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  1. ALWAYS when updating Adobe CC Software check the option to keep the older version instead of removing it.
  2. Windows HAP without QuickTime?

    You can download an „older“ version, like cc2017
  3. Windows HAP without QuickTime?

    Anyway, you were almost right. Everybody should be aware, that Adobe is leaving Quicktime 32bit (on Windows-PC) behind with the latest update of CC2018 (as of march 2018). That AfterCodec-plugin is still working in AE though. That means that a lot of older Codecs (like Photo-Jpeg) are missing for rendering. Even HAP is gone. There is already a petition on its way to bring it back.
  4. Windows HAP without QuickTime?

    Hi, Your Screenshot looks like the Media-export in Premiere Pro. Don't get misleaded by the few presets. Choose "Match source" , modify it - and yes, choose any codec available on your system using the dropdown-menu in the video section and then save them as your own. https://www.dropbox.com/s/n3j8ct28gbzbss5/premiere-export.JPG?dl=0 Prores can be exported from After Effects using https://aescripts.com/aftercodecs/ or https://aescripts.com/aempeg/ I have been successfully using AfterCodecs ProRes (422HQ and 4444) for some time, knowing that it is NOT the original and therefore not playing for example on blackmagic-output cards. But as a Masterfile it does work well. cheers
  5. Help with Windows 10 Watchout

    Hi, don't use live-update when in show-mode.
  6. Connecting to remote video sources

    Wow, this sounds very interesting.
  7. 24p captation on 60p projection

    Hi, you wont have black frames but jerky motion. If the project is especially filmed and produced for that event, even a DOP should agree to shoot in a framerate that makes it look best. Just try it out on a 60hz monitor and show him a comparison. Best example or worst case aer horizontal movements/pans. cheers
  8. Feature requests? - POST here

    Hi there, Maybe if there were different ways to organize things on screen in general, thinking of attachable tabs (like in cinema 4d), maybe an option to minimize or even hide items that are organized in (custom color-coded) groups (again, like the layer-system in cinema4d). Because if you have your 200 tasks, folders might not be enough. Plus, please bring back the "docking/undocking" of windows at the bottom when minimized instead of closing them. This could be tabs as well. cheers
  9. Aux Timeline...I'm doing something wrong

    Make sure to not lock the layer(s) that contain the cues. It wont pause, even if there is one "Pause"-cue. At least that happened to me once. Only once!
  10. MOTU Audio Glitch in V6

    Did you try different formats? Add audio to a an additional small format videoclip? Doublecheck all the framerates... cheers.
  11. Watchout Display Freezing

    Firewall off? Antivirus? You said, you tweaked it.... cheers
  12. WATCHOUT in Windows 10

    I experienced almost the same thing, connecting 2 monitors with an active adapter (displayport > HDMI) and a third one DVI > DVI. Guess what, the DVI did not flicker. wondering what that is about... cheers
  13. Feature requests? - POST here

    Hi there, How does one light a 3D-Object in WO6? Any plans to add 3d lights? I know I could bake a texture with lights in Cinema4D and bring that in, but it is not the same. cheers. U
  14. Audio in Texture Videos..

    Hi, I am just playing around with videos as textures on an imported 3DS object in WO 6.1.4 (production only) and noticed, that the video I am applying has audio, which I can not turn off anywhere. I know I can get rid of the audio and import that clip again. Just wondering how to do that inside WO. Even turning off "Play Audio Media" in the Preview menu does not mute it. And there is no Volume-tween I can apply. Feature-request or Big-fix.... cheers. U