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  1. Roggie Rog

    10Gb bottleneck relief

    Hello. Would a production machine with a 10Gb NIC and 10Gb switch relieve the bottleneck of pushing content to multiple display machines—e.g., primary and backups, hence getting the same content—with 1Gb NIC’s?
  2. Roggie Rog

    License Key Not Found

    Problem solved yesterday. There were two instances of Watchpoint opening up as a result of me rushing through my configuration of a clean install—whatbcan happen if you’re not fully rested, too. Once I disabled it in msconfig, everything was behaving properly. Thanks for all of your help!
  3. Roggie Rog

    License Key Not Found

    ...I also added 10-second startup delay and the problem persists.
  4. Roggie Rog

    License Key Not Found

    JFK, Thanks for your quick reply! I’ve selected all licenses in License Manager and deleted them, rescanned, and all three show up. Nonetheless, when I Remote Access into the Diaplay Machines, I still have the intermittent pop up. Should this be a serious concern? Why could it be happening, and what could resolve the issue. Thank you.
  5. Roggie Rog

    License Key Not Found

    Hello. I'd really like some help with this issue: I have two machines running 6.2.2, and recently when remoting in, I'm seeing a "License Key Not Found" error that keeps popping up on each of the display machines. When online, there are no issues with playback. I've uninstalled both WO and Codemeter on Production and Display machines, I've swapped dongles, I've checked Codemeter, and even the license manager window in WO reports that the licenses are AOK. What could be happening, what are the dangers, and what is a solution for this issue? Thanks kindly in advance.
  6. Roggie Rog

    Running Watchout 5, 5.5, 6 on Bootcamp

    I like fancy! Thanks Mike!
  7. I'd like to ask the experts their opinion of running Watchout 5, 5.5, and/or 6on a MacBook Pro via Bootcamp. I'm referring to the control computer only. Yes/no? If not recommended, please state why. Thanks in advance.