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  1. KimAndersson

    WO 6.1 - Rotating loading icon on Displays

    Can you please explain a little bit better on what these "rotating icons" are? Maybe a picture? What version of WATCHOUT do you use? The only "rorating icon" I can remember is the Windows one, usually an idication of something loading, or that it's trying to restore a program that's in a crashing state. If this is the case, then you should probably try to uninstall the current version and install a new one, http://www.dataton.com/downloads We don't have any rotating icons on either the production or the display softwares. We use progress-bars if media has to be downloaded.
  2. KimAndersson

    audio drops in WO6.0.1

    How have you setup your soundfiles in WATCHOUT? If you doubleclick the soundfile on the timeline you'll see the options for the output; Production & Display computer. The sound output depends on what screen your soundfile is positioned on, have you set this up correctly?
  3. KimAndersson

    Blackmagic Decklink Quad capture issues

    We'll take a look at that! Good that the problem is solved though.
  4. KimAndersson

    Geometry correction won't change display

    Have you turned on "Live update" in Stage > Live Update? Also, make sure that you're online.
  5. KimAndersson

    Watchnet and WO Production concurrency problems

    Just reload the Watchnet panel and Watchnet should take over. We recommend to always go offline on the production computer before taking control over Watchnet.
  6. What exact version of the WO5 & WO6 are you using? Could you please send your computers specs to [email protected] together with the videofile and a brief description of the issue?
  7. Do you have QuickTime installed on this setup? In that case, what happens if you uninstall QuickTime? Don't forget to restart your computer before starting Watchout after you've uninstalled QuickTime.
  8. KimAndersson

    Windows 10 & Watchout 6

    I've used Win10 on the production computers at the Dataton HQ for some weeks and haven't found any major issues with it. You're welcome to report any issues that you're encountering while using Windows 10, I'll gladly investigate your reports.