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    Windows 10 Tweaking Guide

    The official Windows 10 Tweaking Guide is now published and is available for free download. The guide describes how to tweak Windows 10 Enterprise for reliable performance with WATCHOUT: https://response.dataton.com/watchout-windows-10-tweaking-guide Topics covered: Support, warranty and service Microsoft EULA Install Windows 10 Enterprise Add and remove Windows components Group policies Windows & registry settings Task scheduler Whether you build WATCHOUT media servers for fixed installs in museums, show rooms, broadcast or for live events in theaters, concert venues or corporate events, this free Windows 10 tweak guide is essential reading.
  2. Dear MisterK, we have NVIDIA P4000 cards running well with 4x4K outputs on our servers. So it should not be a problem with the GPU - nor the WATCHOUT version. The Windows 10 tweak list will be updated with some minor changes in the near future. The reasons for not make a major update are many, but mainly because making and maintaining a fully up-to-date tweak list is incredibly time consuming: Each windows version needs to be tested and tested with a wide range of drivers for various hardware components, such as graphics cards. And it is not only the single Windows version, it is with all the KB updates in variation with different drivers as well. At point of release, the Windows tweak list is accurate, but with different GPUs, Windows versions, KB versions, etc - it is inevitably going to be less accurate. We have built a wide range of WATCHOUT media servers that is pre-tweaked and setup by our developers. They are locked down to avoid having people updating drivers - to make sure the media server performs as well as intended and so we can provide full support on them. Our reasoning to use the LTSB is also to avoid having to force our users to update Windows with new features and not only security updates. I see from our support log that you have received an answer by our support team. I hope it helps - if it does, please let us know so we can post the same here. Good luck! Best regards, David
  3. Dear all, two of the Dataton developers are visiting the Geneva car show this weekend, to experience our customers use cases (and support - if needed) some of the many WATCHOUT installations there. If you have WATCHOUT in action there and want to say hi - shoot either Daniel or Tim an email! (Or post in this forum!) Daniel Johansson: [email protected] Tim Brodin: [email protected] Have a great weekend!
  4. DavidA

    Watchpax 20 dropping audio.

    Hi Malte! For Dataton to try to recreate this, please send your WATCHPAX 20 S/N along with project files and a as detailed description as possible to [email protected] Best regards, David
  5. DavidA

    8x 3G- SDI out Watchpax 60 and Watchmax

    As Merten writes, the card is correctly from Deltacast. If you are installing the card in a custom server, WATCHOUT will only be able to use all connectors as input only (using DirectShow).
  6. Dear WATCHOUT users! DATATON.COM is now up and running again after the upgrade. If you notice any strange behaviour or problems, email webmaster at dataton.com. This is to inform you that the dataton.com website will be down business hours Thursday this week (January 17th) for planned upgrades. We strive to keep the downtime to a minimum. This will only affect dataton.com, so you will still be able to access the Dataton forum. Any questions? Email me ([email protected]) or post here. Best regards, David
  7. DavidA

    Kensington lock on Watchpax 20

    We're all learning! Have a great day!
  8. DavidA

    Kensington lock on Watchpax 20

    Hi! It is a Kensington slot, but it is the MiniSaver version. https://www.dataton.com/products/media-servers/watchpax20 Best regards, David
  9. DavidA

    Windows 10, 10Core, W9100 issues

    Hi Jeff! On a site note: We have experienced various problems with AMD’s 2018 drivers and we are running the 2017 Q4.1 drivers. If you run into other problems, that might be worthwhile checking out that version of the AMD driver. Best regards, David / Dataton
  10. DavidA

    DATATON software - earlier versions archive

    Hi! Yes, there are some folders you need to delete manually. Shows, logs and dump files are left - with all the files you added to your show. Some of the other folders that can be left are: Codecs Codemeter Documentation dupg it ja MultichannelAudio ndi ru tr zh All of them can be deleted before downgrading.
  11. DavidA

