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    Interrupting scripts in WATCHNET

    The application is 6 touch screens playing an animation in the background, with each screen controlling a menu once touched. I'm currently doing this by using the display from a watchpax, but sending the USB control of the touchscreen to a laptop running watchnet and programming the pages to line up with a menu and content played from watchout. From the way i've set it up, I imagine I would have to start from scratch with pixilab? I've looked into using that recently and it looks good, planning to try and use it on other projects coming up. This was under development by the time I had learnt about it!
  2. I'm currently building a menu system using WATCHNET to trigger auxiliary timelines on a touchscreen. For example, I want to click an option in a menu, which triggers an auxiliary timeline to play a video. Once the video ends I want it to return to the menu, which I can accomplish by putting a "wait" time in a script the length of the video, and have the page navigate back to the menu timeline. The problem I have is if the user wishes to exit the video early (by using a home button added in the corner to navigate back to the menu), then the script will carry on running, and once the wait time is up the screen will navigate back to the menu no matter what is happening on the screen. Example: Trigger video 1 which is 2 minutes long.(script has wait time of 2 minutes to match the video length) Close video after 1 minute Trigger video 2, which is also 2 minutes long After the remaining 1 minute on the wait time, the page will navigate back to the menu despite video 2 playing. Does anybody know of a way to interrupt a script once something else is pressed? This would also be useful for a timeout for the menu (if nothing happens after 30 seconds, then the menu will close. Again, if i put a wait time of 30 seconds then the watchnet page will navigate away from the menu after 30 seconds no matter what else has been pressed in the meantime.) Any advice or information would be helpful! Thanks