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  1. Hi tried this but still have same error message any other options? thanks
  2. glulab

    WATCHOUT in Windows 10

    ops! Sorry it seemed to be an old thread. There is any particular reason to don't move on DirectX 12? it seems that Microsoft is focused on DirectX 12. Other big software in the market moved to win 10 and, after a while, they work flawlessly. Thank you for your time.
  3. glulab

    WATCHOUT in Windows 10

    yep.. that is 1 year old thread.. so no news! we are stuck with win7
  4. glulab

    WATCHOUT in Windows 10

    Hi All, Do you have some news related testing WO6 on WIN10? I'm testing a WIN10 1607.14393.0 computer display equipped with fire pro with 6 out. What can I see here is that sometimes the WO display crashes but I can't understand what trigger it, sometimes seems to be related to network communication but it's a sporadic behaviour. Does Dataton has some experience to share with us? Cheers
  5. glulab

    WATCHOUT in Windows 10

    Thank you for your fast reply! If I understood we should wait the "Windows 10 anniversary update" that should came up at the end of June / beginning of July.. I will keep my fingers crossed. Tnx
  6. glulab

    WATCHOUT in Windows 10

    Hi all, is there some upgrade regarding compatibility of WO6 with WIN10? Thanks for your support.
  7. Hi Jonas, I actually used a CAT6 cable and not CAT5 kramer cable. I used a power supply, but only on the transmitter (the receiver don't have a power supply). Now i have solved with video Cables To Go TruLink 89037 - 1 x 1 - UXGA - 50 m (http://www.dgstore.it/connettoreprolunga-video-cables-trulink-89037-uxga-p-334955.html?cPath=0_90160_10769) it's cheaper and transport the signal with 2 different CAT5, 1 for the DCC and another one for the video. thank for your suggestion Emanuele
  8. glulab

    Feature requests? - POST here

    the possibility to select many point in geometry and translate, scale and rotate them and maybe the possibility to create multi layer geometry and mask like madmapper
  9. Hi, I used my pc with eyefinity 5870 with active mdp to DVI (i have tested several active mdp to DVI) and DVI kramer pico tools cat5 extender.. and it works just with very short cables (5 mt). Do you have some suggestions? thanks Emanuele
  10. glulab

    8 DVI Capture

    Unfortunately no.
  11. glulab

    8 DVI Capture

    Maybe 2 of this device with 2 wo display can you help? http://www.matrox.com/graphics/en/products/display_wall/mura_mpx_series/ Cheers, Emanuele
  12. glulab

    Audio preview on Production Computer

    You can try to insert the single audio track (without video) in the timeline, it is not the best solution but could work. cheers, Emanuele
  13. glulab

    windows 7 - minimize window mode

    i'm running win 7 an 64 bit mode.. but today i have resolved the problem: i have uninstalled the catalyst control center and now work fine. tnx for the reply best regard emanuele
  14. hi, i have an watchout display on windows 7, when it start it run an minimize window mode. I have other 6 display identicals on win 7 with the same mainboards graphic cards etc.. but only one display minimize the windows on startup. I have tried to format and reinstall windows (and watchout 4.3) but the problem remain. Somebody have a solution? the same problem? best regard emanuele foti