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  1. Stefan Duenkel

    Problems with 4k playback

    Hey Walter, Thanks for your help Yes , WO 6. And yes Watchout is installed on the m.2. I was wondering if the m.2 slot and the GPU have to share the 16 pcie lanes the CPU supports. But if i read it right in the manual of the motherboard the M.2 SSD is connected to the CPU via DMI 3.0. so this shouldnt be the problem. i measured the read speed of the SSD an its over 3000 Mb/s. I can playback and loop two 4k files in HAP with 30fps simultaniously on top of each other perfectly , but not one with 60fps. is there a maximum of bitrate per file that Watchout supports? The 4k HAP 60fps - clip is ten seconds long and has a bitrate above 600Mb/s
  2. Stefan Duenkel

    Problems with 4k playback

    Hey, I am a beginner in watchout. so sorry if some of my questions are stupid. i have a problem with 4kq60 playback on a Display-PC i just tweaked for Watchout. i have the following PC-components: Motherboard: MSI H270 PCmate ATX CPU: i7-6700K Drives: Intel SSD SATA for OS, Samsung NVNe SSD 960pro M.2 for WO GPU: AMD Radeon pro WX7100 i tried a lot of different codecs: h.264, mpeg2, hapq, hap with 60fps i get some seconds of smooth playbackt than it starts to stutter ( mpeg2 with 80 Mb/s runs smooth for some minutes , then starts to stutter ,too) Hap with 30fps runs smooth I know that this is not an high end Display PC, but all i need is playback and loop of one 4k file with 60 fps. Shouldn't that be possible with this PC? or am i missing a bottleneck in this configuration? Thanks for your help. Stefan