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  1. viktorm

    Watchout - Back up files

    Dear all, As a Watchout user, I would like to be informed about backing up the files in a case of any hardware/ software issue as I will be able to save the media and Wathcout files. I would like to ask, how to make a image/ copy of the files? Regarding my previous experience with Clonezilla software, I want to know is this software good for this purpose s, as I can make an image/ copy of: • Partition where is Watchout installed and media files on the Production computer and keep the image on the external drive. • All disks on the Display computers - Watchmax (1 x SSD – Operating system, 2 x SSD RAID 0 - Media). I want to know your opinion about this, any advice what software to be used or any other way to make a backup. Also I am planning to change the Production computer which is a laptop and put PC. What should I take care with higher attention? May I just transfer the media and watchout files to the new computer, connect the license and time code to the new computer? Any advises will be very helpful and appreciated. Many thanks in advance, Viktor.
  2. Hi everyone, I would like to know why one of the projector's output can show distorted projection (middle part of the stage), or sometimes to blink (losing connection). Projection usually blinks after switching on the power to the projector, first few seconds of triggering the media files to show, but sometimes can blink or switch off completely on different timings. This issue can be solved sometimes with switching off the power on the projection and switching on again, or putting the Watchout in offline mode. Please see the photos: https://1drv.ms/f/s!AgVIxa-2qYKaaU1lP9Adl6MFf1I Kindest Regards. Viktor. Please see the photos: https://1drv.ms/f/s!AgVIxa-2qYKaaU1lP9Adl6MFf1I
  3. viktorm

    Display 1 lost connection

    Hi, I have the problem with Watchout server. When I switch ON the server came to step when shows sign of Watchout 6, but when I try to put the production computer in online mode to show the projection, or trigger the watchout it's coming message: "Display 1 lost connection" and the sign of Watchout 6 blinks. I tried with restarting the server, switch OFF and ON again, restarting the production computer, but didn't help. In the graphic's card settings the displays are starting with number 2, than 1, 3, 4. On the display settings of windows I swapped, 2 with 1, but doesn't work. EDID settings are already emulated. How to swap the graphic's card settings to show the displays 1,2,3,4? Is it possible this to be a reason for the problem what I have, or what can be a reason? Thanks.
  4. Is it better solution to put cable (6 feet) directly DP to DVI to a Lightware, and if it is possible some suggested brand, type? Thanks.
  5. We used Extron before, also with passive adapters, the only difference was connection to a Extron. We were using Displayport to DVI, DVI to HDMI to Extron. After fixing the issue with EDID extron worked good. I don't know what frame rate we are using. How to check? Resolution is 1920 x 1200. Thanks.
  6. Hi everyone, I have a issue with watchmax server, sometimes is losing (dropping) signal from output 4 to a projector, usually that is happening when the show is started. When the show is paused it's happening, but not very often. I tried to swap output 4 with output 3, but it's dropping again on the projector 3, so that means that the issue is coming from the output 4 from a graphic card. From the graphic card, displayport is connected to DVI passive adapter, from DVI passive adapter to a Lightware by DVI again and from Lightware to projector by LAN. EDID settings are checked. Outputs are elumated. Can someone help me? Thanks.
  7. viktorm

    Watchmax server lost connection

    Now connection to outputs 1,2,3 is fine, but output 4 is not responding. I tried to change extrons, cables, lan connectors, but didn't help. Also I emulated EDID, update drivers, but still not responding. Watchout shows OK when I am testing the connection. Is it possible that is no enough power to a graphic card to run on all outputs, enough only for only to show that is connected to the other side of a cable? Is it possible the 4 th output is not working? Thanks.
  8. Hi everybody, Watchout server is losing a connection very often. Sometimes after restarting the server connection is established. but not all the time and not for long. From server output (Displayport) signal is converting to passive DVI, from DVI is converting to HDMI and goes to Extron DTP HDMI 330 - TX, from Extron by LAN cable (CAT 6) approx. 30 meters is going to Extron decoder and finally by HDMI to the projector. After restarting the server signal came to the Extrons (green light), but after few seconds Extrons shows orange light. What can be a reason of losing the connection? Is it possible overheated graphic card to lost the connection, or overheated server? Here is a videos and photos: https://wetransfer.com/downloads/a00706be3c3a7494fe10ffd46f7ae53c20170314104339/be406f Thanks.
  9. viktorm

    WATCHOUT 6.1.5

    Hi, Can I install Watchout 6 on my laptop, and how long is a trial period? I need ONLY for a Dataton ACADEMY training. Here is a system requirements for my laptop: Windows 10 Pro x64 Intel i3 - 5005U processor 4 GB Memory Intel HD Graphics 500 GB HDD If Windows 10 is not available for Watchout 6 and not sure for use, I can install Windows 7 on the same laptop. Thanks.