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  1. Muath I J

    Watchout New Build 2019 Version 6.4 Windows LTSB

    hey mate i am also based on saudi , and u better get fans and water cooling =). -more cpu power is never an over kill specially when those late mp4 files arriving and no time to rerender in hap ,you need that cpu power to have a smooth playback specially runing 4 x 4k mp4 files... - i would go with AMD and here is why ... i feel nvidia is more powerful coding card and AMD is more powerful decoding card. - i would go with more ram because why not , you already have the super micro 😃 . cheers
  2. Muath I J

    Windows 10 Tweaking Guide

    Can you tell us which updates are those , because we had similar issues , we are using LTSB 1607
  3. Muath I J

    AMD latest driver 2019

    How about the latest driver ? has it been tested with 1607 LTSB ?
  4. Muath I J

    AMD latest driver 2019

    hello every one did any one here tested the latest driver from AMD specially after few people reported somewhere in the forum having issues with 10 bit colour video playback ?
  5. Muath I J

    Watchpax 20 dropping audio.

    We used to have this issue, we just updated audio cards driver from windows driver to realtalk drivers , we did not see it happen again