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  1. MIDI controller automation

    HI, I've connected a MIDI controller (Novation Zero SL MKII) to my production, I've assigned CC to some tween (scale, position ecc ...) and I can change values of this tween with the controller, but I can't make any automation. If i use the controller to make an automation, the watchout doesn't record the values of the keyframe. Thank you all
  2. Trigonometric operators

    Hello, Release: Watchout 5.1 Midi Controller: Korg Nano2 I tryto create a carousel of pictures,which can be rotated using a knob.Unfortunately,having no trigonometric operators such as sine,root,cosine...It is difficult to rotate an image on a circle. Is it possible to achieve it in another way? Is it possible,in a future release,to have trigonometric operators? Thanks Regards JP
  3. Hello all~ I using 'sensor in a box' on behalf of midi controller. (accent sensor in a box -> Pysical computing with Micro process. similar 'Arduino' http://www.arduino.cc/ ) This device connect at WO5, occur ERROR message. 'midi i/o errir : buffer overflow' What is meant this error message?