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  1. jfk

    Windows 10 Tweaking Guide

    Thank you for the clarification
  2. jfk

    Windows 10 Tweaking Guide

    Could you clarify please - is the -TimeOut command line parameter new to v6.3.1, or does it exist in earlier versions as well?
  3. jfk

    LTSB vs LTSC ?

    Yes, Dataton has. Depends on what you are trying to accomplish. Performance with Windows 10 will be the same as Windows 7 in most cases and better in some cases (mostly capture card performance differences).
  4. jfk

    Windows 10 Tweaking Guide

    Well yes, Dataton WATCHMAX W9100 later production (the ones with Windows 10 Enterprise LTSB) provides six 4k60p outputs from an AMD FirePro W9100. Of course, that GPU is now discontinued and superseded by the AMD Radeon Pro WX9100.
  5. jfk

    Ask for audio playback tips in WO

    BTW Those comments were quoted from another post, they are not my comments. No, I have not heard of AMD ever fixing this in the version of DirectX used by WATCHOUT. Does not mean they have not corrected it, I have just never heard reports indicating one way or the other. Possibly the original poster of those comments will see your question and reply here.
  6. jfk

    help for remote control

    Well, after proper initialization of the connection (authenticate and load show), if you send the run command to a watchout display computer operating in cluster mode, it should be 100% reliable.
  7. jfk

    rebuild .watch file

    vDoes anyone ever search before posting?
  8. jfk

    help for remote control

    So that device emulates an USB computer keyboard? May not be a good choice. WATCHOUT Display in cluster mode intentionally has no keyboard commands for operation, it can be controlled via many standard control methods - IP, MIDI Notes, MIDI Controller, MIDI ShowControl or timecode chase. But no keyboard control. Your only choice would be to plug it into a production computer, program it to send the numeric keypad " 0 " keystroke and trigger the timeline that way. Not the most reliable method of control, as the command is sensitive to the active window, open dialogs, etc.
  9. jfk

    MSC Cues in Both Main and Aux Timelines?

    Do not overcomplicate it, move your main timeline cues to an auxiliary timeline named 1 If need be, use the main timeline to pre-cue (pause at 0 time) your auxiliary timelines and run that prior to show.
  10. Has always been that way. Have used that behavior when a cheap rack mount monitor on a KVM could not display the resolution used by the actual displays. In full screen mode, the rack monitor could not display the signal, but in the lower resolution that was set for the desktop, the rack monitor could be used to change settings while in window mode.
  11. It does not matter which card is used, the function is only supported on the Dataton hardware. i.e. no, you can not install this card to gain those features.
  12. jfk

    RESET command protocol

    That would suggest the command description in the user guide is incomplete ... RESET Stops all Auxiliary timelines (returning them to their inactive state) and resets the main timeline to itsbeginning. and should read RESET Stops all Auxiliary timelines (returning them to their inactive state) and resets the main timeline to its beginning except the calling timeline. Wish I were somewhere In could test that, but I am on the road.
  13. jfk

    WO6 Generic Ouput **Wishlist Item**

    Well, you can map a serial output to a generic input. Just setup one of each and set the output IP address to Make the output port number 3040 for production mode or 3039 for cluster mode. Enter a setInput command for the cue (i.e. setInput "uno" 0.5) and the output will set the input. I have also tried this with DMX out / in, and the input value did respond to output changes, but it did not seem to work in a formula. Reported it as a bug but it seemed to get ignored.
  14. jfk

    Watchout 6.3.1 Bug Copying Tweens

    Some tweens are always available with a formula, some tweens are only available with a formula if the media item is set to "More Effects and Capabilities" Could this be a situation where the source media object is set to "More Effects and Capabilities" and the target media object is set to "Better Performance"?
  15. Incorrect. The show materials received from the production computer are stored on the display computer in the location where WATCHOUT is installed. I can see why you might think that, in WATCHOUT 6 the option to change the installation location is not obvious, and the default location is on the systemdisk. When you reach the installer screen that looks like this: you will need to change tabs to specify the installation location: Yes, and the best way is to install WATCHOUT in the location where you want to place these files. Alternately, it is possible to install WATCHOUT Display (aka watchpoint) in one location and direct media files to another location, but be careful, there are potential pitfalls with the alternate location method. The method is documented in the user guide as a command line option for watchpoint. WATCHOUT 6.2 User Guide, Appendix D - Command Line Options page 183 ---------- User Guide excerpt ------------- -ShowsPath Specifies the location of the “Shows” folder, which in its turn contains all the shows that have been transferred to the display computer. By default, this folder is named “Shows” and is located in the WATCHOUT installation folder. In some cases, you may want to locate this folder elsewhere, such as on a separate drive. If so, use this command line option to do so. Specify the path to the desired location after the -ShowsFolder option, separated by a space. Remember to put the path inside double quotes if it contains any spaces. ---------- /end User Guide excerpt ------------- Note: The format for specifying the location is not Windows format, it is the unified format used by WATCHOUT in the media window location field (i.e. no backslashes). So "e:\folder name\" becomes "/e:/folder name/" The target field in a Windows shortcut would look something like this: "D:\WATCHOUT 6\WATCHPOINT.EXE" -ShowsPath "/e:/folder name/" or this D:\WATCHOUT\WATCHPOINT.EXE -ShowsPath /e:/folder_name/ (The first example contains spaces in the watchpoint path and target destination and therefore requires " delimiters, the second example contains no spaces in either and therefore does not require the " delimiters, although including them when they are not needed will do no harm). Note: The orignal version of this command was -ShowPath and the most recent version is -ShowsPath To the best of my knowledge, both versions work in current software. With v5 and earlier, you will need to use the -ShowPath version. The last upgrade of this forum took away indent and forces double spacing with hard returns - hate it!