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  1. jfk

    AMD S400 module and performances

    The WATCHOUT version is significant in answering this question. There has been anomalies observed related to hardware assisted synchronization in some older versions and they have been addressed.
  2. jfk

    Watchout over internet

  3. jfk

    Question about license key upgrade

    No, that is not true. All WATCHOUT 5 licenses, regardless of appearance, can be electronically upgraded to v6. And there is a good reason to electronically upgrade the licenses shown in your photo - those licenses work with all v5 variants. Newer licenses, like the current MicroKey and some of the silver key variants only work with v5.5.x, while your older key will work with v5.0 and ALL v5 variants.
  4. jfk

    Dynamic Image Server and Instagram

    Unfortunately the post referred to back in 2012 -> Dataton Academy cookbook post with sample code is no longer available online. Show Sage used to actually include the Instagram Dynamic Image Server function in their trade show exhibits and in their Dataton WATCHOUT training years ago. But I can not find any info on it today.
  5. Please indicate the WATCHOUT version when positing questions like this. A caching error would indicating a problem with a still image file. Have you tried editing the still image item in the media list to set the transparency specifically (default is automatic)?
  6. jfk

    Better forum?

    Understood, the Facebook Forums are started by users, they are not official Dataton forums, this forum better serves that purpose.
  7. jfk

    Audio card recommendation needed

    That is correct, WASAPI is only going to allow 2 channel output. IS there not an ASIO driver available from MOTU. Correct, invalid as of 6.2+
  8. jfk

    Audio card recommendation needed

    Can’t tell for sure, but it appears you have WDM driver installed, which was required for all versions prior to 6.2 6.2.x+ no longer utilizes WDM, it now requires an ASIO driver for up to 24 channels of output. I am pretty sure all MOTU interfaces offer ASIO drivers, so it may be as simple as updating your audio driver.
  9. jfk

    Datapath VisionSC-UHD2

    Vision and WATCHOUT use different drivers. vision uses a DataPath specific proprietary driver, WATCHOUT requires a universal Microsoft Windows Driver Model (WDM) driver. If it works with Vision and is not available in watchpoint, then it is likely a driver issue.
  10. jfk

    Audio card recommendation needed

    What WATCHOUT version? Stereo pairs in v6 should provide access to all channels.
  11. Playback speed is a fixed setting for a video cue found on the advanced tab.
  12. jfk

    Playback speed control

    As an experimental function, it never made it to the release notes, so you did not miss anything. I am hoping it is still operational, it relies on the same mechanism that varispeeds playback to maintain synch.
  13. jfk

    Playback speed control

    There was an experimental IP control function to provide smooth variation of speed ±20% back in v3.1.1, I do not know if it is still supported, worth a try if you have some time.
  14. jfk

    Datapath VisionSC-UHD2

    Max # of PCI Express Lanes: 16 Normally the GPU operates at x16. I suspected the GPU has to dumb down to 8 lanes to use any capture card at all. And even then, you are likely not providing the capture card all the lanes it needs to operate at full capacity.
  15. jfk

    Feature requests? - POST here

    There is some ability to do this already. i.e. current main timeline position can be displayed in true time code (hours:minutes:seconds.frames). Window - Status - add Timeline display and double click the time display to change the display format to the timecode format of your choice.