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    Transfer license from Watchpax

    Hello. We are currently designing the exhibition for the museum and have aquired several Dataton Watchpax'es. Unfortunately Watchpax is incompatible with Steinberg UR22 sound interface. Would it be possible to transfer the Watchout license from one of the Watchpax computers into the PC to use it as a Windows 7 sound server where it would be possible to install sound interface drivers? Thank you.
  2. Ivan Bichenko

    Watchpax with external sound card

    I would like to perform Dataton disk image update but unfortunately I cannot find any info on this procedure. Should I contact local distributor/representative for the update or is it possible to do it on-site?
  3. Ivan Bichenko

    Watchpax with external sound card

    What does a "next image for Watchpax" mean? Watchout upgrade? Or is it only for Watchpax?
  4. Ivan Bichenko

    Watchpax with external sound card

    Does it mean that it will be not possible to connect Dataton Watchpax to external sound card and install drivers?
  5. Ivan Bichenko

    Watchpax with external sound card

    Hello. I am designing a museum exhibition and would like to use dataton watchpax to produce sound. Will it be possible to connect it to Steinberg external sound card and install drivers? Thank you
  6. Will the option of remote restart after "error condition" be added in future versions?
  7. I see, thank you. I am using WATCHPAX generation 2 Another question. Assume Wathcpax was turned on with no outputs. It does not see any outputs. It dissapears from Watchout network. Then I power on the outputs. Is it possible to retsart Watchpax remotely, so it recognises new outputs? Because it is every time the ladder for me)))
  8. Hello. We use 5 Watchpax for our museum exhibition. We encounter the issue that distubs us a lot. If Watchpax is turned on (remotely or not) with not video output device present or in standby mode it shows black screen after the device is connected. Only a power reset can correct this issue. Remote reset does not help. The access to Watchpax's is very complex as they are mounted on the ceiling. Could anything be done to resolve this problem?