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  1. Alex Ramos


    For anyone to help you, you really need to give a lot more info, it can be a lot of thins causing the delay. Can be the drive speed vs file bit rate. Did you try to add an pause cue a the begging of the media, wait a few seconds and then hit play?
  2. Alex Ramos

    Windows 10 Tweaking Guide

    Thanks this is really helpful info. But I got to ask why not start up with Win 10 LTSB ? And also whats the final footprint you got after applying the tweaking ?
  3. A lot as changed since My previous post about controlling WO. At the moment Im using X-keys XK-60 usb keyboard to control some shows to be able to do this I've coded an small app that reads the keys on the XK-60 and sends whatever message to WO. Check the video. video demo video demo
  4. Alex Ramos

    Feature requests? - POST here

    Active way to lock WO to a certain NIC in multiple NICs systems.
  5. Alex Ramos

    8K render method

    I'm using 8K videos for the WorldCup shows. Needed to upgrade the SSDs to NVMe PCI, as SATA SSD is to slow, Im using Corsair neutron NX500 800gb. But still decided to split in 4x 4K because Im using 2 machines to play. Each machine is using 2 outputs @60fps on Firepro W7100, this card only makes 3x [email protected] One of the 1.8mm LED takes 4 input the other 5. This way I get more headroom to mix backgounds and add alpha stuff on top. video video Pics
  6. Alex Ramos

    Watchout - Back up files

    ...or you can use robocopy, and create a task with task scheduler to run a .bat at pc start up and copy everything to a different location.
  7. Alex Ramos

    Possible to split HDMI source to 6 Full HD?

    The only difficulty I see on your project is capture PC A to WO machine. I don't know what PC A is. But can't you use just one pc with WO to run the media minimizing the hardware cost ? WO with AMD W9000 can do the trick for the 6 output.
  8. Alex Ramos

    WATCHOUT 6.2 - Available NOW!

    Hi Miro can you please share win 7 embedded template used in Watchmax. I know drivers will be different, I'm interested in apps and services mandatory for WO6 display. Thanks
  9. Alex Ramos

    Xbox 360 Remote

    Have you tried Keysticks ? http://keysticks.net/site/default.aspx
  10. Alex Ramos

    Watchmax server lost connection

    Maybe some codec pack is installed on the display pc ! Use EDID emulation whenever possible. Sorry for your show, thats the worse nightmare.
  11. Alex Ramos

    Watchpax sync

    Yes is sync enough for most LED screens, but its not frame sync. Only once I really needed the S400 for an LED screen and that was a time I need to run some horizontal text across the all screen. To be on the safe side I would use the S400 anyway.
  12. Alex Ramos

    Datapath FX4 w/ Watchout 6

    You can only manage 6 different output, for 12 you need 2 Watchmax with AMD FirePro W9100 or similar. Sure some one here will explain further more
  13. Alex Ramos

    Play Audio with Video through DI BOX

    From my experience if audio video sync is critical I use one of the displays to output audio. Otherwise production is fine.
  14. Im using flashing red to timeline play and no color for time line stop. All this is done on the app. The app is like the middle man, receives the button press, sets the color os the button and sends the command to WO. There is no real feed back from WO, its possible to implement, but we don't need it. Edit to add the video. Sorry about the sound, but its there only low. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C5YTMT4DnRA
  15. I'm using xkeys with a custom .net interface. Xkeys to the app.net and TCP to the production.