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  1. Is it possible to run a WO show without a production computer... using 1 display computer and 1 license? Do I need to push the files from my production computer, first, to this display computer or can I just transfer the files over using conventional means, like a thumb drive?
  2. Dancap

    Running a single computer

    I want to run a WO show using a single computer and 1 license key. I will be outputting to 4 seperate projectors to create a blended show. Is this possible? Can i produce this show on the same computer or do I need to use a seperate production computer?
  3. Dancap

    Upgrade question

    Is version 5 backward compatible? I have some old shows in a few museums that are still running version 2.3. Will I be able to play them using the version 5 license?