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  1. Windows Tweaks - Win7 & Win10

    Hi still no news for a win 10 tweaking list ? i feel a little unsecure with my win 10 watchout tuning ,not sure of what i'm doing. i wasn't with win 7 :))) a very big show is approaching for me... Tak !
  2. HAP,New Codecs and more...

    Hi dataton Hap seems to be a very good codec but so looooong to encode when you got files like 14592 x 2160 @ 50p compre to mpg2, with wich you can't achieve such resolution i know, except maybe in ffmpeg. i'm sure that a heavy powerfull hardware config matters, but what is the fastest software to achieve batch HAP encoding ? Adobe Media Encoder, FFMPEG...? Is dataton planning to support HEVC H265 and a New coming codec that seems interesting : open source AV1 ? Thx
  3. Windows Tweaks - Win7 & Win10

    Hi all dataton crew, have you got some news on how to tweak correctly windows 10, to have a very stable config ? It is so differrent than win 7, and really need to be tuned correctly. Thanks
  4. WATCHOUT 6.2 - Available NOW!

    Hi all welcome to the new version of watchout 6.2, and it's compatibility with win 10 , and happy birthday ! Will dataton release a tweaking list for win 10 x64 , pro or LTSB, as it was for win 7 ? or a super geek user who knows the beast ? Very important for users who build their own PC's, to get max perfs out of watchout 6 ! Recently try a p4000 Nvidia and notice that there is two different working modes, have to choose between GPU for Graphic Stuffs or GPU for Computation. Anyone knows what is the difference ? is it worth using MOSAIC settings in nvidia config panel for multiple outputs ? or don't use it and work as usual, configuring each plugged output ? Bye
  5. WATCHOUT in Windows 10

    Hi all just a simple question is it ok to use last version watchout 6.1.6 with win 10 or to keep it running under win 7 ? or better to wait for 6.2 with win 10 ? Thnx
  6. i still got these warnings ! (each time ctrl-d) it's a little scary during a show. stress ! i have my 3D object on stage tier Base my 3 projectors are on tier 2. i have 9 virtual displays on tier 3 and 6 more on another tier 4. i have a 2d display in 1920x1080 on another tier 5, using 2 virtual displays (as cues in main timeline)from tier 3. All medias cues and the 2 virtual displays i'm using are on main timeline, no layers dedicated to a specific tier.
  7. hi all
 for a show starting tomorrow i'm in a big trouble.
 i have one display computer with wo6.1 win7x64 
 i want it to work without master computer.
 i tried to use the same autostart script with wo5.5.2
 my first time i'm doing this with wo 6.1
 i use the script as in the documentation using "edit startup script "command on the display PC
 authenticate 1
 delay 5000
 load "the name of my show"
 i put watchpoint.exe shortcut in windows startup folder
 i restart the PC , without any network cable plugged in.
 watchpoint starts and then nothing !
 it's stays on the wo logo
 as soon as i replug network beetween master computer and the slave PC
 IP address appears under the wo logo on the display PC and the show starts
 i always use this method with wo 5.5.2 and it has always worked
 something has changed with wo 6.1 ?
 or is there a new method ?
 it's very urgent
 if someone has any answer...

  8. Mpeg2 size issue ?

    thanx i'll try that !
  9. Mpeg2 size issue ?

    here is a link to a piece of mpeg2 (8s PS) http://k.b.free.fr/testsize.rar size is 4096x656 but viewed as 1920x1152 in watchout , and no video just black i usually use this kind of mpegs in my show without any trouble although it's first time i get this size of file. i can see it in vlc ( i know it's not a good idea as vlc plays almost everything) Thanks
  10. Mpeg2 size issue ?

    hi all i made , using ffmpeg, mpeg2 files with no issue, playing very well. size was 3584x1080px @50p 100mb/s. on my next show clients gave me prores files 4096x656 @ 50p i tried to convert it to mpeg2 as usual with ffmpeg and when i put them in watchout (6.0.2 and 6.1) , in media window, my mpeg2 files are seen with a different size and a strange thumbnail (a grey square with arrows) watchout sees them in 1152x864 and once i throw it in the timeline , no video is displayed, black only. so i played them like they were initially : in prores. any idea ?
  11. V6 first impression

    hi first of all let me tell you that calibration points are an amazing feature ! Q: is it possible to use standard presplit videos with 3d projectors ? Q: can you decribe how virtual displays works ? is it the master sending frames of my video in each slave computers or is it loaded in each slave computers ? is there any difference and what is best to use : obj or 3ds ? Tak
  12. WATCHOUT 6 Public Beta

    hi do you think v6 will be realeased for beginning june ? Bye