    WATCHOUT 6.3 released

    We are happy to announce that WATCHOUT 6.3 is now officially available for download! https://www.dataton.com/downloads/watchout Release notes: Dataton WATCHOUT® version 6.3 This version introduces new features, including real-time motion tracking, as well as improvements and fixes. Live motion tracking Live motion tracking using the RTTrPM protocol is a new type of input. This multi-variable input enables media cues to mimic the position and rotation of real-world objects. It may also be used in expressions and for conditional show programming providing great flexibility. More new features It’s now possible to select which MIDI device to use for input. Choose from among those connected to the system. You can now select which audio device you want to use for timecode input, including ASIO or WASAPI audio devices. It’s possible to download log and dump files from media servers, through the Stage menu. A menu item has been added to open the GPU control panel on selected Dataton media servers (requires a disk image update). You can now lock the width/distance ratio of projectors when calibrating. A compatibility mode hint has been added to address problems with dropped frames on some capture devices. This setting is available through a checkbox in the live video dialog. Basic support for audio in RTSP streams has been added. Improvements You can now open a configuration dialog for audio devices on non-proprietary media servers. This was previously only possible in the production software. Note: This does not apply to Dataton media servers which are pre-configured with optimal settings. Reliability and performance have been improved for the dynamic image server. Geometry correction now produces a sharper and more precise result. We’ve improved cluster synchronization on highly loaded networks. Reliability and performance have been improved for NDI media. Incremental improvements in audio playback. Fixes In recent Windows 10 editions, the display software sometimes failed to start if there were many high-resolution displays connected to the same computer. This is now resolved. Preloading media cues that are shorter than 3 seconds now works properly. Going online to a single media server with "Use as Synchronization Chain Master" checked will no longer cause a crash. The Color tween dialog now works as intended. In some rare cases, control cues could be skipped. This has now been fixed. Known issues and limitations Audio may start playing slightly before the video in RTSP streams. Looping video with embedded audio might drift out of sync, if the audio stream is longer than the video (our recommendation is to use audio on a separate layer). NewTek NDI HX is currently very sensitive to the network configuration and may only work on a few media servers at a time. This is a NewTek issue and the best workaround is to convert NDI HX streams to regular NDI streams. H.264/AVC is limited to level 5.2. Videos encoded using a higher level will not be rendered. Seeking in hardware-accelerated videos may display the incorrect frame in a paused state. Audio streams in NewTek NDI are not supported. When remotely upgrading a WATCHPAX to 6.2.2 or 6.3 from an older version, the WATCHPAX is rebooted twice to make sure all components are installed. As a result, the production software needs to be taken online manually, after the update is finished. When upgrading the software remotely, WATCHOUT must have administrative rights for the media server (non WATCHPAX). Otherwise, essential components which are required by WATCHOUT may not be installed.
  12. DavidA

    WATCHOUT 6.3 released

    Hi! We do require all to register before downloading WATCHOUT. If you have downloaded WATCHOUT earlier (and does allow cookies) from the same browser, your details will be present in the download form. If you do not receive an email it can be because of spam/junk filters. If you use Gmail, check the Promotion tab. Since I cannot check which email you have used to download, I cannot trace the email to you. Please send to [email protected] and I will get back to you ASAP. Best regards, David
  13. DavidA

    New Watchmax or Watchmax 2

    I agree! Transferring big files over network is a tedious process and having a 10GB would of course speed things up.
  14. DavidA

    New Watchmax or Watchmax 2

    The new versions of WATCHMAX builds on the previous model, but with new GPU, faster disks and has overall a highly improved performance. We decided to keep the motherboard for this version,. The current configuration is also CE/FCC marked.
  15. DavidA

    windows loading freeze after using watchout

    Hi! Perhaps you are affected by the same bug as is in this thread? Read JFK´s comment from August. Your GPU is based on the AMD - so perhaps an older version of the driver and the registry fix will do the trick.
  16. DavidA

