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  1. I just want to say with the help of fellow WO designer Sean Fluster and my onsite audio team I was able to get Dante Virtual Sound Card completely working with 8 separate channels in WO. I intend on writing a full report about how to accomplish this because it is a very useful audio tool, but I am moving to the next project so it might be a few weeks before I get it written down. the good news is that it can be done and it just takes a little finessing. stay tuned
  2. Hello, I'm developing a Watchout based show for unattended display in a museum. Ultimately WATCHNET will run this video wall. During my main timeline, I reach a point where I use a UDP output to signal another computer to start its data visualization program. The video output from the visualization computer comes in to Watchout through a live video window and the main timeline is paused while the data viz plays. The visualization program also sends a status message as a UDP generic input. If there is an error, or no response from the visualization computer, I want to skip the pause cue on the main timeline. Otherwise, if that computer hangs, the whole presentation will hang while it waits for the UDP status message. Is there a way to evaluate an expression at a certain point in the timeline? Here's a summary of the signaling between watchout and the other computer: 1) Main timeline playing from start 2) Main timeline cue triggers Watchout to send UDP "Start Viz" string to visualization computer 3) Data visualizer computer sends UDP: setInput "VizStatus" 1 which opens the live video input showing the visualization on the timeline If Data visualizer is unable to run Visualization, it sends UDP: setInput "VizStatus" 0 4) 10 seconds later, timeline evaluates expression "VizStatus = 1" If TRUE: Pause timeline for up to 10 minutes, or until VizStatus = 0 (I'm handling this with a Task) If FALSE: Continue with main timeline 5) Return to Step 1 Is Step 4 Possible?
  3. Has anyone successfully outputted multi channels of audio out of Dante Virtual Sound (DVS) card using WATCHOUT? I am doing a large museum exhibit that has its audio system set up using a Dante and I have six channels of audio that I’m trying to push from a WO server computer using the Date Virtual Sound card, which is digital audio over IP using a second NIC on the WO server PC. I have done multichannel analog audio with WO many times, but using Dante and WO I can only access one stero pair at the same time. In the WATCHPOINT software on the server computer I can pull the audio device menu down and see 16 channels (8 stereo pairs) of Dante audio but since they’re all separate I can only access one stereo set. Has anyone successfully accessed all the channels using DVS? If you have, can you help me understand how to accomplish this? It would be much appreciated even if it requires me purchasing additional hardware. Thanks
  4. FYI I recently installed the latest upgrade to Adobe Encoder version 12.1 and realized immediately many of my codec and settings went away. Particularly the HAP settings. I tried reinstalling the HAP Encoder with no change. I downgraded to version 12 and all the codecs returned. I think this is the frustration with Adobe updates. They can destroy your productivity with a press of a button. I thought it would be good to let people know.
  5. Does anyone have any experience using AVerMedia capture cards? I have never used these cards before and I'm wondering if anyone has run into challenges or tips they'd like to share. This is the specific card in question. AVerMedia CE511-HN — 4K HDMI 2.0 PCIE FRAME GRABBER
  6. I'm doing a museum install and I have a very simple timeline with 6 videos and one audio track, The museum would like to control certain functions with a cell phone through WATCHNET software and one piece of media in particular they would like to control is the volume of the only audio file being played. I know I need a give the audio tween a formula, but I'm not sure what is a formula for controlling the volume. I also need to create a slider on the WATCHNET computer to connect the volume. I have been reading the documentation and I cant find anything solid to help me with wording on a parameter for volume. Can you help me please?
  7. mindopera

    Pause cue

    If people are upset by the results of their current process then it would make since to ask for an additional 10 to 15 minutes of YOU time, to let you go through your cues and make sure they are placed in their proper position before the show begins. That seems like a reasonable request to eliminate errors.
  8. mindopera

    Windows Tweaks - Win7 & Win10

    Any timeline on an official windows 10 tweak list for WO servers?
  9. Don’t give up on the vnc installed in WO. If everything is correct with the setup it will work. Can you describe in greater detail what your server system is? Video card, processor, operating system, version of WO, etc. Also, where and how many video displays is the server computer sending its video signals to, projectors, video wall, switcher and is the signal going directly to the displays? What cables are being used? Are you using active display adapters? Are your servers set to a different and static IP on the producer and the server computers? Is the Firewall turned off on the producer and the server computers? It kind of sounds like an EDID issue and more specifics could help. I’m based in Seattle for future reference.
  10. I'm trying to understand the reasoning behind framerate choices, mostly because I receive so many different ones such as 30, 29.97, 25 and the one that is the most perplexing, 23.98. I know WO can play this different frame rates and filmmakers like the idea that they are matching the frame rate and stutter of old-school film (celluloid) and they will get the same look if played back at 23.98 Is it better to film at 23.98 and output playback files (HAP-Q) for WO at 30fps? Is there any real advantage to achieving a film look or is this a myth handed around? Will there be any sync issues if 23.98 fps is changed to 30 fps and played back with a separated audio file and looped over a long time in WO? What has been your experience, thoughts, and solutions for the framerate question? Thanks
  11. mindopera

    Zotac GeForce GTX 1080 vs. AMD Radeon Pro WX 5100

    That's good advice. I will be doing 1080 across four channels on this build, so it sounds like I can expect good performance in the configuration on the WX5100. Thank Rainer.
  12. I am looking into building some Watchout ITX cases and want to use one of the two video cards to drive the video. Zotac GeForce GTX 1080 or AMD Radeon Pro WX 5100 I wanted to reach out to the forum to see if anyone has direct experience with these cards or their bigger brothers (full size GTX 1080 and WX7100) in terms of software issues and hardware issues. Things like drivers, features or OS issues, etc. Anything solid you have witnesses on your builds would be helpful. I currently use Fire Pro 7100's and they have performed well, but I do have some issues when updating drivers. Thanks
  13. mindopera

    Windows HAP without QuickTime?

    As far as I know QT is the only wrapper for the HAP family of codecs. I'm surprised you're not using QT with WO. I always thought QT was an important install for WO. The WO install software always asks you to download and install the latest version of QT. I have done this for years without any issue. What type of support are you looking for that you don't get?
  14. mindopera

    Simple MIDI button box for Watchpax

    These look like they can be pretty handy. Thanks for the heads up.