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  1. hi i m using wx7100 if i use single cable display output then also desktop showing 2 display 1 is mobile display how to solve this problem i have tried install & uninstalling still now working you can check i have added pic also
  2. Sorry to not describe properly yes my problem is on board graphic and external graphic card both detecting display so as you said i have to disable on board graphic from bios right ?
  3. Hi i m using watchout 6.1.6 version my server configure info please check attached file i just started using datapath e2s card once i connect with laptop when you go for online it just hangs the server no reason why and i have to restart the server if it work it gives too much delay to come on the screen once i cue So how can i solve this problem?
  4. Hi anyone tried the new AMD Radeon Pro WX 7100 graphics card that can give upto 5k resolution compare to the AMD FirePro W7100
  5. Hello i just installed blackmagic mini recorder for first time trying blackmagic and when i take hdmi input 1080i 50hz within a minute it hangs my server and i have restart it again WO 6 1 5
  6. Ricky d

    WATCHOUT 6.1.5

    i have checked live video dialog So now if my input source is Hdmi, sdi or composition there is no option select that Is it going to take automatically that source
  7. http://www.magewell.com/pro-capture-quad-hdmi Hi did someone tried this magewell pro capture card with 4 hdmi. Does it work well with watchout
  8. Ricky d

    Magewell 4 hdmi input capture card ?

    So is it better choice over datapath vision rgb e2s because i can capture 4 hdmi input for any laptop or pc source
  9. Hello Need suggestions from experts I am using 19" 4 u rack server But now I am looking for build new compact server which I can use easily alone while traveling Now question is 1 which cabinet I can use that can fit amd FirePro w7100 graphic card 2 mother board ? How about Asrock X99E-ITX Please let me know is it worth or I should stick to rack cabinet only
  10. And also this itx motherboard support Datapath visionrgb e2s , blackmagic mini recorder and graphic card as well
  11. Thanks for your suggestion So w5100 card is good with Watchout 6 and will it give high performance for bigger show