    New forum sign-in procedure

    Hi! When we upgraded to the v4 of the forum software, this was not an option. With the latest version at 4.3.x it is - so I have changed the login procedure so it accepts now BOTH screen name AND the email address. Best regards, David
  17. Dear all, it is that time of year - InfoComm US is about to start, and we have some new and exciting product announcements! Tomorrow we kick off the Dataton Academy, a fully booked training session and then Wednesday - the show begins! We are going to demo the award-winning BlackTrax-integration (highly improved since we demoed it at ISE and PL+S), and show case our new SDI-server. WATCHOUT 6.3 Beta build will be distributed to beta test team soon! Here are the new features in the 6.3 release: BlackTrax (for Dataton servers, WATCHMAX and WATCHPAX 4) MPCDI Audio in (timecode w/ ASIO) MIDI Select (you can chose which MIDI device to use) TimeCode analyser improvements Open sound config from menu in Watchpoint (available in Watchmaker, but not in Watchpoint - until now) + various bug fixes WATCHMAX servers The WATCHMAX servers is now in their 2nd generation, with a major performance boost and most exciting - a new family member!! The WATCHMAX SDI has a total of 12 channel output. WATCHMAX WX7100 (4 channel output) Launch and ship at InfoComm. WATCHMAX WX9100 (6 channel output) Launch and ship at InfoComm. WATCHMAX SDI (12 channel output) Launch at InfoComm, shipping late Q3 2018. The units have the following base configuration: Width 490 mm, height 175 mm (4U), depth 440 mm Weight: 16.9 kg WATCHOUT license included Gigabit Ethernet Rugged cooling system Industrial grade components Enterprise level NVMe SSD (1.9 TB with maximum sequential read speed of 6 GB/s) 3 x Stereo pairs audio out (unbalanced, 3mm) + Line in for timecode Genlock input Individual specifications: WATCHMAX WX7100 (4 channels output) 4 x DisplayPort 1.4 Up to 4K ([email protected]) per channel s400 Sync card WATCHMAX WX9100 (6 channels output) 6 x DisplayPort 1.4 Up to 4K ([email protected]) per channel s400 Sync card WATCHMAX SDI (12 channels output) 4 x Display Port 1.4 8 x 3G-SDI bi-directional channels Up to [email protected] ([email protected] or [email protected]) per Display Port channel Up to [email protected] per channel with dual-link ([email protected]) or quad-link ([email protected]) options Built-in Sync Options for all servers: Media storage: 7.68TB or 3.84TB Audio card (model TBC) Capture cards: SDI, DisplayPort1.2, HDMI, 3G, DVI and Composite video. Robust wheeled travel case, extending handle See you in Vegas! Best regards, David David Aleksandersen Commercial Support Manager Dataton AB +46 70 552 32 30 [email protected] www.dataton.com
  18. DavidA

    Motion sensor Device / Kinect motion sensor Device

    Mike, you are right that Microsoft does not manufacture Kinect anymore. But they are dead cheap and available in volumes used. In Norway, in 2nd hand market you can buy a Xbox 360, with 5-10 games and Kinect for less than USD 100.
  19. DavidA

    Motion sensor Device / Kinect motion sensor Device

    Hi! Here are a couple of files and a document from our old cookbook that shows how to use Kinect. I think all files are here. Best regards, David / Dataton Kinect Input.pdf Kinect.zip KinectWO_src.zip KinectWO.zip
  20. DavidA

    Wx 9100 4 or 6 output

    Hi! WATCHOUT supports up to 6 outputs. So with WX9100 you can get 6 outputs of 4K, under Windows 10. If you use Windows 7, you are limited to 3x4K due to limitations in the AMD driver. Best regards, David
  21. DavidA

    10bit output

    Dear eddyedfred, at the moment Dataton has not published any official roadmap for future developments of WATCHOUT. But we do have some big plans for next year. Best regards, David
  22. DavidA

    4 x 4k outputs windows 7

    Hi! It is a AMD driver limitation due to the fact that WATCHOUT use an older version of DirectX and AMD has said that they will not develop a fix for this. So for Windows 10 it is all good with 4x4K, while Windows 7 does not support more than 3x4K. Best regards, David
  23. DavidA

    4 x 4k outputs windows 7

    Hi! Yes, due to a limitation in the AMD drivers for Windows 7, you are limited to 3 x 4K outputs. With Windows 10 this is no longer the case. We have now announced the Windows 10 tweak guide: https://response.dataton.com/watchout-windows-10-tweaking-guide Best regards, David
  24. DavidA

    Windows 10 Tweaking Guide

    It is a recommendation. You can use Pro, but you have some benefits using Enterprise. Windows Enterprise has exclusive the option of running LTSB (Long Term Service Branch), and you have the possibility to 100% remove windows upgrade.
  25. DavidA

    Product Introductions, InfoComm 2018

    Hi Phonebook! For a production computer we are normally recommending a laptop with the following specifications. In this case it is a HPZBook, but any computer with more or less same or better performance will of course do well. HP ZBook 15 G3/G4 Intel Core i7 processor. Win10 Samsung SM961 1TB M.2 SSD Note that we also offer a bundle for production computer and WATCHOUT license. If you are interested send an email to [email protected] Best regards, David