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  1. Help with Windows 10 Watchout

    Hi! I am glad that you have solved your problems and are running now. And I am also not happy to see how much time you have spent getting it done. We have a lot of users successfully running windows 10 and we are about to release our own server running windows 10 - the challenge with Windows 10 is that it has required both from us and others to invest a LOT of time and resources on it to make it bullet proof. And we are NOT ever going to recommend any kind of hardware to build media servers - as the pace that new components keep coming to market is so high, that any kind of recommendation would not be valid more than a mere 15 minutes... AND, we have our own pre-built WATCHOUT servers that would be our recommendation. But there are lots of people in this forum who wants to share their experiences with different components. Have a great weekend.
  2. Network Error with Watchout

    Hi! First obvious culprit to check is the firewall. Try to disable it and see how it works. Best regards, David
  3. Hi! There are two WATCHOUT groups on Facebook, that is usable: https://www.facebook.com/groups/746866825374405/ https://www.facebook.com/groups/pawanvishwakarma/ None are official, but we are there - watching a answering things when needed.
  4. Windows Tweaks - Win7 & Win10

    Hi, Walter! We would love to do that. But, it is the LEGAL part that we need to sort out - not the technical. And that is not something naming it "preliminary" will help on. But we are getting there!
  5. Watchout 6.2. Sound Problems

    I understand it is a tedious process with many videos. But at the moment that is most likely the fix. It will be fixed in a future release of WATCHOUT. Best regards, David
  6. Windows Tweaks - Win7 & Win10

    We are getting there. At the moment we are looking into any pitfalls related to Microsoft End User License Agreements and other legal issues by making such a list available for Windows 10. We want to make sure we are on the right side of the legal fence.
  7. Watchout 6.2. Sound Problems

    Hi! We have seen some issues when the audio is embedded in the video file. Try to place the audio in a separate file and see if that helps. Best regards, David
  8. 4k production computer

    Hi! That is good that you found a setting that is ok! Best regards, David
  9. 4k production computer

    Hi, Brecht! most likely your windows scaling is defaulting to 200% or something similar. That can explain the blurriness. You can reduce it to 100%. The drawback is that with so many small pixels things will be very small. Best regards, David
  10. Glad to hear you fixed it! David / Dataton
  11. Hi EwanJackson! You do not need to be connected to the Internet for update. When you write "Official Watchout Media Servers" are they WATCHPAX or WATCHMAX server built by Dataton? Trying the firewall on production machine as zackboyd writes can also be smart. Best regards, David
  12. Can I divide each 4K output in four 1920x1080

    Walter, I would be careful to make a general recommendation to do blend/warp in projectors. Almost none of them adds any black level matching (not sure if any of them do?) and quite a few of them adds latency that would not be acceptable for all kinds of installations. And some projectors will also not allow you to do both blend and warp. You have to choose. Best regards, David
  13. Windows Tweaks - Win7 & Win10

    Dear MISTERK, we are going to provide a Windows 10 tweak list. It is not too long into the future. Stay tuned! Best regards, David / Dataton
  14. unspecific error / assertion

    Hi! You need to elaborate the error a bit for anyone to be able to make any sensible suggestion on fix. Best regards, David
  15. Hi Alegrt! this is unfortunately a known issue with AMD cards. The issue is with 4x 4K when using DirectX9 applications. AMD has been duly informed about this, but has decided not to make a fix. If you are using NVIDIA cards this is not a limitation. There are several threads about this issue in the forum if you want to read more: http://forum.dataton.com/topic/2737-4k-3060-output-limit/ http://forum.dataton.com/topic/2333-3-x-4k-not-working-unexpected-display-reconfiguration/ Best regards, David / Dataton