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Found 3 results

  1. Heiko Petersen

    Very urgent help needed, please!!!

    Hello, i have 4 Zotac EN1070K mini computer, all with Windows 10 Creators, everything tweaked, alle drivers, Windows activated, totally the same. On one of them i can install every Watchout version (6.16, 6.2b), running fine. On the others, no codecs will we installed with the Watchout installer. Every video i put in, is detected as a sound file. What is going wrong? I am working on that %^&* now sind 2 nights and it is so annoying. Is it possible, to install/register all the Watchout codec manually? Or do i have to modify the registry? Pleaser, i need the computers today!!! Thanks
  2. I have a video file in 4K with a resolution of 3840 x 2160 in mp4 format. file size is about 1.3 GB of audio codec is the ACC and the H.264 video codec When I play the movie in Watchout 6 choppy playback of the video file. I have read in the forum that with the help of FFMpeg can encode iff file so that it flows properly during playback. The only question is which value is appropriate to adjust, there are so many möjligher in FFMpeg so if anyone has tips on what I should try in the first place so I would be grateful. If more information is needed to be able to answer my question so I can locate relevant information / Mathias
  3. TomT

    h.265 ?

    Hi all, I searched the forum but couldn´t find an answer: Doese WO6 support h.265 ? Thanks in advance....