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  1. I have a system with one production server and three display servers running WO5. I was wondering if I was to trigger the timeline externally via a SMPTE timecode, will I still be able to maintain control over/manually override on the production server? Also, will I need the SMPTE signal plugged into the line in of the production server? Do I need set the display servers as a 'display cluster' Thank in advance. Jason
  2. So am using a MIF-4 by Rosendahl in GEN mode as master SMPTE source for Watchout and other various devices such as lighting, effects, etc.... The MIF-4 timecode mode is set for 30 - ND When you run the Watchout Time Code checker program on the signal it says it is SMPTE-NDF in it's detection... So the Watchout - timecodemode setting that works seems to be 5...which is SMPTE-30 (B&W) according to manual... I'm just making sure that SMPTE-NDF in the timecode checker and timecodemode=5 are the right combination...
  3. Hello! everyone. I have 'TCode1hour_nonDropNTSC.wav file'. I Need 2hour or For more than 2 hours wav file. My email address is '[email protected]'. Thank you give people the file is sent. Best regards!
  4. So we have used Watchout since version 3...and have now had a problem show up several times during shows that I need assistance with... A little background...The systems are Watchout systems on Windows 7 - 64 bit...running 5.5.1...on SSD drives with extreme I7 processors...the problem has been now seen with two completely different systems...with two different show files... All of our shows are locked to a master SMPTE (LTC) timecode source that is fed into WATCHOUT via a AudioFire Pre8...both systems do have the same hardware...Asus Sabretooth motherboards, etc... Occasionally, perhaps 3 times out of 70 shows...the Watchout playback would start out "sync'd" and quickly get out of sync with all other SMPTE devices tracking timecode...this out of sync actually worstens as you get further from the start point...as much as 1.5 seconds off by the end of a 30 minute show has been noticed... Upon checking further...we tried simply stopping Watchout and re-starting Watchout...same result...it is reproduceable within the boot session... A Reset of the computer WILL fix the problem...and all is good...until the next in-opportune time that it decides to do this...Rebooting a 4-projector fed Watchout display computer in a show environment is not something anyone really wants to consider...while rolling... These same machines ran version 5.2 last year and never saw these issues...now I have seen this at least 3-4 times...I'm going to have to start running several minutes of show ever night on bootup to make sure that sync maintains...this SHOULD NOT be necessary... I hope someone can shed some light or at least acknowledge this problem...I feel like I never know when something will not be sync'd right...and since the Watchout system is also providing the audio playback for the show...it is serious if it is out of sync! Thanks in advance for your time! Scott Britt Interlaced Productions
  5. Time Code ProTools Sync

    Hi It's my first experience with Time Code I have a Production PC running WO5.x and 4 Display PC for video playout. Sound playback is provided by a MAC running ProTools. We are wondering to set up a second MAC running QLabs that provide MSC commands (GO) to WO and to ProTools, so we have the same START. Video will be set in free running and each video has a longest tail, so some seconds before the end of each song, WO's main timeline is in pause and ready to receive MSC "GO" and start the next video. But how can I be sure that during the 5 minutes of each song music and video will always be in sync? I'm thinking about a LTC that can be provided by QLab as well. My question is: does time code correspond to main time line time? (i.e. 00:00:05:00 in LTC correspond to 00:00:05.000 in main timeline)? I mean, I only need to sync the clock of WO and ProTools device, as my video will often be in free running and then in pause. So WO time will not be the same of ProTolls time, except at 0. Does LTC only give the clock sync or it refers directly to WO main timeline absolut time? thanks