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  1. Hi Together, I want to control with the GrandMA 2 a Layer and in this Layer the Color and Opacity. How i can do that? To example i have a white png. Start of song i need this Picture in Blue / Opacity 70% and end of song i want to fade to Red and 100% Thank you;)
  2. Hey friends - I have a little efficiency thing that has always bugged me. When I scroll up and down on the layer name - it isn't linked to the corresponding layer's time. So both vertical columns in the timeline scroll up and down independently. Is there any way to link those so if I'm on the left side (layer name) and scrolling through the layers, the right column (layer time) will scroll with it. I'm guessing it's an easy thing I'm looking too hard to see, but thought I'd hit the forum for the quick answer. Cheers! Tony