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  1. Help with Windows 10 Watchout

    You can install Win 7 with the newest i7's. Basically, the problem is that Win 7 does not have the USB3.0 drivers auto-included in the installation process, so when the install asks for Drivers/harddisks, early in the process, insert the motherboard CD and negotiate to Drivers looking for USB3.0xHC or something like that (memory like my height!). It is one of those low down on a long list. Try each one. If after OK'ing, the install process gives you the next step, you are good to go. Else, it kicks you back to the list so you can try another. I've done it with a i7-7700 in Z270 motherboard before.
  2. Help with Windows 10 Watchout

    "Machines dropping offline randomly, Watchpoint flashing on and off for 5-10 minutes before it comes back connected..." is worrying. Look back to the 'trouble-free day'. Was Live Update on in Watchmaker? Any settings changed in Watchmaker since then? Is it possible to try with Live Update off for a day to see if the machines would behave in a more stable manner? Check Task Scheduler for anything that Windows 10 has auto set to kick in at certain times. Any ASUS Utilities for the motherboard installed? Uninstall them. Check through My Computer > Manage > Services to Stop and Disable Windows Update, and anything that may look suspicious in disrupting network connection between Production and Display. For remote vnc, you could use any laptop with Windows 7 as Production PC, even a cheap netbook. As long as it DOES NOT use the Windows Standard VGA driver, and uses the Intel graphics driver instead, Watchmaker will work, and allow remote access into a Display Windows 10.
  3. Help with Windows 10 Watchout

    Good to hear you are up and running! The message re frequency changing from 60 to 59Hz is, IMO, quite common. I get it too with a particular monitor I use. It is not a show stopper message, and Watchout will happily continue functioning. However, if the freq change occurs during a run, it can disrupt momentarily the playing of a video. To solve, you could put a EDID Manager between the graphics card's output(s) and the monitor/projector, locked to 60Hz, with, say a Gefen DVI Doctor, or HDMI Doctor, one of the cheapest on the market. You will need one DVI/HDMI Doctor for each output that is giving you the message. Or use the software EDID built into FirePro / Radeon Pro Control Centre. Copy and save one of the other monitors/projectors that do not change frequency, and use its EDID as the Emulator.
  4. Help with Windows 10 Watchout

    Mmm... 1. Disabling Firewall on both Production and Display is an obvious step 2. Control Panel > Network and Internet > Network and Sharing Center > Advanced Sharing Settings > All Networks > Default is 'Turn on Password Protected Sharing'. Change this to 'Turn off...' and Save 3. Not sure if this will help, but I usually add 'Everyone' to my Network, and Security settings and give 'Everyone' full read and write access. 4. Try a direct one-to-one connection between Production and Display.
  5. Help with Windows 10 Watchout

    Check with Settings > Update & Security > Windows Update > the Update version installed on the PCs. AFAIK, I have not had a problem with Watchpoint 6.1.6 and 6.2.1 starting and working under Update v1607 (Anniversary Update). I have not tried / dare not try the two Creators' Updates - v1709 and one other. The last I tried one of those versions, Watchpoint would not start up, flashing Watchout logo non-stop, etc. So if you can uninstall the updates, and revert to v1607, I am quite confident you will be fine with that version. For a quick up-and-go with v1607, there are not many tweaks necessary. The usual Firewall, Power options and manual IP address should suffice until you have more time to go through the Settings individually and disable/uninstall any that may interfere with the network communication between Prodn and Display. good luck! Thomas Leong
  6. Unable to use built-in VNC server on Display machines

    AFAIK, a Watchout Production machine with Window 7 has little to no problems vnc'ing into a Display Machine running Windows 7 or Windows 10 v1607. But a Watchout Production machine with Windows 10 has problems, using v6.2x or even v6.1.6. It works and it does not work. Pot luck. Thomas Leong
  7. Experience with WX 9100 and S400

    Miro, Pray tell some of the hardware specs you were using for the 4x4K decode - cpu - Intel i7 or i9 which specific model? cpu cooler - air or water cooled? If air, which model? I understand the i9 with a TDP of 140W can exceed that under load. harddisks or SSD - in RAID mode? RAID 0, 1 or 5 using motherboard RAID or 3rd party RAID card? How many SSDs in the RAID? Reason I am asking is that I am trying to put together a set of Production and Display unit specifically for 4x4K output. Thanks. Thomas Leong Thanks.
  8. Update lag

