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  1. Miguel Bosch

    WATCHOUT 6.2 - Available NOW!

    Hi: What`s the best w10 version for WO 6.2? Thanks!
  2. Miguel Bosch

    Watchpax v6 with other licences v5

    Thank you very much for your reply, now it's clear for me. regards
  3. Miguel Bosch

    Watchpax v6 with other licences v5

    Hello: I have 4 watchout v5 licences, i thinking to buy a watchpax, but i don't know if it's compatible or i need upgrade my v5 licences to v6. Thanks!
  4. Miguel Bosch

    Panasonic PT-Z21K Command Controls

    hello: I am trying to send control commands from watchout 5.3 for the panasonic PTZ21K and can not. You could you help me with this? So far I have done the following: - Disable the administrator password - Send message to port 1024 and 4352 I'm not sure it is properly write the message, could you write me a command to open shutters? We appreciate it if you could help me, I'm a little desperate and I need to send some commands to a show I'm preparing. thank you very much
  5. Hello: I managed to send strings from watchout to the projector, and execute certain commands, but I don't know how to receive the data that the projector sends me. Is this possible?. thanks