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    Videos not playing properly

    Smooth playback depends mostly on file size, hardware specs and computer tweaking. I assume that your server is completely tweaked following the tweaking guidelines for Win 7!? Are your SSDs using RAID-0 configuration - and is WATCHOUT installed on this SSD raid? Is your OS on a separate SSD or at least on a separate partition? Have you checked the reading speed of your WATCHOUT SSD? Since you're using an 8-core CPU it might be a good idea to use chunks when encoding HAP.
  2. RBeddig

    bug - refused to play timeline

    I've not seen WATCHOUT production crashing when too many videos had to be rendered. It usually slows down a lot and working with cues gets lagging. But the Windows protocols could show more information about the cause of your issues. Alex is pointing to an issue which usually happens when more than one NIC is active. In this case the production software will roll the timeline but the display computer will not react. In your case, the gui of the production software was blocked, wasn't it?
  3. RBeddig

    bug - refused to play timeline

    It looks a bit like a fault on your production computer. Has it been tweaked (basic tweaks)? Which OS are you running?What sort of graphic card are you using on the production computer? Pre-loading 12 timelines can put some work on the production computer since it needs to render all the content of the stage window at the same time while usually the graphic power of notebooks is not the highest. If you have a lot of displays and maybe even more than one display computer, the display engine in WATCHMAKER has to do the work of the complete cluster to render the content. A good way to handle this is to switch the stage window to show thumbnails only instead of videos in highest possible quality. Once the show is programmed it is usually not necessary to see the videos running in the stage window. This reduces the load on the production computer quite a lot. The log files do not seem to show any information about the crash on April 12th. You could maybe check the events of the Windows log files. Maybe you'll find some hint in there.
  4. RBeddig

    Watchnet wake up non watch out pc on lan

    No. The network adaptor of your PC does not know it's IP address as long as the OS is not running. Therefore you need to send a "Magic Packet" as a broadcast (UDP) into the network. Usually it would look like this: FF FF FF FF FF FF 1C EE C9 01 52 11 1C EE C9 01 52 11 1C EE C9 01 52 11 1C EE C9 01 52 11 1C EE C9 01 52 11 1C EE C9 01 52 11 1C EE C9 01 52 11 1C EE C9 01 52 11 1C EE C9 01 52 11 1C EE C9 01 52 11 1C EE C9 01 52 11 1C EE C9 01 52 11 1C EE C9 01 52 11 1C EE C9 01 52 11 1C EE C9 01 52 11 1C EE C9 01 52 11 0D This needs to be sent as hex code to either the IP address of the device or to the broadcast address of your network which would proabably be in this case.
  5. RBeddig

    Using Dome Projection for the outside of a sphere

    It would work inside and outside. On the outside of a dome you may run into issues with one camera only, due to the flat angles between camera and outer surface. If it is a sphere and the camera can "see" the area well enough it will work.
  6. RBeddig

    Video loop problem

    How do you build the loop? Using control cues or using the switches "free running" and "looping"?
  7. Could be an EDID issue. Have you tried using a physical EDID minder behind the graphic card output? XVGA is not that common anymore today and the graphic card usually tries the highest and fastest EDID it can see. Ideally you'd use an EDID minder which you can set to only one frequency through dip-switches or software.
  8. RBeddig

    Watchpax 2 not discovered

    Since the OS of a WATCHPAX is write protected there are not many things to do to reset it to factory default. It looks as if the previous user has set it to a permanent IP address using the autostart script. You can access this script by connecting a mouse and keyboard to your WATCHPAX 2. Then press Ctrl+W to get access to the menus of WATCHPOINT. In the menu you can find a link to edit the autostart script. Look for all lines without a semicolon (;) at the beginning. These lines are active! All lines with a semicolon are comments only. The third part here is the one you need to set it back to DHCP. Hope it helps. Autostart.txt........... ; These are some examples on how to set a fixed IP number on the WATCHOUT computer. ; You only need to run this script once. After that the WATCHOUT computer remember the ; last set fixed IP number. The fixed IP numbers is shown in the start-up screen under ; the WATCHOUT 5 logo. The IP number inside the parentheses is the DHCP/link-local IP number. ; Remember that you always need to authenticate to level 2 before you try to set the IP number. ; ; Example: Set the fixed IP number to ; ; authenticate 2 ; setIP ; ; Example: Set the fixed IP number to with the network mask ; ; authenticate 2 ; setIP ; ; Example: Remove the fixed IP number and restore the WATCHOUT computer to use the DHCP/link-local IP number. ; ; authenticate 2 ; setIP ;
  9. RBeddig

    Audio card recommendation needed

    You have the correct driver installed already. It's the one at the end of your list: Motu Audio ASIO. You will not see this in the audio settings of Windows since Windows does not see ASIO at all. But you will see it in WATCHOUT once selected.
  10. RBeddig

    Dante Virtual Soundcard

    You need to use the ASIO drivers, not the WASAPI driver. WASAPI only does 8 channels. Then you need to tell WATCHMAKER to use more than 8 channels. Preferences > Audio Out > Output Channel Limit...
  11. RBeddig

    Dante Virtual Soundcard

    Hi Quim, I have an installation where we run 18 channels and another one where we run 16 channels right now.
  12. RBeddig

    Watchmax Drop signal without any error message

    How many outputs on which resolutions are you using? Have you tried using an EDID minder in between the outputs and the LED processors. Since WATCHOUT does not resort the displays when it goes black and you see no error message it seems that the graphic card still receives a valid EDID and actually tries to send out data. I've seen some problems with standard EDID data sets and Novastar LED processors lately though.
  13. RBeddig

    4x4k impossible with NVIDIA ? Win 10 tuning ?

