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    Windows 10 Tweaking Guide

    It is intended for WATCHOUT Display PCs. "...build WATCHOUT media servers ..." It is perfectly suitable for WATCHOUT Production PCs as well. As for the WATCHOUT Production PC, my 2¢ Depends on how it is used. If you plan to run the Production PC during live performance playback, then yes, I would recommend you build your Production PC to the Display PC standard. If you plan to produce and then deliver playback in cluster mode (Production PC removed), then no, Windows 10 Pro will work well enough for WATCHOUT Production PC content assembly, editing and rehearsal.
  2. jfk

    Watchout Display Color problem

    Please share with the group what the problem was and how it was solved.
  3. jfk

    ndi windows pc

    When you say "ndi feed to watchout" do you mean to WATCHOUT Display, WATCHOUT Production, or both? When you say " click mouse or push any key on keyboard" is that on your WATCHOUT Display computer, WATCHOUT Production computer or somewhere else? Please describe the software - hardware - connections in your NDI feed?
  4. Many of you are already aware of this, but it does come up in support from time to time. I welcome any suggestions on a better way to identify all cues that reference a media window entry. The error The support question ... "... how do I remove a media that says it’s in use, when it really isn’t? I see nowhere it’s in use... the media doesn’t even exist." Definition of term: WATCHOUT Production = watchmaker "in use" in watchmaker has a different meaning than one might think. Any item in the media window that appears on any timeline or composition as a cue is always in use from watchmaker's perspective, no matter what. Does not matter if the original media file is gone, does not matter if it is not being displayed, its placeholder (the media item) is still referenced by a cue in a timeline or composition somewhere. The only way a media item can be removed from watchmaker's media window is if all cues that reference it are first deleted.
  5. Not arguing with you - it is what it is. In most cases the user will know where to look for the offending cue, searching everything is the worse case scenario.
  6. jfk

    Autostart.txt and -NoLogo flag together

    There is a way to place the switch in the registry, but that is not likely. Faced with the unknown cause, I would restore the original tuned image and work forward from there.
  7. jfk

    Suggested for my Watchmax

    Back up a step, in watchmaker when you open Window - Network do you see a listing for your WATCHMAX?
  8. jfk

    Autostart.txt and -NoLogo flag together

    Yes, -NoLogo command line switch and autostart.txt startup script file can be used together. Are there any unneeded spaces or extraneous characters in your command line string?
  9. jfk

    Controlling Lightware Matrix

    That would be a question for the manufacture of the sound mixer. If their product supports control via TCP/IP, then they will define the strings that must be sent. Without that information, there is no way to answer your question. Same answer, have you communicated with Analog Way to determine if they offer control via TCP/IP for the device you are trying to control? Have you tried sending the string followed by a carriage return (hexadecimal value 0d)? i.e. {[email protected]}$0D Many command protocols require the carriage return to complete the message.
  10. jfk

    Control and show from 1 machine.

    Use a generic input. You can set the value of the generic input with IP commands. Place the generic input value in a volume tween formula. If you use the default value range of 0 to 1 and name the generic input Volume , then the formula would be Volume * 100.
  11. jfk


    That may be normal. An auxiliary timeline transiting from Stop state to Play state does not occur in 0 time, time must be allotted for the content to load. From the sparse description you provide, that is what it sounds like. If you want to see that timeline react immediately, first place it in the paused state before issuing the run command. The amount of time needed in pause depends on the content, but 2-3 seconds would not be unusual for a heavy codec like ProRes.
  12. jfk

    Control and show from 1 machine.

