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  1. nikolai

    Sending OSC

    Has anyone figured out how to send OSC from Watchout ? We can send raw UDP, so it should be possible in theory. (this is also a small feature request, hint,hint)
  2. nikolai

    WATCHOUT Technical Notes - 2015

    Hi we are planning un upgrading our 2012 machines, does anyone have a 2018 display computer spec?
  3. nikolai

    Blury texture mapping

    Thanks I did not know about the preview setting of the VD. Only the one "global one" . Case closed
  4. nikolai

    Blury texture mapping

    I have some issues with 3d mapping in Watchout. I'm doing some tests now and get some blury/lowres results. Maybe you can help me figure it out? Here is the setup: I have a 3ds model of the structure I want to project on. I have a 3d projector set up, and are watching the Preview -> View window. If I drag a texture on to the model it looks sharp an nice. BUT If I use a virtual display (same resolution as the texture) and then apply this display as the texture. The same image looks blury. The texture and virtual display are 3840 x 1467 I'm attaching some screen shots.
  5. Hi How do I orbit/rotate the stage view? I can't seem to figure out how to move the view using the mouse like in any other 3d environment.
  6. nikolai

    Watchpax without DHCP

    We use static IP on our WO computers. Now we have a watchpax and I'm wondering how IPs are supposed to be managed? Can I give it a static IP? I guess it will self assign an ip, but in what range?
  7. Hi So we are about to upgrade our capture cards. We use cameras with HD-SDI outputs, 1080p 25/50/60 (what ever works) Number of inputs is not important to us, but more is always nice to have. Latency however is key, as we are trying to get close to lip-sync. After reading on the forum and talking to other users, we are going for Datapath cards. Now I have to choose between: VisionSC-SDI4 http://datapath.co.uk/video-capture-cards/visionsc-range/visionsc-sdi4 VisionSDI2 http://datapath.co.uk/video-capture-cards/vision-range/visionsdi2 So the SDI4 seems like a newer model and has more inputs, also it costs less. It needs more bandwith, no surprise with the extra inputs. However there are no mentions of it on this forum :/ Then there is the SDI2. The one thing this got going for it is that there are many users on this forum successfully using it. And datapath mentions Watchout on their webpage.. So which should I order? Any recommendations ?
  8. nikolai

    Dante Virtual sound card - Watchout Support?

    You are right on all points jfk. So the way that other applications handle multichannel audio is to let the user select a number of devices/channels in the program it self. I have a feeling they'll get this sorted in v6 I dont know of any professional audio devices that present them self as a single multi channel device in windows.
  9. nikolai

    Dante Virtual sound card - Watchout Support?

    Jonas, ok just to clear thing up. Well yes one AES/Signal is 2 channel but if you use something like RME HDSPe AES-32 you get 16 channels of audio. (Over 8 cables) As far as I can see, Watchout is using directsound (Standard windows audio) so WO only sees the devices as standard windows audio devices. A single hardware device (Like a madi card) will show up as mulitple devices in the windows control panel "Sound" window. If the actual audio device output Analog, digital, or smoke signals should not make a difference to WO. What matters is how WO uses multiple windows audio devices. So, Dataton, how does Watchout use multiple audio channels, how does it choose what devices to use? In v.6 I hope there is a dialog to let us choose MIDI devices and audio devices.
  10. nikolai

    Dante Virtual sound card - Watchout Support?

    There are plenty of audio devices with digital output (?) We use RME cards, and you can choose to route to headphones or line out ,or MADI or AES. Dante is cool, but I guess you would need a separate Network card or Dante card.
  11. nikolai

    Feature requests? - POST here

    We use an external app (running on the production machine) for exactly that. PM me if you are interested
  12. nikolai

    Midi Show Control question (From Grand MA)

    We control WO from the lighting board via MSC. And yes some commands are dangerous It is "Go cue 0" (that simply fires the next cue) and some others that I don't remember. we have fixed it by simply putting in a filter: http://www.midisolutions.com/prodepp.htm
  13. nikolai

    Feature requests? - POST here

    This post is getting veeery long and is clearly a hot topic. I would suggest that Dataton got them self an account at UserVoice.com or similar. That way it would be easier to see what the users really want/need. and we could vote on each others wishes and discuss each feature separately. Please check it out Dataton: http://feedback.uservoice.com/forums/1-general-feedback Back on topic: About the 3d import suggestions. Isn't that asking a bit too much? Maybe I'm thinking of this the wrong way or have a lack of imagination, but are you guys talking about realtime rendering of 3d graphics? Personally, to be honest, I think that that would bloat watchout. and that the performance/ reder-quality would never be good enough to rival pre-rendered clips I would be a party killer here and say please focus on making the user interface 2013 compatible and a lot faster to work with. Focus on improving what is already there and adding simple things like real time changes when moving objects and editing tweens. Simple filters like blur and vector masks. (see my previous posts)
  14. yes! And to optionally view ALL tweaks realtime on the outputs. So we don't have to hit ctrl+d 10 000 times each day. In generall I would like to know more about where Dataton is planning on taking WO in the future.
  15. Hi On our next production with live video on stage, we would like to run the cameras and WO through a video switcher in order to reduce latency. Now we have been looking at the BlackMagic ATEM swtichers but they don't seem to have any snapshot/preset feature so controlling anything other then basic switching from WO (or any other show control software) would be hard. Does anyone know of some similar devices that can store a series of setups and then recall them via some kind of open protocol? Must have SDI IO and preferably hdmi All other ideas on how to do this are also welcome. Regards Nikolai