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Found 3 results

  1. operaroma

    MIDI controller automation

    HI, I've connected a MIDI controller (Novation Zero SL MKII) to my production, I've assigned CC to some tween (scale, position ecc ...) and I can change values of this tween with the controller, but I can't make any automation. If i use the controller to make an automation, the watchout doesn't record the values of the keyframe. Thank you all
  2. Hi I'm creating a new studio show, for the upcoming Winter Olympics. It's going to be used in a TV studio, and since we are going to be on air many times during the day, I want to automate some of the tasks. I want change from morning atmosphere to mid day, and ending up with an evening atmosphere. Is there any way of using the internal clock on the client PC, to automate these tasks, so e.g. at 1 PM it will switch to the midday loop? I know things can be controlled by LTC, and that you can script certain events, but I haven't been able to figure out a method to accomplish what I have described. Is there any way to do this, entirely inside Watchout, or do I need an external trigger? Best regards Christian
  3. callum

    Shutdown Script

    Hi, I'm currently using watchout for a show (In the Sydney Opera House) and really like the system. My only question is about how the remote shutdown actually works under "Manage display computer". At the moment in my show I leave the stage window closed so at the end of the show I need to open the window and click each screen and shut down the computer (which sometimes is really fast or locks up the computer). I would like to know what sort of command this is sending out over the LAN as I would be interested in automating this into one (very dangerous) script that shuts down all computers and projectors when you run it (after you confirm that you want to shut down of course) Any input would be appreciated. Cal