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  1. GdV

    WATCHNET 1.4

    that means that finally watched will trigger the production timeline? I'm often using telnet strings to trigger some of our automation systems but when using watchnet is impossible to output any string as the cues containing the string is sent from the production computer and only when the header is hitting it... for that reason I could use only dmx channels output or timecode as the timeline of the production computer was not running while playing with watchnet...
  2. GdV

    Controlling DMX lighting by WO

    the process with MA2 is really easy: - Open Telnet listener in the console - Open Telnet Client from Production PC - Type: open (ip Number) (port Number) - You should be inside the MA2 command prompt if you type: help you should be able to see the complete list of command you can send to the console -Open Watchout -as JFK says: Go to the Window menu, select Output, create a new output for TCP/IP. Define the IP address and port number you used in puTTY. - Once the output cue is in a timeline, double click on it and type the command you need to send followed by $0D -done
  3. GdV

    Controlling DMX lighting by WO

    Maybe "use Telnet from Watchout" is not the right way to say it... I use the telnet client from the production computer, and the String Output from Watchout.
  4. GdV

    Controlling DMX lighting by WO

    I normally use Telnet from Watchout to trigger MA2 - works very well to trigger all the scenes, fast and easy for the light designer too.
  5. GdV

    Could you add video count down function on WO ?

    ....could be great....