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    Windows 10 Tweaking Guide

    The official Windows 10 Tweaking Guide is now published and is available for free download. The guide describes how to tweak Windows 10 Enterprise for reliable performance with WATCHOUT: https://response.dataton.com/watchout-windows-10-tweaking-guide Topics covered: Support, warranty and service Microsoft EULA Install Windows 10 Enterprise Add and remove Windows components Group policies Windows & registry settings Task scheduler Whether you build WATCHOUT media servers for fixed installs in museums, show rooms, broadcast or for live events in theaters, concert venues or corporate events, this free Windows 10 tweak guide is essential reading.
  2. DavidA

    WATCHOUT 6.2.2 released

    Hi Everyone, We have released WATCHOUT version 6.2.2. This version mainly contains fixes, stability and performance improvements. This new release may be downloaded from the website as usual: https://www.dataton.com/ You'll find the release notes available here: https://www.dataton.com/watchout-release-notes Best regards, The Dataton team!
  3. DavidA

    WATCHOUT 6.2.2 released

    Hi! I have notified the R&D team about this. Best regards, David
  4. DavidA

    WATCHPAX or WATCHMAX as a production server

    Dear Jeongmok Byun, the WATCHPAX and WATCHMAX servers are designated display servers and not intended for being used as Production Computers. If you want to discuss further options on this, please contact [email protected] Best regards, David
  5. DavidA

    Product Introductions, InfoComm 2018

    Hi Michael! As long as the camera-based auto-alignment system can output MPCDI format, you can import the file to WATCHOUT and use the data from the auto-cal system. This feature will be available in the coming 6.3 release - in due time before September.
  6. Dear all, it is that time of year - InfoComm US is about to start, and we have some new and exciting product announcements! Tomorrow we kick off the Dataton Academy, a fully booked training session and then Wednesday - the show begins! We are going to demo the award-winning BlackTrax-integration (highly improved since we demoed it at ISE and PL+S), and show case our new SDI-server. WATCHOUT 6.3 Beta build will be distributed to beta test team soon! Here are the new features in the 6.3 release: BlackTrax (for Dataton servers, WATCHMAX and WATCHPAX 4) MPCDI Audio in (timecode w/ ASIO) MIDI Select (you can chose which MIDI device to use) TimeCode analyser improvements Open sound config from menu in Watchpoint (available in Watchmaker, but not in Watchpoint - until now) + various bug fixes WATCHMAX servers The WATCHMAX servers is now in their 2nd generation, with a major performance boost and most exciting - a new family member!! The WATCHMAX SDI has a total of 12 channel output. WATCHMAX WX7100 (4 channel output) Launch and ship at InfoComm. WATCHMAX WX9100 (6 channel output) Launch and ship at InfoComm. WATCHMAX SDI (12 channel output) Launch at InfoComm, shipping late Q3 2018. The units have the following base configuration: Width 490 mm, height 175 mm (4U), depth 440 mm Weight: 16.9 kg WATCHOUT license included Gigabit Ethernet Rugged cooling system Industrial grade components Enterprise level NVMe SSD (1.9 TB with maximum sequential read speed of 6 GB/s) 3 x Stereo pairs audio out (unbalanced, 3mm) + Line in for timecode Genlock input Individual specifications: WATCHMAX WX7100 (4 channels output) 4 x DisplayPort 1.4 Up to 4K ([email protected]) per channel s400 Sync card WATCHMAX WX9100 (6 channels output) 6 x DisplayPort 1.4 Up to 4K ([email protected]) per channel s400 Sync card WATCHMAX SDI (12 channels output) 4 x Display Port 1.4 8 x 3G-SDI bi-directional channels Up to [email protected] ([email protected] or [email protected]) per Display Port channel Up to [email protected] per channel with dual-link ([email protected]) or quad-link ([email protected]) options Built-in Sync Options for all servers: Media storage: 7.68TB or 3.84TB Audio card (model TBC) Capture cards: SDI, DisplayPort1.2, HDMI, 3G, DVI and Composite video. Robust wheeled travel case, extending handle See you in Vegas! Best regards, David David Aleksandersen Commercial Support Manager Dataton AB +46 70 552 32 30 [email protected] www.dataton.com
  7. DavidA

    MULTICHANNEL - WATCHPAX 4 + Behringer Fca610

    Hi! No, they are not - a new image is under development now and have an ETA around July 10. Best regards, David
  8. DavidA

