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    Watchout & Kinect

    Thank you Moov. Look forward to it. Completely agree Lloyd. An article on projection mapping integration is something I'd definately look out for myself
  2. Kivex

    Watchout & Kinect

    Excellent, thank you. Ive looked into touch designer previously - it was used to build amon tobins ISAM show too which is an incredible feat. Wondering what the quickest route is regarding the learning curve between touch designer, quartz, maxmsp... well, gotta start somewhere !
  3. Kivex

    Watchout & Kinect

    Hello, I'm wondering if and what is the most viable solution to controlling elements of Watchout with kinect. I am guessing itd have something to do with watchout accepting UDP packets from another program like perhaps maxMSP? Any help would be much appreciated !