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  1. Watchpax4 Multiple 4K Outputs?

    Has anyone used a WatchPax4 system to drive multiple [email protected] outputs into LED processors? Being that a WatchPax cannot be genlocked, did you have any issues? I am looking at a scenario where we would be outputting 4 x [email protected] from a Watchpax into either a Dual E2 setup and then to 4k LED processors, or directly from Watchpax into 4k LED processors. Pixel space is setup as 15360x2160. Screen tearing is what I am most concerned with since I will be dealing with a 0 pixel gap between outputs to the LED processors. Any thoughts or words of wisdom? Thank you in advance! Erich
  2. Watchout 5 & 6 Test Videos

    Hello, Does anyone have demanding WATCHOUT files to stress test computers running WATCHOUT 5 or 6? Looking for Videos and Graphics of various formats to run tests on multiple screens. Any leads will be highly appreciated. Thank you
  3. Making 4K Content for UHD TV

    I want to make a show in 4K for TV in UHD resolution (3840 x 2160 pixels). What kind of configiuration (player and graphic card) do I need?
  4. 4K capture

    Anyone any experience with capturing 4K into watchout? Looking at capable cards I found these: http://www.datapath.co.uk/products/video-capture-cards/visionsc-range/new-visionsc-dp2 And many more at: https://www.blackmagicdesign.com/products/decklink/models Latency is not an issue, compatibility is... Any recommendations are much appreciated. Thanks, Danny Rats
  5. 4K Signal to 4K devices

    I have W9100/X99 system. I get all ticks for the Black-magic speed test. Im confident the machine will play a 4K file. But there does not appear to be a lot of 4K signal-path gear out there (DA's, switchers even screens etc.) The client wants 4096 x 2160. I think there will be a lot more gear out there that accepts QHD (3840 x 2160). Does anyone know where a Displayport switcher / DA might be available that will work at these resolutions? Would it (perhaps) be better to output DCI 2K (Which is a lot more compatible with downstream switch-gear) and scale up to 4K inside the display device (Which is supported.) Any tips or warnings appreciated. Cheers
  6. Hello. Now we are making the plan as follows. 4K Projector(4096*2160) : 4ea Display Server : 4ea AMD FirePro W8100 will be equipped in each display server, And will be used as 1 output. Confirmed by Graphic Card company, FirePro W8100(8G) model can use entire graphic card memory(8G) even if only 1 port(1 output) is used, in case of operating application’s request. This is the question about this issue. 1. How many graphic card memory does WATCHOUT need to fulfill 4K resolution output(4096*2160)? 2. Each display server uses an AMD FirePro W8100. In this case, is it enough spec to support 4K resolution output? (Contens details like codecs are not confirmed yet.) 3. In addition, if there is any point to be considered in this system development, please let me know. (like how to link cables, etc.) <SYSTEM HARDWARE SPEC> CPU : i7-5960x VGA : AMD FirePro W8100 RAM : 32G Thank you.