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  1. Josef Swanberg

    Cannot import .fbx 3d objects

    Hi, It seems your files are exported with a quite old version of FBX, that not even Blender is able to import. Try and see if you can export with a newer version, maybe in your exporter settings, or by updating to a newer version of C4D, or by using a different software. Regards Josef
  2. Josef Swanberg

    Feature requests? - POST here

    This is all great feedback, matkeane! Some comments: Maybe this is not exactly what you are looking for, but since 6.2 you have been able to copy tweens from one cue, and pasting them onto multiple other cues at once. This shouldn't be too difficult to add...
  3. Josef Swanberg

    watchout error : Empty scene: No meshes

    Hi, What version of WATCHOUT are you using? /Josef
  4. Josef Swanberg

    Watchout 3d module with 2x4k projector problems

    What I meant was that HAP is more heavy for the hard-drive, as it takes up a lot more space than H.264. However, H.264 is more heavy for the processor, as HAP isn't as heavily compressed and also utilizes the power of the GPU for decompression.
  5. Josef Swanberg

    Watchout 3d module with 2x4k projector problems

    I suspect the video won't play smoothly, but if it does, then you know there is nothing wrong with the video, an the problem is somewhere else. All the other steps, such as the 3d model, virtual display, warping and blending, add a certain amount to the work load of the processor. Try removing them one by one to see which one is causing the problem. But as I see it it's highly unlikely they are the source of the problem. If it doesn't play smoothly, then you know the video is too heavy, and you know you need to do something about that. Maybe switch to a less heavy codec, such as H.264?
  6. Josef Swanberg

    Watchout 3d module with 2x4k projector problems

    How are you mapping the video on the 3d model, directly or via a virtual display? I should think the video is the bottle neck here. Playing back such a high resolution hap file is quite heavy for such a small machine, may it be a WATCHPAX or a nuc. Have you tried just playing the same video content, but without the 3d model, warping and blending?
  7. Josef Swanberg

    Feature requests? - POST here

    I can recommend to you this feature, available from version 6.2 (from release notes): Properties of multiple displays can be edited all at once, by selecting them and double-clicking one of them, or via the Specifications command in the Edit menu or in the popup menu.
  8. Josef Swanberg

    Corners Tween / Position / Arrow Keys

    You are correct in your observation, there is currently no way to deselect the corners, to be able to move the whole image cue instead, using arrow keys. This will be fixed in a future release of WATCHOUT.
  9. Josef Swanberg

    Stage view preset

    Yes, the ability to save and restore window presets (including position of all windows and stage) was added in version 6.2. You can find it on the Window menu.
  10. Josef Swanberg

    Feature requests? - POST here

    In version 6.2, and later, you can move the corner points with the arrow keys. Just select a point and then hold Ctrl while pressing the arrow keys.
  11. Josef Swanberg

    Rounded corners on images

    You can find your answer in the user manual. There is a section about "Rounded Corners" on page 135: https://cdn.dataton.com/Files-PDF-etc/userguides/WATCHOUT_Users_Guide_6.1.pdf?mtime=20170725121436 <excerpted from WATCHOUT 6.1 User Guide, page 135> ROUNDED CORNERS Applies a corner radius and/or feathered edge to an image. Note that for still images, this tween track is only available when “More Effects and Capabilities” is selected (see “Optimize For”).
  12. Hi! Josef,

    Can you tell me how to connect Motion sensor Device like kinect to watchout and how to trigger a cue  through it.Also tell me which is the best  compatible  motion sensor device for watchout.

    1. Josef Swanberg

      Josef Swanberg

      Sorry, I am not the expert on this. You are better off asking the forum, which I see you have already done :)

  13. Josef Swanberg

    Latency on running cues

    Although virtual displays were not mentioned in the original post of this thread, I am commenting on them here. If you read the WATCHOUT manual, you will see that virtual displays were originally meant mainly for two usages: Management of LED wall modules Dynamic texturing of 3d objects Using them for other things, especially when using virtual display media on other virtual displays, may not yield the result you are expecting. When using a virtual display media on other virtual displays you get one frame delay on the result. This is due to how the virtual displays work internally. Think of virtual displays as cameras, with displays connected to them. If you have two cameras, and camera 1 films some moving object, and then camera 2 is filming on the display showing the image from camera 1. Then if you view the images of the two cameras on two displays next to each other, you will see the image from camera 2 has a delay compared to the image from camera 1. The attached image is a sketch of a top-down view on this scenario. If you keep adding a camera 3, filming on display 2, and a camera 4 filming on display 3 and so on, each display will get a more and more delayed image. Virtual displays work the same way. I hope this explanation makes sense. As a side note, virtual displays are quite heavy to render, each of them requiring a separate render-loop. Therefore, having too many of them may have an impact on your systems performance.
  14. Josef Swanberg

    unspecific error / assertion

    A few questions: 1. What is the video format that is supposed to be played on the virtual display (codec, resolution framerate etc)? 2. Does it show up in the production software and not in the display software, or does it show up in neither? 3. What if you swap the video for a still image, does that have a different result?
  15. Josef Swanberg

    Display Output number vs Windows graphics card number

    Watchout gets the output numbers from the graphics API. There isn't necessary any correlation to the output numbers shown in Windows, or in the graphics card control panel.