    Windows 10 Tweaking Guide

    Not sure about the footprint, Alex. But LTSB is not available unless you have volume agreement with Microsoft. For the majority of the selv builders, that is not applicable - but for those who can use the LTSB version that would most likely be the best.
  9. DavidA

    Product Introductions, InfoComm 2018

    At the moment we do not have any communication about future features and release plans for WATCHOUT. But what we have today is a WATCHMAX SDI that will ship September with two cards - 4 x DisplayPort and 8 x 3G-SDI.
  10. DavidA

    Product Introductions, InfoComm 2018

    If you want to build Windows based servers, regardless of type, the LTSB would be the preferred choice. LTSB is as far as I know available only for customers with a Volume License agreement, and will have a life of 10 year support period. During the life of the LTSB, no features are added to the system, only security and reliability issues are handled through upgrades. Best regards, David
  11. DavidA

    Product Introductions, InfoComm 2018

    Yes it is. Best regards, David
  12. DavidA

    New forum sign-in procedure

    Jesper, I will check if we can change this! Best regards, David
  13. DavidA

    Product Introductions, InfoComm 2018

    No, the old WATCHMAX servers will not be compatible. We will present a document with further information about this soon.
  14. DavidA

    Product Introductions, InfoComm 2018

    Hi! SDI is a standard with fixed resolutions, so no custom resolution. And EDID is not part of SDI. The current SDI card is a Deltacast card, yes.
  15. DavidA

    Product Introductions, InfoComm 2018

    Hi! I will get back to you on more details related to the SDI questions. The SDI is a feature that will only be available on a selection of media servers from Dataton, and it is not possible to build custom made display servers with it. Related to number of licenses, CPU and RAM - we are not going to disclose any details about the HW and specifics of the WATCHMAX series. The Real Time Tracking Protocol Motion (RTTrMP) that BlackTrax uses will only be available on new WATCHMAX servers and WATCHPAX 4 media servers. If you have a legacy WATCHMAX you can contact [email protected] for a quote for retrofit upgrade. Best regards, David
  16. DavidA

    Product Introductions, InfoComm 2018

    Thanks! Yes, the Windows 10 tweak list is about to be published!
  17. DavidA

    Portable Watchout Display Computer- Laptop?

    Hi HenryBell! I just want to confirm that the WATCHPAX 4 works well with USB capture cards: https://www.dataton.com/watchout-overview-capture-live-feeds-and-ndi-video-over-ip The WATCHPAX 4 is quite a powerful small and compact player - it is capable of 4x4K outputs. If you throw in a 4K splitter you can run up to 16 channels (no blend/warp - though) 1080p from the unit. The Dubai video wall is built using WATCHPAX 4 to drive all the 820 screens.
  18. Hi! Did you get any response? If not I would reach out to Show Sage, the Dataton Premium Partner in US, or use a few of the WATCHOUT groups out there. Best regards, David
  19. DavidA

    Art-net problems on backup machine

    Thank you very much for your efforts on solving this problem! Your feedback and discovery is highly appreciated! Best regards, David / Dataton
  20. DavidA

    MULTICHANNEL - WATCHPAX 4 + Behringer Fca610

    Sorry for the delay on this. In the current image for WATCHPAX, the ASIO driver is not included. A new image will be made available in a few weeks. Best regards, David
  21. DavidA

    deckling capture

    Hi! Note that WATCHOUT uses the generic WDM interface and not the BM Media Express drivers. Search the forum and you will se a number of threads where you might find a solution. Best regards, David
  22. DavidA

