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  1. artLab


    Hey friends - Two questions on one show! On one of the displays, we constantly getting a hourglass icon on the center of the screen. I'm surprised I haven't seen this in the forum, but maybe I'm missing something. If I plug in a mouse and move it to the bottom of the screen, we get rid of it, but that's a pain for the op every night. Thoughts? Thanks Tony
  2. artLab

    MIDI drop

    We had a similar problem and it turned out to be an under-powered USB port, so try switching where your interface is plugged in. A faster reset is to go into preferences and un-click midi control, close preferences, then open and re-click midi control. But I'd try switching the USB first! Good luck. Tony
  3. Hey gang I've got four display computers on 6.1.5. Three of them are identical and have four projectors running 1280x800 through HDMI. The fourth is a newer box and has one projector running 1280x800 through HDMI. Everything boots normally, but when I try and go online with the show, the fourth display computer displays the dataton logo - no IP - and a white bar (maybe the menu bar but can't see it completely) at the bottom. Any idea what might be causing this? Thanks for your help! Tony
  4. artLab

    Timeline - linking layer and layer time

    That did it. Thank you, David!
  5. Hey friends - I have a little efficiency thing that has always bugged me. When I scroll up and down on the layer name - it isn't linked to the corresponding layer's time. So both vertical columns in the timeline scroll up and down independently. Is there any way to link those so if I'm on the left side (layer name) and scrolling through the layers, the right column (layer time) will scroll with it. I'm guessing it's an easy thing I'm looking too hard to see, but thought I'd hit the forum for the quick answer. Cheers! Tony
  6. I'm doing a show at the end of the summer that is using 4 odd sized (3'x14') walls for media along side a host of projectors. I'm wondering if I should anticipate renting a scaler for each wall or if I can use Virtual Displays in WO6 for this task? Reading the manual, I'm feeling confidant about using Watchout for this task, but I'm uneasy in bidding because I haven't done this before. Thoughts?