    Couple of things to check for - 1. Motherboard Utilities that you really do not want installed. You only need the drivers for on-board devices. 2. If you have a lot of media in the Media Window and a number are not used, take them out. Watchout Production tends to take time caching these, thereby delaying updates to Displays. Good luck! Thomas Leong
  9. WATCHOUT 6.2 Bugs

    Hi Miro, Apologies. Please ignore the above re Corner Tween artifacts in 6.2. Tested on another Production PC today, and it was not there. Then remembered that the first PC had an old graphics card in it. So that was probably the problem. Thomas
  10. WATCHOUT 6.2 Bugs

    Sorry Miro, I seem to have missed your reply. I have since deleted the .watch file and not tested again. It was using a layout preset too and a 3d.obj file, so I can't say what caused my problem then. If you could check another problem I found today with 6.2 using Corner Tween on 3 small video .mp4 files trying to map each file to a basic 3-sided cube. On adding a second video with Corner Tween to the Stage and playing (the two videos - first and second), this second video starts to blink and add artifacts to other areas of the Stage Display. Adding the third video to the other face of the cube does not solve it. Tested only on Production PC, not online to Display PC. I then recreated the scenario with 6.1.6 and all three videos each with Corner Tween mapped nicely to the cube. No blinking, no artifacts. Thomas
  11. After some procedural problems with my local Customs clearance, my GoBox4 units have finally arrived, and works as advertised: https://www.teamsound.nyc Solidly built. No installation required (Windows auto installs it), so I dare say it is suitable for installations of the locked down Watchpax units if one needs simple MIDI Notes to trigger Tasks. No keyboards to contend with. A bit on the expensive side for overseas clients like me, but pricing should be okay for U.S. Thomas Leong
  12. No Signal in Martin P3 Processor

    Sounds like you are new to Watchout! 1. You must have a Watchout USB Licence Key on both the Production PC and Display PC for them to communicate with each other. 2. The Display PC runs Watchpoint.exe; the Production PC runs Watchmaker.exe. 3. The Display PC can be remotely accessed from the Production PC. When Display PC is being remotely accessed, whatever show is loaded stops running, i.e. you should not access the Windows interface when the Display PC is running a loaded show. I would suggest your next best step is to approach the dealer you bought the Watchout licence keys from, for basic training, as he would be the most qualified person to help you get your systems operational. good luck! Thomas Leong
  13. Getting out of a loop at the end of loop

    My two cents: Perhaps, modifying current features in Watchout to accommodate a seamless loop may not be the way to go as it may likely affect the behavior of current features and need extensive beta testing of all before release. An idea is the addition of a new type of Task, called "Looped Aux Timeline" wherein any media in such Timeline is automatically looped. There is then no Timeline Preview Cursor to pause with a Control Cue and figure out how it affects the loop when re-activated. The Stop behavior of such "Looped Aux Timeline" is different from the normal Aux Timeline. Activating the Stop of such Timeline does not actually stop it immediately, but is allowed to run to the end of the media contained within before stopping. Obvously, a Control Cue can be used to call another (normal) Aux Timeline when the looped media ends, and before the stop actually occurs; OR the next Aux Timeline in the hierarchy is automatically started when the Looped Aux Timeline stops. Such a "Looped Aux Timeline" can then be tested on its own, hopefully not affecting all the other current features of Watchout. Thomas
  14. Getting out of a loop at the end of loop

    Could be related to the bug posted by Luca, and replied to by Eric Ronnqvist. My tests of the Looping and Free Running feature were on 5 Production PC machines, ranging from a i5 Laptop with Win 10 (latest updates), to desktops with i7-4770K, i7-4790K, i7-7700, and i7-6800 with either Intel GMA4600 gfx drivers or AMD Pro drivers for W4100 and WX4100. I tested with h264 (mp4), wmv, mpeg2, and mov files. The wmv file (supplied std with Windows 7 Wildlife.wmv) would not even play though the Timeline Preview cursor kept 'playing'. The h264 files played once fine, but on the loop, more often than not, the audio was silent. Similar anomaly with the mpeg2 file. The mov file showed no problem. So my conclusion is that v6.2 has some bug to work out with Looping and Free Running enabled. Thomas
  15. Getting out of a loop at the end of loop

    Rainer, I'd probably use a Timer.mov positioned outside the Displays in the Stage Window to be able to visually see where in the loop Video 2 is. Knowing where my Pause Cue is, and the amount of secs or frames it has to run to transition out, one could estimate when to trigger to make the clean transition. The Timer.mov obviously is created to the duration of Video 2 and set to free run and loop as well. Thomas