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    New display machine

    Hi all I'm also building new display machines. What I need is to use one of these computers also for a VR application so as a graphic card I would choose GTX 1080TI Does anyone have tested this card in display machine running Watchout 6 with 4 outputs? thanks for sharing experience
  2. Yo Lagos, Nigeria, 66 hours to showtime. I'm running a system on WIndows 7 with no issues. As FOH is 70meters from screen, sometimes I program with a laptop closer to stage. This laptop is a brand new high range HP with Windows 8.1. prepared last minute and supposed to be my backup prod PC, running the show in paralel offline. What I can see programming on it is very very slow caching and updating - on 1gb cat5 network- other network operations are ok and I have no problem if I do the same with an older laptop running W7. Maybe compatibility between 7 and 8 in the same net? I'm using WO 5.5. Does 5.5.1 has some special help for me? Windows 8 esists and it is in all new computers, having a prod PC running 8 happens. Please share experience.
  3. UnitCone

    Feature requests? - POST here

    15. a command like "repeat the last command" would fast programming when you have to change the same feature in many different cues
  4. UnitCone

    Time Code ProTools Sync

    Hi It's my first experience with Time Code I have a Production PC running WO5.x and 4 Display PC for video playout. Sound playback is provided by a MAC running ProTools. We are wondering to set up a second MAC running QLabs that provide MSC commands (GO) to WO and to ProTools, so we have the same START. Video will be set in free running and each video has a longest tail, so some seconds before the end of each song, WO's main timeline is in pause and ready to receive MSC "GO" and start the next video. But how can I be sure that during the 5 minutes of each song music and video will always be in sync? I'm thinking about a LTC that can be provided by QLab as well. My question is: does time code correspond to main time line time? (i.e. 00:00:05:00 in LTC correspond to 00:00:05.000 in main timeline)? I mean, I only need to sync the clock of WO and ProTools device, as my video will often be in free running and then in pause. So WO time will not be the same of ProTolls time, except at 0. Does LTC only give the clock sync or it refers directly to WO main timeline absolut time? thanks
  5. UnitCone

    How do you control a DMX device with Watchout 5

    Do I need a secondary ethernet card in the Production PC to receive DMX over Artnet from a lighting consolle? i.e LAN1 for Watchout network, LAN2 for Artnet?
  6. Hi I have a 5.1 system running on 4 PC Display, each with 2 x 1920x1080 output. I have made 1 comp with about 20 short clips inside, mpg 1920x1080 10000 Kbps, the comp is covering the whole stage area, so all the displays are involved with overlap set to lighten If I set the composition in the main timeline in free running i miss one of the clips of the comp in one display! Changing display machines does't solve the problem, Also cancel and load project again with new cache All the clips run perfectly both alone and if I paste directly all the content of the composition in the main time line Also the composition runs ok if not in free-running. Other clips in the same point of the sequence behave the same, also new layers inside the composition in that point behave the same for that diaplay, not depending on what is inside that layer. Seems like something to do with specific time positions. Did you experience problems in 5.1 with free running of comps? I use WO since version 2, and I I just had to fade down a loop at a specific top and I made the job wiith a 3 hour composition running triggered via dmx instead of a 12 min comp in free running with a fade out at the end.