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Found 2 results

  1. VegasMassimo

    6.2 hardware with windows 10

    Anyone want to share there 2 cents on best practices with SSD drives and windows 10 (watchout 6.2) Running a matrox c-680 video card with 6 outputs, so far it's been performing fine for video playback tests with watchout 6.2 I am going to make over my display machines. Options are how to configure multiple sata iii - SSD drives... Would you use a 60 or 120 as C_drive and a 500 as D-drive for watchout. or does that watchout need faster throughput and I can raid a set of 500gb can call that D-drive. or put a pair of 500gb drives as extended drive option and just have a single 1tb C-drive. Please give an option and why.... PS. I'm new to watchout but understand computers and servers fairly well
  2. Jason H Thompson

    WATCHOUT 6.2 Bugs

    When I double click on a show file (created in 6.1.6) after running the Watchout 6.2 installer, it tries to run the installer file. If I use the Watchout Production shortcut and open the show file that way, it opens as intended. I also had to add the .exe extension to the installer file I downloaded to get it to run.