulating Spyder/e2 preset recall with only Watchout

    Hi Michael, We already tried to emulate some Spyder features for some customers. I think for the best result you should not use only tasks because you will need to know what are the tasks status to know what Watchout need to do. What we did is to use inputs for fade, pip positions ect… and drive the inputs with control cue that send commands to Watchout itself. It’s a bit tricky but there are 2 main advantages to do what you expect: All effects are driven by inputs so you can ask a media to fade out in 1 second, if he is already transparent there is no side effect. All media are active and you don’t jump into aux timelines, Watchout react much more faster with no pre-roll, it’s particularly useful for live inputs (even if there are others trick to solve this problem). For example, here how to setup a background video with 2 presets to show and hide the background: Create a generic input called “Bgnd_opacity” (limit 1). Create a task named “Bgnd” and put your background video in a layer Add an opacity tween but don’t add any key points, map the tween to the input “Bgnd_opacity”. Now if you move the input, it change the opacity. To play the video background when you fade in, add “Bgnd_opacity > 0” to the trigger of the task To stop the video background, create a new aux timeline “Bgnd_stop” with 2 control cue “stop aux timeline named Bgnd” and “stop itself”. Add “Bgnd_opacity=0” to the trigger of the task. Now you just need to control the input to fade and start and stop the video. To control the input from anywhere, create an output “WO”, IP=, Port=3039 Create a new task named “preset 1”, add the “WO” output and in the cue settings, data to send=”setInput "Bgnd_Opacity" 1 1000$0D” (let’s say the preset 1 start the bgnd with a fade of 1 sec.) Create a new task named “preset 2”, add the “WO” output and in the cue settings, data to send=”setInput "Bgnd_Opacity" 0 1000$0D” (let’s say the preset 1 stop the bgnd) By doing this you can call many time “preset 2” with no effects if the bgnd is already stopped. And you can mix many inputs for fade, pip position etc. in your presets. Of course, it’s a bit tricky and there is certainly many others things to do, but it works… Tell me if it’s not clear, Benoit