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    Blending makes strange lines

    It looks to me like the Watchout blend is bigger then the physical blend area on the projes as the gama drop-off starts too early...
  2. Hi all, for an upcoming show the client wants to have a video on standby, synced to timecode, as the rest of the show, but we will not show this content if all is well, so my question is: Is it possible to change a layer's opacity setting live with the latest update of watchout 6, without disrupting anything in the show flow? Thanks, Andor
  3. Zandor

    WATCHOUT 6 Public Beta

    Thanks JFK! Will contact one of your regional suppliers for the upgrades.
  4. Zandor

    WATCHOUT 6 Public Beta

    Any news on Release date yet, or if V6 dongle purchase is made available to use the Beta in online mode? Thanks.