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  1. jfk

    Datapath e2s hangs the display machine

    Have you searched the Forum for answers? The driver installation / configuration is important and is covered in various posts in the past.
  2. And only three of those are supported in WATCHOUT. And those are the three supported by Dataton WATCHOUT. And is not supported by Dataton WATCHOUT.
  3. That information has been posted in this forum in the past. Give me some time to search for it and I will post links.
  4. We see greatly varying results with mpeg all to often. The issue is, simply stating mpeg2 or mpeg4 is still to vague. There are numerous settings available within the mpeg codec that significantly impact results. When those settings are optimized, the results are quite good and stable. When those settings are less than optimal, then the results can be less than satisfactory. Typically, default mpeg settings in most encoding tools will provide poor results in WATCHOUT - the defaults are typically focused on plastic discs where space is at a premium [DVD / Blu-ray which rely on dedicated hardware decoding] or web usage [where the smallest data size is desired]. HAP would be a poor choice for either of those usages (yes, i know it is not an option for plastic discs, but you get the point). WATCHOUT uses software decoding and storage space is less critical, so the best settings for WATCHOUT are quite different. One of the advantages of HAP is there are fewer variables, the only one of significance is chunks depending on the overall pixel dimensions of the movie. For 1080p or smaller, even that setting is insignificant. That simplicity contributes to the higher success rate of HAP. Keith addresses the mpeg2 variables by including info on the exact settings he uses with success. The -bf 0 switch (no bi-directional frames) is very significant, it has a greater impact than any other setting, although all of them contribute to the best results, you could get all the others correct except for b frames and still have bad results. Also note, the information on avoiding B-frames is not mentioned in the 2012 encoding recommendations document (because we discovered this detail 2 years after the document was published, thanks to Keith's assistance, he spent 2 days of his time working with Dataton support and I to discover the impact of B-frames).
  5. jfk


    It tells WATCHOUT to use the timing information from the GPU instead of its normal internal clock. Exactly.
  6. jfk

    TS vs M2V

    Not sure why, but the recommendations that have existed for years indicate Transport Streams are not recommended. reference: WATCHOUT - Codecs for stable WATCHOUT playback - 2012.pdf ..... - use elementary stream - use separate audio (.wav)
  7. Checked with Ian, he understood what you meant and tested with just one monitor. He is telling you that the issue you are observing seems to be unique to your system. Ian asked for more information in a sincere effort to assist in tracking down a solution for your issue.
  8. jfk

    Hap HapQ for WO5

    HAP is not supported by WATCHOUT 5, it is only supported in WATCHOUT 6.
  9. jfk

    ProRes encoding question?

    Thank you Erik, really appreciate the insight.
  10. Customer is encoding a video for WATCHOUT. Playback will be solely one [email protected] file, which, even with ProRes codec, should be well within the capabilities of the Show Sage Show*Server used for playback. Customer's question: The encoding tools available offer ProRes Proxy, ProRes LT, ProRes Standard, and ProRes HD - which would be the best choice for WATCHOUT encoding? Can anyone assist with answering this? Note: the customer does not have the server in his possession yet, the movie is being prepared for pre-sale testing in Show Sage's shop.
  11. It is not a bug in watchout, it is a bug in the newer AMD drivers. The registry entry was added to correct an audio related bug in the AMD operation (nvidai does not have this issue). So AMD has added a bug on top of a bug.
  12. Yes Almost. Your applicaiton path has a space in it which causes an issue. You must delimit the path and application name, so it would be like this ... "C:\WATCHOUT 6\WATCHPOINT.EXE" -WmAudioRegFix off
  13. Yes. ForcePcieLinkSpeed 3 watchpoint checks and sets the registry key every time it opens. Here are the instructions for setting the key. You should be able to back out using this info, but if you do not use the command line switch, it will be reset the next time you open watchpoint. If you run watchpoint with the command line switch and the key is present, watchpoint will remove it, but that becomes a 'chicken or the egg' scenario Run regedit Navigate to: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\Class\4D36E968-E325-11CE-BFC1-08002BE10318\0000 Create a DWORD (32-bit) Value named “ForcePcieLinkSpeed” and set the value to 3 Reboot If you by any chance have a 0001, 0002 or 0003 folder in the 4D36E968-E325-11CE-BFC1-08002BE10318 folder then repeat step 3 in all these folders. Normally you should only have the 0000 folder.
  14. jfk

    NUC Hades Canyon as Display Computer

    Would WATCHPAX 20 address that issue for you? Eliminates any tuning concerns and is quite small - 127 mm, height 127 mm, depth 23 mm (5 x 5 x 0.9 inches), Weight, 450 g (1 lb). Bet even three of those are even smaller and lighter than a NUC.