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  1. Neil Stratton

    Virtual Display Layout for LED

    I would have done the same but the matrix switcher we are using is limited to 1920 x 1080 inputs so I had to go this way. Thanks for all your help. Neil
  2. Neil Stratton

    Virtual Display Layout for LED

    Thanks Zack - you have really helped me out here. I was kinda stuck! and confused.... The LED team were using Hippo just to show me how they would lay it out. After your helpful suggestions we have arrived at the layout below. I now have 16 virtual displays, and everything seems to run fine, so I'm in the dark as to what is considered a large amount of virtual displays. Thanks for your help.I really appreciate it! Neil
  3. Neil Stratton

    Virtual Display Layout for LED

    Hi again.So I have hit a brick wall with this. My led contact wants something that looks like this but I can't imagine how I would do this without creating 110 virtual displays.The image shows 3 led drops on the left mapped to one output on the right. Can anyone advise how they would do this? Thanks in advance
  4. Neil Stratton

    Virtual Display Layout for LED

    Thanks Zack. This is how I have decided to set up my stage. I have 3 x 1920 x 1080 outputs and 9 virtual displays.I have arranged the virtual displays in such a way as to give me the outputs as shown. It makes sense to me. Can anyone confirm if this is the correct way to do this?Thanks in advance. Neil
  5. Neil Stratton

    Virtual Display Layout for LED

    Hi all - until now I have been able to use virtual displays within a 1920 x 1080 output constraint to deal with multiple led screens. My way of approcahing this would be to arrange the virtual displays horizontally until I exceed the horizontal pixel constraint of 1920. Then I would add another output. Until now I was able to fit the vertical dimensions within 1080. I now have a project where I have 9 led drops ranging from 384 x 960 px, to 384 x 1344. So I can no longer arrange them as 9 virtual displays left to right on 1920 x 1080 outputs. I could make each led panel a separate virtual display, but I would then have 110 virtual displays. Which would give me great flexibility, but Dataton say that large numbers of virtual displays may degrade performance. So my question is - how would you approach this? Looking forward to realising what I have missed. Thanks Neil
  6. Neil Stratton

    WO5 - Video clip playback intermittent problem - URGENT

    Jim is spot on ( as usual) Have seen this when Aux Timelines are triggered without a stop command first. When using a midi controller I put a pause cue before the video cue. To trigger the video from the midi controller it is 1 cue to move to the pause cue, then a 2nd to run to the video.
  7. Neil Stratton

    CodeMeter Runtime Server

    Hi Don - the Codemeter program is the dongle software that you need to run Watchout. The reason you are getting this message I believe is de to your UAC settings. Try this: From the Start menu, Select Control Panel Navigate to System and Security > Action Center From the left pane, Select Change User Account Control settings Drag the scroll button to Never notify Click on OK to save your settings You might also want to go through the Windows 7 Tweak list helpfully provided by Dataton which covers this and much more. Hope this helps Neil http://forum.dataton.com/index.php?app=core&module=attach&section=attach&attach_id=155
  8. Neil Stratton

    Blurry Projection (aliasing issue?)

    First thing you need to establish is can you see a clear image using the capture card but not using Watchout? Using Datapath and Blackmagic cards this is my first port of call when fault finding. What card are you using for capture?
  9. Neil Stratton

    Displays Flickering at Each Pause Cue

    Having reread your post I second Jim's suggestion .This looks more like a processor demand issue, not an encoding one. Good luck!
  10. Neil Stratton

    Displays Flickering at Each Pause Cue

    Hi Rick - I had a similar problem years back and Jonas Dannert advised to render MPEG-2 files with all I-frames (key-frames on every frame), And it worked. Here is the thread http://forum.dataton.com/topic/100-pause-a-movie-file/?hl=frame&do=findComment&comment=1747
  11. Neil Stratton

    Splash Screen Multiple Instance

    I am guessing you have a monitor attached to the display computer? Therefore Watchout is seeing the monitor as 1 and the projector as 2
  12. My rule of thumb when using V5 is never stray from the original encoding guidelines: http://forum.dataton.com/index.php?app=core&module=attach&section=attach&attach_id=146 On Page 2 you will see (in red!) ProRes/PhotoJPEG/M-JPEG is NOT recommended for WATCHOUT playback A lot of files will play on the production side, sometimes as a consequence of extra codecs installed along the way.So you can spend time programming in production then find when you connect to displays that they will not play the files, or will crash. But if you follow the encoding guidelines you can be sure of avoiding this.
  13. Neil Stratton

    Composition Issues (Playback and Editing)

    I second that. No more wondering for me. Thanks Mike.
  14. Neil Stratton

    Composition Issues (Playback and Editing)

    These are great questions that I have often wonderd about too. One more thing - is there any advantage in placing media in the Main Timeline as opposed to running from aux timelines?I remember another operator saying they always put large media items on the Main Timeline where possible. I only wondered about this some time later and wished I had asked more. Let's say I have a dozen compositions which run sequentially, is there any gain in performance in placing these on the Main Timeline , as opposed to placing them in an Aux Timeline for more flexibility?
  15. Check this earlier thread: http://forum.dataton.com/topic/503-slide-presenter-with-watchout/?hl=%2Bmicro+%2Bcue&do=findComment&comment=1819 Hive Industries Micro Cue/ Master cue work for me after simple repatching.Default is Page Up/ Page Down. Good luck Neil