    The minimum requirement to prepare a WATCHOUT Display machine is two computers, each with its own license (WATCHPAX / WATCHMAX provide the function of one computer (display) and one license). You can not practically run WATCHOUT Production on the same computer as WATCHOUT Display (even with the two licenses). i.e. if you run both on the same computer, anytime you update the display, you will lose the production software to the background as display will jump to full screen operation, as it is designed to do. When WATCHOUT Display is running full screen you can not run any other software, as WATCHOUT Display takes over all outputs and the keyboard is limited to the few special keystrokes supported by WATCHOUT Display in full screen mode. When WATCHOUT Display is reduced to Window mode, it does not render any of its outputs.
  13. jfk

    Product Introductions, InfoComm 2018

    Well, Dataton has demonstrated it as much as five months ago and again at InfoComm last week, customer is sold on it, and I have to quote it today.
  14. As you may notice, this forum underwent an upgrade today. In the past, the sign-in process required you to enter your registered name (not your forum display name) and password. This has now changed, and you now must log-in with your forum display name and password. This rendered my browsers saved log-in information inoperative. Easy enough to correct once you understand that. I decided to place this post when I checked how many people were viewing the forum, and saw 11 guests and 0 logged in users. So I suspect the new log-in may have caught more than a few people unaware. Since guests can see this post, hope this helps
  15. jfk

    Product Introductions, InfoComm 2018

    May we assume that existing WATCHMAX W7100 servers will become compatible with BlackTrax with the release of WATCHOUT 6.3?
  16. jfk

    standby from timeline

    There is no Control cue to do this, matkeane is correct, it is possible for a WATCHOUT Output cue to send a command to the WATCHOUT control port. Use IP address aka localhost and it will not matter if you are using DHCP or fixed IP. How this is done depends a lot on what mode you will be using for playback (production mode port 3040 or cluster mode port 3039)
  17. jfk

    Watchout - Back up files

    If you want to backup a show, the best way is to use the "Consolidate To ..." command on the file menu. Choose the "Copy" option when asked in the Consolidate Media Files dialog. You have a choice to copy only files referenced by a cue, or all files in the media Window whether they are used by a cue or not. Consolidate not only copies all needed files, it adjusts media items paths to make them portable. The file reference adjustments are crucial to moving the show to a new computer without errors.
  18. Media menu - Refresh
  19. jfk

    Watchout 6.2 - LTC - SMPTE audio timecode

    Yes, it is a bit strange, but windows audio input (which can only be timecode for WATCHOUT) still requires a WDM driver. I have successfully worked with WATCHOUT 6.2.1 systems with timecode input using a Behringer audio interface with WDM driver. I have not done it with both timecode input and multi-channel audio output, but I am told this can be done too. What i do not know, is if both can be done with a single audio interface, but I suspect this is possible as well. The trick would be how the inputs are setup in Windows as well as how the outs are defined in WATCHOUT.
  20. Fairly common issue covered in the forum before. Turn off the WiFi NIC in your laptop (turn off all NICs except the WATCHOUT NIC) and your issue should disappear. After confirming this clears the issue, If you need an active non-WATCHOUT NIC, this can be accomplished by reordering the NICs in Windows.
  21. No. Pick 1, any one, does not matter which you choose, all of them contain all the information needed to communicate with the group. Control commands sent to the one computer are relayed to the others. The most critical command is the load command, the watch file opened by the load command defines the other members of the cluster so the master knows how to communicate to the others.
  22. WATCHNET does not offer any external control options. WATCHNET also takes over the display computers so that you can not communicate with the display computers from other control systems when WATCHNET is active. However, your application can communicate directly with the cluster in lieu of WATCHNET using the standard cluster control commands. So you can either use standalone WATCHNET exclusively to communicate with your displays or forgo WATCHNET and control the cluster directly with your application.
  23. jfk

    Stage Position and Size limit

    No changes in WATCHOUT oi no changes in Windows.? Pretty sure Windows will not permit a display resolution lower than 600.
  24. jfk

    Delayed Artnet control

    No, have not run across that with 5.5.2, some things to try ... For the purpose of troubleshooting, have you tried cluster operation to see if you get the same result? (the WO ArtNet transmissions would then originate from a different WO computer). Could there be another device on the network interfering with some of the WO ArtNet transmissions? For example, is the Artnet control APP on iPhone present when this occurs? Have you tried it with the network WiFi segment removed?
  25. Are there really two GPUs in the WATCHOUT Display computer?