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  1. Ulisses

    freezing video first frame

    can't you just add a PAUSE CUE at the first video frame ?
  2. Ulisses

    watchout using perfect cue control

    Yes, Perfect Cue is nice, I use the green play button as SPACE (timeline standing at a cue point) and backward as left arrow (to go to the previous cue), but not playing backwards I also use the B usb connection to control the reference powerpoint, synced with Watchout. Ulisses
  3. Ulisses

    Frame rate

    Thanks for all the advices! I understand the stutters, but all of my videos were 30P (or 29.97) and stutters weren;t a big problem, sometimes I like the cinematic look Another question (sorry, I can't test now), is it possible to run different frame rates in the same project/timeline ? I mean, one video at 24P, one 30P, and other video at 60P in same timeline ? Displays set to 60. thanks again, ulisses
  4. Ulisses

    Frame rate

    So the frame rate must be equal to refresh rate ? I don't understand the relation of video frame rate x display refresh rate. Now I'm a little nervous, because my finalcut timeline is 24P and I have to split it for 6 displays. Thanks, Ulisses
  5. Ulisses

    Frame rate

    Hello, I always produced videos for watchout in 29.97 or 30P, but now I have a video in 24fps. In watchout preferences my display framerate was always set to 60, do I need to change any setting to play splitted video in 24 fps ? Thanks, Ulisses
  6. Ulisses

    iphone application

    I didn't know the videos Now I got it is projected to control the display computer, but how to control 12 display computers if you can enter only one IP ? Or I missed something ? Thanks again, Ulisses
  7. Ulisses

    iphone application

    Hello, I tried to setup a playback control using the iphone app, but probably I didn't understood the concept. I could connect to the displays computers IPs, but not to the main computer. How it works ? Thanks, Ulisses
  8. Ulisses

    free running / loop with video proxy

    Any chance to get displays out of sync after some loops in splitted videos ? Just curious. Thanks Fredik, Ulisses
  9. Hello, Is it possible to pause timeline and get video free running / loop with splitted videos ? Thanks, Ulisses
  10. Ulisses

    Edge Blend Curve

    About blend curve, any tip to improve blending in white images. I try to avoid whites to get better blendings. Thanks, Ulisses
  11. Ulisses

    Projection mapping: Proof of Concept

    It is nice, my main concern in watchout is how to align multiple projections in an irregular surface without auto-alignment. Mainly when projectors are far away from each other. Ulisses
  12. Ulisses

    Playback control

    Thanks Neil, Perfect ! Ulisses
  13. Ulisses

    Playback control

    Hello, I work with presentations in watchout, with many PAUSE cues in the timeline. What is the simplest and effective way to wireless control watchout ? I only need a PLAY button in the hands of speaker. Thanks, Ulisses