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  1. wiesemann

    bug - refused to play timeline

    You have to actively disable any additional network-adapter. Does show the same behaviour with a completely new, empty show?
  2. wiesemann

    Audio not working through USB to M-Audio device

    Did you try an older driver version?
  3. wiesemann

    Cluster resync?

    get rid of the cards.
  4. wiesemann

    Watchout 6.3.1 Bug Copying Tweens

    Could it be that this is actually on of those Windows 10 bugs? Had copy/paste/move issues -it suddenly stopped working) for some months in Exlorer, only restarting the Explorer process(es) would help. I even made a shortcut (.bat) for it on the desktop. Since about two weeks or so this seems to be gone. After some win-updates.
  5. Hi, Happy New Years to all! Keep in mind that the framerate you want to play out with is an issue here. 4k in 50/60 fps is a different animal than 25/30 fps. Just sayin‘
  6. wiesemann

    ProRes encoding question?

    We had success with ProRes (standard) 25fps, 6480x1080. That was an earlier WO version 6.
  7. wiesemann

    PNG Sequences not playing

    In my experience PNGs are not suited for playback. Just as a mastering format. They take too long to decode. In the WO documentation TGA or TIFF is recommended. https://www.dataton.com/watchout-overview-uncompressed-video-image-sequence-playback cheers
  8. I had this every time with win 10 this year. My setup was different though. Anyway, it always helped to restart the display machines after setting the frequencies to what needed. After that it worked all day.
  9. wiesemann

    Network HTTP Video not playing in 6.2.2

    Out of curiosity ... Why not use NDI? cheers.
  10. wiesemann

    HAP Codec with AfterCodecs - Poor results

    Well, I would just try to keep that Version as long as possible. Or until Adobe brings back support for HAP or Apple makes „Quicktime great again“. I am wondering why there are so many codecs and so little one can really use.
  11. wiesemann

    NewTek NDI with Alpha

    you can play back clips with alpha from Premiere Pro, as an example.
  12. wiesemann

    Latency V Frame Rate

    hm. with a newer smartphone camera you could test it yourself using slomotion video recording. And then tell us all what you figured out. cheers
  13. wiesemann

    How to get the queue time

    audible timecode track that is routed to a separate output? dmx track (artnet)? cheers
  14. ALWAYS when updating Adobe CC Software check the option to keep the older version instead of removing it.