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  1. Fredrik

    Camera capture card, 50hz.

    I guess datapath is the way to go then, we currently use blackmagic cards, and I can also testify that those arent the best with drivers.
  2. Fredrik

    Camera capture card, 50hz.

    Hey, so now that I got my 50hz display problem out of the way, a new problem appeared, the capture cards I have doesnt support 50hz, this is a huge problem as we want that for our cameras. I got some cards I´m wondering if will work. Card one : https://www.multicom.no/business/datapath-1-chan-hd-1/cat-p/c/p8575554 Card two : https://www.multicom.no/business/datapath-visionlc-sdi-capture-card/cat-p/c/p9509109 Card three : https://www.multicom.no/business/datapath-2-channel-3g-sdi-capture/cat-p/c/p8575558 If anyone has any others, in the same pricerange, please let me know, if these do not work.
  3. Fredrik

    50hz on 4 displays, one computer.

    So this fixed my problem flawlessly, didnt even start to think about adaptors when buying the machines, just set them up with what the GPU´s came with, turn out those are dual link dvi, passive. Thank you again Zack.
  4. Fredrik

    50hz on 4 displays, one computer.

    Put 4 active adapters on order, will prolly be here tomorrow, will check back with results after I try it. Thanks Zack
  5. So, I was wondering if anyone has experience with 50hz on 4 outputs from one card, in my case I use a w7100 firepro. And I can only get it to output 50hz on 2 displays, when I plug in a 3rd one, they all go back to 60 whatever I do. Thanks in advance.