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  1. I recall having issues with license keys not being found on boot, back when first using WO 5.0. WO was loading faster than the license software - so patching the Codemeter software resolved the problem for me. Tom
  2. tommov

    WO v5 Keys and Auto-launch

    As Neil said, patching Codemeter is what you need to do. This doesn't exactly 'fix' the issue in my experience, but a vast improvement. You can download the patch from here: http://www.wibu.com/en/downloads-user-software.html Cheers, Tom
  3. tommov

    Windows 7 and Watchout 5 license key

    Ensure that SP1 is installed for Windows, I had this issue and that along with an update to codemeter solved it. Seems to me that SP1 shouldn't just be listed as a recommendation, but as a requirement for WO5. Hope this solves your issue.