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  1. JohnHuntington

    Midi Show Control Monitor

    Very cool! I didn't have time to download it but is the physical/network MIDI input also indicated? Also for PC's this software is still very useful: http://www.midiox.com/ Thanks! John
  2. JohnHuntington

    WATCHOUT Technical Notes - 2015

    I'm trying to download the tweaks list from: WATCHOUT Display & Production computer Tweaking list Windows 7 Tweaking list: Windows_7_Tweaking_list_2.1.pdf And it's giving me this error: Sorry, there is a problem The page you are trying to access is not available for your account. Error code: 2C171/1 In fact, I can't download any PDF from this thread. Is this perhaps due to the forum update? We are having problems with our display machine and I need this tweaks list ASAP..
  3. JohnHuntington

    Disappearing Cues on Time Line

    Thanks, I don't have access to the file today but will send late tomorrow. John
  4. JohnHuntington

    Disappearing Cues on Time Line

    During tech rehearsals apparently our student programmer entered a time something like 5:65 (five minutes 65 seconds) and after that, the cues in that section of the show became unstable. Cues were disappearing, etc. I didn't believe it until I saw it and while the designer reverted to a previously saved version of the show I took the malfunctioning show file to our backup machine sestup, where I shot this video: https://photos.app.goo.gl/YEwN1268nM5Ccgxt2 Here, you can see some of the behavior. As I jump around the timeline using left and right keys, it's skipping over some cues and landing on points on the timeline where there are no cues, etc. We reconstructed the show from a previous backup so we're OK now, but any ideas on what happened here? Thanks! John
  5. There's a bunch of info on the forum, but it took me a while so I wrote up my notes on controlling a Panasonic projector using PJLink: http://controlgeek.net/blog/2018/3/11/controlling-the-shutter-on-a-panasonic-pt-dz21k2-projector-using-pjlink John
  6. JohnHuntington

    Windows HAP without QuickTime?

    Thanks for all the responses! I lost track of this post and am just seeing these now. John
  7. JohnHuntington

    Windows HAP without QuickTime?

    We have a projection designer coming in who wants to use the HAP codec but digging through this forum and searching around both my technician and I keep finding things online that apparently require QuickTime, which we got rid of when Apple stopped supporting it. Does anyone know a HAP codec that doesn't need Quicktime? John
  8. SMPTE is reviewing the Time Code standards, and one of our local contacts who came to our Gravesend Inn haunted attraction reached out to me to solicit feedback from our community. They are having a meeting here in NYC in November but of course it's during IAAPA and I will be on a plane to Orlando at the time of the meeting. They also have a way to participate in a survey online and a meeting in London. Below is the info from my contact, I can put you in touch if you'd like. Thanks, John www.controlgeek.net SMPTE is reaching out to the user community for input on the next generation of Timecode. SMPTE Timecode has been our “Top Standard” but we need your input, so that we are comprehensive and forward looking shaping our technology future. The Timecode Summit in New York will be held on November 16 from 6-9 pm, with SMPTE Director of Standards, Howard Lukk. Please consider who from your team would best help us gather user requirements for your industry, and have them join us. For more details, registration for the event, or take our online survey go to: smpte.org/timecode Space is limited so please register ASAP. Feel free to contact me if you have any questions on the New York event. Bruce Follmer Student Chapter Director, SMPTE
  9. I wrote this up some time ago but forgot to post it here and then left the country for a couple weeks: http://controlgeek.net/blog/2014/1/7/controlling-an-etc-ion-console-over-an-ip-network-and-from-dataton-watchout Thanks, John
  10. JohnHuntington

    Fade out running video layers at unpredictable time?

    Thanks to you both for the quick reply! I'm forwarding this onto the designer and we'll try it tomorrow. John
  11. Sorry if this is a stupid question, but I searched here and read through the manual and couldn't figure it out. I've set up a lot of WO systems and run them from Medialon and so on but I've only done simple playback and not worked through all the V5 features. Anyway, we have a guest designer for our current show who wants to take a number of layers of running video, and have them fade out on cue, at an unpredictable time on cue from the Stage Manager. I think putting the system into standby would work, but I don't think that will give them the fade flexibility they want for this show. The only way I've figured to do this is take a MIDI controller and have it control the opacity tracks of all the running clips. Before I did into that, is there a simpler way? Thanks! John
  12. JohnHuntington

    Routed Watchout?

    Interesting--the production machine (which is really the show control machine for the attraction) does have two NIC's.... I'll check that out too. Thanks! John www.controlgeek.net
  13. JohnHuntington

    Routed Watchout?

    For our annual Gravesend Inn haunted hotel, we run two Watchout systems for two independent effects. I run each system in its own VLAN in our managed network, and then use inter-VLAN routing in order to control the two separate WO display clusters from Medialon Manager for the show. This ran great last year, here's a writeup: http://controlgeek.net/2012/3/17/managed-switchrouting-ethernet-infrastructure-for-the-graves.html I was a bit concerned about performance, but I even take WO time code back from the display clusters into Medialon to trigger lighting and other cues, and that works just fine through the router. I needed to tweak the content, and came across something interesting. If I shutdown Manager, and run the WO production software on the show control machine, I have limited communications/functionality with the display machines. Specifically, if I go "Online" in the WO production software, the display machines will cue up to the top of the timeline. However, if I manually locate to a different point in the time, the display machines do not update. If I then "Update" from the production machine, the display machines will move to the right place in the timeline. But if I hit the space bar for play--nothing happens. Standby also doesn't seem to work. This isn't a big problem since I can always tweak the content by running the production software from a laptop on the same VLAN--that worked fine last year. But I was wondering why this wasn't working. My guess is that, when operating from the production software, some sort of multicast WO sync traffic is not making it through my router? I tried a turning on IGMP snooping on those three VLAN's but that didn't seem to work (I didn't have time to take that any further). Any ideas? Thanks! John www.controlgeek.net
  14. JohnHuntington

    Show Networks & Control Systems book

    For any educators on the forum who are considering using my book in one of their classes, I now have a link where you can apply for an academic review copy on my info page: http://controlgeek.net/bookinfo/ Also, I still do plan an e-book, but I won't have time to deal with it until early 2013 (buried in the Gravesend Inn (which uses two WO systems!) right now). Thanks! John -- -- www.controlgeek.net
  15. My book, Show Networks and Control Systems, is finally available! I'm giving away a copy on the blog this week; anyone who enters the giveaway will get a special $5 discount off the book: http://www.controlgeek.net/blog/2012/7/9/show-networks-and-control-systems-book-now-available-win-a-f.html Thanks! John -- http://www.controlgeek.net/blog