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  1. Very urgent help needed, please!!!

    Hello, i have 4 Zotac EN1070K mini computer, all with Windows 10 Creators, everything tweaked, alle drivers, Windows activated, totally the same. On one of them i can install every Watchout version (6.16, 6.2b), running fine. On the others, no codecs will we installed with the Watchout installer. Every video i put in, is detected as a sound file. What is going wrong? I am working on that %^&* now sind 2 nights and it is so annoying. Is it possible, to install/register all the Watchout codec manually? Or do i have to modify the registry? Pleaser, i need the computers today!!! Thanks
  2. h.265 ?

    Hi all, I searched the forum but couldnĀ“t find an answer: Doese WO6 support h.265 ? Thanks in advance....