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  1. Antonio Masero

    Sending OSC

    How can I send an OSC command from Watchout to activate a playback on Chamsys MagicQ? I'm investigating but I'm new to this. https://secure.chamsys.co.uk/help/documentation/magicq/ch40.html A greeting!
  2. Antonio Masero

    Windows Tweaks - Win7 & Win10

    Completely agree with you. I have had the same problems as you. I will not return to Win10 on my display computer until we have that list. Many wasted hours of work for a compatibility failure. A greeting!!
  3. Antonio Masero

    Grandma 1 triggering Watchout 5.2 thru Artnet

    I prefer MSC, but I do not reject Arnet when it comes to giving control of WATCHOUT to a lighting technician. For the moment, I only use Arnet as a simple trigger and to generate color changes in the mapping effects. It is easier for a lighting technician to program like a head. For the rest I use MSC.
  4. Antonio Masero

    Grandma 1 triggering Watchout 5.2 thru Artnet

    I do not understand what difference there is between using MIDI or Arnet if triggering is involved. I usually use Arnet triggers to synchronize light and video.
  5. Antonio Masero

    WATCHOUT 6.2

    What device do you use to test NDI inputs? thanks.