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  1. cowboyclint

    Odd behavior on MIDI pull!!

    This has been happening since 6.0 There are several discussions about it through a search. Until a fix is announced, I would consider it expected behavior.
  2. cowboyclint

    NDI After Effects

    For the future people finding this, what version of OSX and Adobe software are you running? Works fine for me on OS 10.13.6, and Adobe AE 15.1.2
  3. cowboyclint

    Odd behavior on MIDI pull

    This also happens with MSC. We've seen it a good bit lately.
  4. cowboyclint

    Stage Position and Size limit

    I just set a display to 240W X 150H in the Stage Position and Size window. That was down from 1920X1200. V6.2.2
  5. cowboyclint

    Watchpoint startup issue Windows 10

    Hi Miro, That information about Win 10 is very useful. Do you think we could get a Win10 pinned post at the top of the forum that includes all the useful bits and pieces from other posts until we finally get a tweaking list?
  6. Hi Callum, I'm in the same boat. As I was working on a different type of project, I discovered Universe. We've been thinking about how awesome it would be for theatre too. It would take a little programming on your end, but it could essentially become an RFU for the LX operator to quickly switch to a backup, triggering everything in the order you want. http://www.presentation-technologies.de/universe.html#top Hope this helps.
  7. cowboyclint

    Watchpoint startup issue Windows 10

    I can second this. I had recent show with a very similar, but not identical piece of hardware utilizing 5 outputs. We would see this daily. About 4-6 restarts by Watchdog before the Watchout loaded properly. We didn't have time to trouble shoot this issue, but I can confirm this is not just your rigs.
  8. cowboyclint

    Adobe Encoder 12.1 update loses many encoder settings

    Adobe is looking to bring HAP back. There is a big support request on the Adobe forums about this issue. FREE --- AVF Batch Converter gives still encodes HAP, but not out of After Effects: https://github.com/Vidvox/hap-in-avfoundation/releases NOT FREE --- After Codecs uses FFMpeg to encode in Adobe software: https://aescripts.com/aftercodecs/?ref=sitewide_banner That's what I got for you now. I admit disruption to the workflow is frustrating. It's all supposedly based on OSX 10.14 forcing support for 64bit. If you're on OSX be very careful about the update to 10.14 when it eventually comes out.
  9. cowboyclint

    Panasonic Shutter Control Using PJLink

    I have used these PJLink for a long time and have always had to put in 2-3 cues into the aux timeline to send a command into in case the first one fails. For this show I am currently doing, we made an looping aux timeline that sends a carriage return every 20 seconds to all projectors. This has reduced our failed to send data message rate by easily 95%.
  10. cowboyclint

    HAP,New Codecs and more...

    I don't know if you've come across this yet, but I've been using it on my last project in After Effects. It's called Render Garden. https://www.mekajiki.com/rendergarden/ It uses all the cores, ffmpeg as a backbone with an after effects interface, you put your files in the render cue, and plant a garden that runs in the background. It's a lot faster than AE or AME.
  11. cowboyclint

    Quicktime Error-8961

    Hi All, Getting a quicktime error on a show that previously ran in earlier versions. QuickTime Error:-8961 Looks to be a 960X600 .mov file I've gotten this on another test show that I used HAP to encode. This file was created way before HAP, so I'm curious if I have encoding problems or a bad install. Thanks, CC
  12. cowboyclint

    Photoshop drop shadows not rendered correctly

    Just adding on to this topic. I'm using 6.1.6 and I had to change 1000 PSD files from auto to Premultiplied with white yesterday. I'm hoping the auto-tune gets turned back on. Thanks.
  13. cowboyclint

    recomended graphic card

    Hi Pablo, please review the discussion about multi output below. Watchout can only OUTPUT from 1 Graphics card. WATCHOUT Multi-output WATCHOUT Multi-output ONLY works with one graphics card. That one graphics card may have up to six (6) outputs, provided the graphics card vendor includes driver support for multiple outputs under DirectX/Direct3D in 3D mode. All outputs MUST be the same resolution AND refresh rate. Irrespectively the number of connectors, DisplayPort or MiniDisplayPort, all outputs over two (2) “legacy” connectors, VGA/DVI/HDMI, MUST use ACTIVE DP/MiniDP—>DVI/HDMI adapters, passive will NOT work. There are 2 different types of ACTIVE DP/MDP-adapters, Single-Link DVI and Dual-Link DVI: Single-Link DVI - cheaper, resolution up to 1920x1200, powered from the DP/MDP-connector Dual-Link DVI - more expensive, resolution up to 2560x1600, powered from separate USB or external PSU. http://forum.dataton.com/topic/93-wo5-multi-output/
  14. cowboyclint

    Watchmax lose (drop) signal on the last port (4).

    Use active adapters. Like this: https://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16812200949 Your problem most likely lies in your passive adapters. Fix this first, then see if your problem persists.
  15. cowboyclint


    Since this is a good/great thread, here is my question: I just did a build and put my OS on a Toshiba OCZ RD400A 128Gb drive like this: http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16820228165 Then I put 2 SSDs in Motherboard RAID. I get the not true RAID idea. From what you are saying here, I should put the OS on one of the SSDs, no RAID, and put the Watchout Drive on the M2 drive. Why? Can you elaborate for me and the rest of the class?