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  1. Look into Bitfocus Companion app for the streamdeck. It works fantasic with Watchout and pj link
  2. arjenmooij


    Hi, After upgrading to 6.22 when the timecode jumps back in time or skips some other que's, the displaymachine does not sync and you will see some frames of non trickered que's. On theProduction machine everything looks good. Before the upgrade it was running for almost 2 years without any problems. Any thoughts? Greetings Arjen
  3. arjenmooij


    Thanks for the replies. I downloaded the NDI tool set and got it working. Looks very promising. Greetings Arjen
  4. arjenmooij


    Hi there, Is there a tutorial about how to setup a NDI stream? I want to try to import a NDI stream of a Powerpoint. Greetings Arjen
  5. arjenmooij

    DMX output over usb.

    Hi, For an up coming event I need to sent dmx que's to the lightdesk. Is it possible to use an USB to DMX convertor? Or must I use something else. Greetings Arjen
  6. arjenmooij

    New releases of WATCHOUT and WATCHNET

    Hi, I just try to install 6.1, but when I tried to go online it asked for updating Display machines. When answered with yes it gave a message that my dongles were not found. After downgrading to 6.0.2 everything worked again. Any thoughts? Greetings Arjen
  7. arjenmooij

    WO6 timecode problem

  8. arjenmooij

    WO6 timecode problem

    Hi, When the main timeline is running on timecode and I disable the timecode Watchout crashed. This happens every time I do this. I will be able to switch the timecode on and off while the timecode is running. Any thoughts? Greetings Arjen
  9. arjenmooij

    Looping Prores files

    Thanks for the info. Arjen
  10. arjenmooij

    Looping Prores files

    Hi Mike, The message I get is: Error:Unable to decache DS video. It's a 1824x384 25fps prores file. Prores compression is HQ422.
  11. arjenmooij

    Looping Prores files

    I'm trying to loop a prores movie in WO6, but it doesn't work. Free running is no problem but as soon as I turn on the loop button I'll get a message and it will not play. Any suggestions. Greetings Arjen