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  1. Mike Fahl

    8K render method

    I don't believe HAP plays through DXVA in WATCHOUT, so I doubt the tool Thomas suggest will actually tell you anything relevant. It may very well be a useful tool in other cases, but likely not in relation to HAP, which is built into WATCHOUT and makes no use of DXVA as far as I know. Mike http://pixilab.se/
  2. PIXILAB Blocks works very well with WATCHOUT and comes with a PJLink driver, as well as numerous others. Panels can be made using any iOS/Android device. Blocks may be overkill if all you need is just a control panel that can fire off strings. But if you have a need for a more complete control system solution – including lighting and various display technologies – it might be of interest. More technical details in the wiki. Mike
  3. Mike Fahl

    NewTek NDI with Alpha

    You didn't say specifically that you needed to play video. What video format do you want to play that contains an alpha channel?
  4. Mike Fahl

    NewTek NDI with Alpha

    I had a write up a while back that shows how this can be done either using the dynamic image server or a separate software called vMix, in conjunction with PIXILAB Moments for creating audience interaction based on their mobile phones. More here: Mike
  5. There's a new write-up in our wiki on how to use PIXILAB Moments for live audience interaction with WATCHOUT using the newly added NDI streaming video capability, that may interest some of you. Find it here: https://int.pixilab.se/docs/moments/watchout It contrasts three ways of getting such dynamic content into WATCHOUT; two based on NDI (the Dynamic Image Server and a separate piece of software called vMix), as well as traditional capture card solutions, listing pros and cons of each method. Moments is a cloud-based software for audience interaction during conferences and similar events. A short introduction video can also be found on our wiki: https://int.pixilab.se/docs/moments Mike
  6. Mike Fahl

    Watchout - Back up files

    Just a clarification to Jim's excellent advice. If you religously copy all media files into the directory containing the .watch file of the show (or a subdirectory thereof), all media file references will be relative. Such references do not begin with a slash in their file path. If so, you can copy the folder containing the whole shebang as is. But if you're unsure as to whether there may be media files stored in other locations, Jim's advise is your best option, since it will copy such files in a way that makes them relative (by copying them into a subfolder of the consolidation target location, and adjusting their paths accordingly). Mike
  7. Mike Fahl

    Watchnet wake up non watch out pc on lan

    FYI, PIXILAB Blocks can control WATCHOUT in ways similar to WATCHNET, and can also control other devices (including waking those devices using wake-on-LAN commands). Mike
  8. The Unity NetworkClient API should allow you to talk directly from Unity to WATCHOUT: https://docs.unity3d.com/ScriptReference/Networking.NetworkClient.html No middleman required. See the appendix in the manual for the easy-to-use communication protocol.
  9. Mike Fahl

    Send SSH commands from WATCHNET

    I doubt WN can do SSH, so I don't think that's what Fredrik was alluding to. However, we're considering SSH support as an enhancement for Blocks, as it can already handle many other forms of server communication. Mike
  10. Mike Fahl

    Feature requests? - POST here

    @mitreklov, the things you ask for can be done through the control protocol, e.g. using WATCHNET, PIXILAB Blocks, or other similar software. Mike
  11. https://github.com/Vidvox/hap-qt-codec/issues/46 Mike
  12. Mike Fahl

    Export .wob file back to Watchout

    You should also be able to get it all from the WOB file. Just rename WOB to ZIP and unpack it. This should give you all your media files, as well as the "Spec" file rainer mentions above. Mike
  13. Mike Fahl

    Panasonic Shutter Control Using PJLink

    Your "trick", cowboyclint, likely avoids WATCHOUT closing the connection after a period of inactivity, thereby also avoiding any issues related to having to re-do the handshake. So it makes sense. Mike
  14. Mike Fahl

    Panasonic Shutter Control Using PJLink

    One tricky aspect with the PJLink protocol is that you may NOT send any command to the projector until after its initial handshake. If there's no password set, this is the "PJLINK 0" string received initially from the projector. There's no easy way to make WATCHOUT wait for this initial handshake before sending its command, which is probably why the first attempt after a disconnect sometimes fail and a second command may succeed (because by then the handshake has been sent by the projector). As a side note, PIXILAB's recently introduced control system named BLOCKS provides "intelligent" drivers for projectors and other devices. Our PJLink driver manages this initial handshake before it starts sending commands to the projector. This makes for a more robust implementation than just blindly banging out the commands. Mike
  15. Mike Fahl

    23.98 frame rates and playback in WO

    No, the upsampling will be to the framerate actually used by WATCHOUT, which is often 60 fps (not 30). If the source is 24, there will always be a discrepancy when upsampling to something that isn't an even multiple. Frame blending, and similar techniques, can be used to improve this (whether done in WATCHOUT or ahead-of-time in, e.g., After Effects). But upsampling to 30 or 60 from 24 is also going to give you larger/heavier files - especially whe using codecs such as HAP, which may negate some of the advantage of upsample ahead of time.