    The limitation Luca is referring to is only valid for AMD graphic cards and Windows 7 due to an AMD driver bug. There are quite a few postings on this forum about this issue. NVIDEA should work. The new WATCHPAX 60 series, the WATCHMAX SDI and the WATCHPAX 4 all use NVIDEA graphic cards. The first two run Windows 10, WATCHPAX 4 WIndows 7 embedded.
  14. RBeddig

    LTSB vs LTSC ?

    Yes, tweaking Windows 10 can be quite a task and it takes a long time to get the system stable and fast. WATCHMAX and WATCHPAX servers are more expensive than a self-built system but the price includes a warranty for a stable system which took months to set it up and for tests.
  15. RBeddig

    Media files not transferring to Display PC

    Well, usually a warning would pop up in Windows 7 as well but maybe it was sort of half-way registered in the OS. Normally it would also work with an activated firewall but WATCHOUT uses more ports, some of them being dynamically selected by Windows. BTW, we have seen the firewall of Win 10 blocking WATCHOUT although it was turned off. Here, we needed to turn it on, accept the rules for WATCHOUT and then turn it off again.
  16. RBeddig

    LTSB vs LTSC ?

    LTSB 2016 is the 1607 version of Windows 10. The tweaking document is based on this version!
  17. RBeddig

    Media files not transferring to Display PC

    Are you sure that you only use ONE active NIC (network port) on the production computer, all others DISABLED? Have you tried swapping the switch or using a direct cable between both computers to rule out problems on the switch? Have you tried other media codecs? While it usually works, WMV is not officially supported. See: https://www.dataton.com/watchout-overview-supported-media-images-sound-and-video
  18. RBeddig

    AMD latest driver 2019

    WATCHOUT will still use 8bit colour depth, even if the graphic card supports 10bit.
  19. RBeddig

    Live Feed Not Appearing in Blended Area

    I've seen this in very early versions of WATCHOUT 6. Which version are you using? Have you tried to rebuild the cache on both sides?
  20. Hmmm.... What is "that problem" and what did you clean and remove? If you installed WATCHOUT under the programs folder of Windows on drive C, you should de-install it and then re-install it using the correct folder on your fast WATCHOUT drive.
  21. RBeddig

    LTSB vs LTSC ?

    LTSC is the successor of LTSB. They changed the name in 2018 and now call it LTSC. LTSC versions are newer and are not tested in Sweden yet. The tweaking guide is for the 2016 LTSB version only. Might work with LTSC but there is no guarantee. The update files mentioned for LTSB 2016 will most probably not work with LTSC.
  22. RBeddig

    Error messages while trying to get online

    This is a different problem and should probably moved to a new separate thread. There are many reasons why you could see a network error and the loss of the connection. Pls. elaborate a bit what you are doing and how the error messages look like more specifically. Which version of WATCHOUT are you using? What Windows version? Are you using WATCHMAX or WATCHPAX or your own builds? How does your network look like and are there other devices inside the network? Reasons could be hardware related, software related (not only WATCHOUT!), tweaking, codecs....
  23. RBeddig

    URGENT - "Video In" Greyed Out

    Hi Chris, Just tried with two such cards on our servers and all six inputs appear and work fine. Which driver are you using? I've just installed 7.19.0 but had no issue with older drivers before. Maybe you should de-install the driver and re-install it again. https://www.datapath.co.uk/datapath-current-downloads/vision-capture-card-downloads/vision-drivers/vision-drivers-1 BTW, older drivers had an option to install the driver in kernel mode or custom mode. We need custom mode now.
  24. RBeddig

    watchnet script actions missing

    Since it is a webpage, trying a different browser or deleting the cache might also help.
  25. RBeddig

    LTC chasing timecode isssues

    Hi, If the timeline length is shorter than the timecode received, you will see strange timecode values and flickering in images. I would not turn the timecode listening mode on and off all the time as long as you have control over the timecode itself (Medialon). It's recommended to not only turn the timecode listening mode on but to also tell WATCHOUT what sort of timecode it should expect (25fps, 30fps,...) You should also allow for a little pre-roll since timecode readers need to analyze the complete timecode string first to adjust the correct position. This hasn't changed much since the times of tape based media. Last but not least, the timecode value is only half of the story. If in doubt, you should check the signal with a scope. LTC is a rectangular signal and should look like rectangles on a scope. Some audio devices have problems with rectangular signals and if the shoulders look too much like a sine-wave or even worse, the timecode reader has problems to synchronize to it, even if the signal strength is fine.