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  1. Alex Ramos

    Network UDP delay

    I'm using multiple NICs on production machine, and get lots of random network problems. UDP is sent to both NICs TCP only to the one with the handshake ... The only solution I found consistently working is to start Watchmaker only with the NIC for WO network ON, and after Online start the other NICs. Even setting the NIC priority in windows doesn't work. But still sometimes I run into problems when updating the shows, as the handshake needs to be done again an Watchmaker not always grabs the correct NIC. We need an option in WO to lock to a selected NIC
  2. Alex Ramos

    MIDI output

    I would say someone could code a small app to transcode serial to MIDI. Well its already done. Cool.
  3. Alex Ramos

    Watchout Control Application Beta Release

    Nice, Start, Stop, goto 10 and 20 are working but the count down is not with me. Is the source code available?
  4. Alex Ramos

    8K render method

    Not my design, not a designer. Not sure who, some one in the design department of Bein Sports. I only speak machine language.
  5. Alex Ramos

    HAP Codec with AfterCodecs - Poor results

    Not really the answer you looking for. I'm using ffmpeg to encode HAP and MPEG2. Its free, quality is good, its supper fast and best of all I have it on the file contextual menu from windows, just a right click on the file to encode.
  6. Alex Ramos

    Autostart.txt and -NoLogo flag together

    Thanks, got it. Copy Paste text was pasting extra characters . Should have paid more attention.
  7. I guess I'm missing something. Whenever I use the -NoLogo flag on watchpoint.exe the autostart.txt is not running. Can't this be used together ?
  8. Alex Ramos

    3rd Party UDP control issues with Watchout 6.2.2

    I would create a new simple show from scratch to debug the system, network and or software. Make sure to also include aux timelines I have similar problems all the time. My productions all have 2 or more NIC. WO must always be started with only the WO NIC on, all other NICs must be off. I can turn it back on, but only after going online with WO. Tried a ton of things to try a solve this problem but never with success. This mater is something I'm waiting Dataton to address many years. We need a way to on WO address all traffic to a specific NIC or NICs in case of multiple cards in a system.
  9. Alex Ramos

    Windows 10 Tweaking Guide

    I'm having a doubt on some of registry settings. HKLM\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\DirectShow\ThreadPriority = highest, HEX: F9 (DWORD) Means create a new key in \DirectShow\ named "ThreadPriority" and then inside, a DWORD value named "highest" with value HEX: F9 ? Like this? [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\DirectShow\ThreadPriority] "Highest"=DWORD:F9 Its confusing when compared with: HKLM\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\Multimedia\SystemProfile\SystemResponsiveness = HEX: 5 [HKLM\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\Multimedia\SystemProfile] "SystemResponsiveness" =DWORD: 5 Registry file notation should be used to make it clear. Also what's the /O flag in defrag.exe ?
  10. Alex Ramos


    For anyone to help you, you really need to give a lot more info, it can be a lot of thins causing the delay. Can be the drive speed vs file bit rate. Did you try to add an pause cue a the begging of the media, wait a few seconds and then hit play?
  11. Alex Ramos

    Windows 10 Tweaking Guide

    Thanks this is really helpful info. But I got to ask why not start up with Win 10 LTSB ? And also whats the final footprint you got after applying the tweaking ?
  12. A lot as changed since My previous post about controlling WO. At the moment Im using X-keys XK-60 usb keyboard to control some shows to be able to do this I've coded an small app that reads the keys on the XK-60 and sends whatever message to WO. Check the video. video demo video demo
  13. Alex Ramos

    Feature requests? - POST here

    Active way to lock WO to a certain NIC in multiple NICs systems.
  14. Alex Ramos

    8K render method

    I'm using 8K videos for the WorldCup shows. Needed to upgrade the SSDs to NVMe PCI, as SATA SSD is to slow, Im using Corsair neutron NX500 800gb. But still decided to split in 4x 4K because Im using 2 machines to play. Each machine is using 2 outputs @60fps on Firepro W7100, this card only makes 3x [email protected] One of the 1.8mm LED takes 4 input the other 5. This way I get more headroom to mix backgounds and add alpha stuff on top. video video Pics
  15. Alex Ramos

    Watchout - Back up files

    ...or you can use robocopy, and create a task with task scheduler to run a .bat at pc start up and copy everything to a different location.