    WATCHOUT Technical Notes - 2015

    Hi nikolai! Sorry for the late answer. Here is our official take on hardware specs for building a WATCHOUT media server. WATCHOUT Hardware recommendation guide April 2018 Introduction WATCHOUT is the award-winning and market leading multi-display and projection-mapping software, with over 15 years of unrivalled performance and reliability. WATCHOUT is a very versatile software and can be used in a wide range of applications, from smaller fixed installations, through world record video walls and to large and complex live events. Because of this versatility and price performance ratio, Dataton is frequently asked about recommended components to build WATCHOUT display servers and production computers. This document is our general recommendation guide to hardware. The availability of hardware components has never been better and new and improved hardware is released frequently. Due to this fact, we have decided that we are not going to provide specific hardware recommendations, but a general guide on what considerations you need to make when building your own system. In general, building a WATCHOUT server with high performance, quality and reliability requires a combination of well-developed skills on selecting the right hardware, tuning of BIOS settings and of tuning the Microsoft Windows® 10 operating system. In addition to the level of skills you need, there are other of considerations you need to take into place before choosing to build buy a preconfigured WATCHOUT-server. This document will also cover this: Support Warranty and service Longevity & 24/7 use Microsoft EULA when building for reselling Dataton´s WATCHOUT media servers Support If you have a Dataton WATCHOUT media server, we know the hardware configuration and can easily recreate – and fix – and challenges you have with your show, as we can receive your files and put it directly into a 100% identical server on our side. If you have built your own server, the possibility to provide a qualified support is limited, since we do not know your hardware and its settings, nor how the operating system is set up and tweaked. This makes it impossible to fully re-create the problems you have, and unfortunately sometimes we cannot provide a satisfactory answer through support. With an own-built system you are more on your own than with a Dataton WATCHOUT media server. Warranty and service Most of the off-the-shelf consumer products have mostly one-year warranty. And while some of the industry/professional grade components can give 3 years warranty, when buying a media server from Dataton you have the option of extending the warranty up to 5 years with access to service and support. Longevity and 24/7 use Many installations with media servers requires long operating hours, some even 24/7. Consumer-grade products are not built for this kind of use as it requires a different approach to design and choice of subcomponents to manufacture hardware designed to run 24/7 or 14-18 hours per day. Microsoft EULA when building for reselling If you are building WATCHOUT media servers for commercial use to sell them, make sure that you have the rights to resell Microsoft Windows®. Dataton´s WATCHOUT media servers As an alternative to building your own server, Dataton offer a range of media servers that are tuned to WATCHOUT – and that includes a license. You can read more about our WATCHOUT server range at https://www.dataton.com/products/media-servers. From a service and support perspective, we recommend this solution. Hardware recommendation guide CPU The CPU is the core of your system. Important factors are number of cores, PCIe lanes and durability. Making sure you have support for enough PCIe lanes for the system to handle graphics cards, capture cards and other PCIe cards in the system. As an example, the Intel i7-8700, 4500 MHz has 16, while Intel i9 7900x has 44 Lanes. Overall, Xeon processors are more reliable and a processor like Xeon W-2145 can be seen as a good combination of single core performance and number of cores. The CPU cannot be boosted forever, and to avoid CPU throttling we recommend disabling boost for continuous and predictable performance. Motherboard We recommend workstation/server grade boards compared to the consumer boards. There are countless examples here in the Dataton forum where you can find examples of problems connected to consumer grade boards from various manufacturers. Memory/RAM 16GB should be fine. Bandwidth and channels are more important than increasing the available memory when choosing RAM chips. GPU/Graphics cards/Video Cards Cards with EDID management and sync for output is recommended if you need synchronized output. Cards like AMD WX7100 or WX9100 with S400 sync card or NVIDIA Quadro P5000 with NVIDIA Quadro sync. Capture cards Capture cards comes in a variety of flavours and price tag as the other components. Here the most important considerations are latency, scaling (built in or not at all) or if you are going for a PCIe or external device? Hard drives For the operating system, you are OK with any decent SSD. For media storage, a solid state (NVMe) is recommended for maximum performance (U.2 or PCIe AiC). You need also to consider if you need redundancy in your system, and if you need a RAID setup or just a larger, faster single NVMe disk. Audio device The audio device has to support the audio interfaces WATCHOUT offers, such as ASIO or WASAPI. Make sure to review the documentation for up-to-date information on which audio interface WATCHOUT supports. Summary Building your own media server can be fun and rewarding. But make sure you have access to the required skills and having the proper budget allocated to make sure you build a server that are satisfactory to your or your client´s needs. If you need more help on deciding on individual components, we ask you to use the Dataton forum ss requests sent to the official Dataton support or through other channels will not yield a better answer.
  23. DavidA

    4х4K Capture

    On a Windows 7 machine you are limited, as Quim says, to 3x4K outputs. But on Windows 10 that is not a problem with the AMD drivers anymore.
  24. DavidA

    Datapath VisionLC-HD2 latency

    Brecht, please provide information on driver version, operating system, and more details - that can make it easier to understand where your issues are. Additional info on the system GPY, CPU, how many PCIe cards you have, etc. is helpful. Best regards, David